Hope that you have enjoyed a nice Summer
as the 11 000 copies of our  “[reciprocess : +/vs.] documenting the process of musical reciprocality between Philippe Petit & friends” CD are now gone for good I have allowed a digital release so that our music be still available…

and since we are talking digitally I’m once again appearing on another one of those compilations assembled by fine folks @ The Wire magazine

Below The Radar Volume 4
Compiled by The Wire
August 2010

Marc-Henri Arfeux”Ama No Sode”

Tony Bevan/Dominic Lash/Phil Marks/Paul Obermayer”Box Of Frogs”

Rhodri Davies/Joe Williamson/Stefano Tedesco”L’Attesa”

Failing Lights & Howard Stelzer”Summer’s Curse”

Giuseppe Ielasi”Untitled Edit”

Grasslung”Feeding Your Vanity”

Group Inerane”Boghassa”

K11 & Philippe Petit”A-ghast”

Munma“Bits And Dust”

Peeesseye”Pestilence & Joy”

Renato Rinaldi”Untitled”

Pete Swanson”Believers”

Nicholas Szczepanik”Years Compressed Into Minutes Without Any Concept Of Self”

Twins”About Us”from The Other Side Of”


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