“….the drenched guts of physics are bursting open and etherick monsters are getting loose…

the spilled stench of acoustic embryos fills the space and turns realities inside out,

drilling speculations out of known universes and beyond the gates of the surreal dimensions….

the audio equivalent of self digestion resulting in multiple revelations….”

SIGILLUM S are proud to announce the “go live” milestone for their BANDCAMP website

The site allows you to

  • stream all the featured SIGILLUM S releases in full;
  • purchase them as downloads (your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire);
  • buy all the available SIGILLUM S physical releases on VERBA CORRIGE, together with any other SIGILLUM S releases of which we still have copies;
  • be re-directed to the producing labels for those SIGILLUM S products which are still available at the source.

The current list of featured releases includes

1.         Wroclaw 071111

2.         23/20

3.         Private 8788

4.         SIGILLUM S present HELIX “Numbers”

5.         Live @ Iterarte 04/03/1993

6.         Cybertantrick Quantum Lips

7.         Hallucinated Moisture Of Synaptic Slaughterhouse

8.         Studs and Divinity

9.         Boudoir Philosophy

10.       Of Will

11.       Hhhard

while the following releases will be added with a “one every week” frequency

1.         Bardo Thos Grol

2.         Organic Skyscrapers & Occult Wastelands

3.         Terror Auto-Obstetrics

4.         Abstraction

5.         Tidal Surface Tension

6.         Five Forecasts EP

7.         Future Eros Channels

8.         Helix Parasites

9.         Heteromorphonicks

10.       Bedscanner Philosophy: An Updated Boudoir Mode

11.       Dispersion: Sliced Carrions And Pixel Handcuffs

12.       Simulacra

13.       Mutilated Terrorism

14.       Klimax Axis

15.       Live @ Ear Nerve 22.02.1988

16.       Live @ Immaginazione 14.11.1987

17.       Live @ Immaginazione 30.05.1987

18.       Live @ Helter Skelter 17.01.1987

19.       Trance Flexure

20.       Sigillum S

Please take note that all the DL albums have been newly re-mastered for the purpose.

Moreover, we are soon also going to add a brand new and free DL-only EP, called “GLAMOUR AND DECADENCE ACROSS GALAXIES”.

Regarding physical releases, VERBA CORRIGE is also going to announce shortly the full details for the ARCHIVIO INDUSTRIALE campaign, which will feature re-issues of key works from a number of Italian (post) industrial projects, together with some SIGILLUM S ones: these should take the form of limited editions CD for those products originally appeared in an analogic format, while we are also planning vinyl for some of the long deleted SIGILLUM S CD albums, as well as a couple of “lost” studio items (i.e. EPIDEMIOLOGY and S/M-TEK SHI).

Additionally, plans are also being refined for a couple of brand new SIGILLUM S productions, tentatively called “HAPPENING WHENEVER” and “FALLING IN DUST AT THE SPIRES OF TIME”.

Finally, a schedule of live shows is also being worked on.

More details on everything SOON !

“… does a scream get hotter and scarier when no matter is there to absorb it ?….”

SIGILLUM S , 2010/09


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