Name of band: Trails Of Sorrow. Components: Poet of dying funeral Litanies – voice lyrics and programming Restless Wanderer Through The Dark Agony and Gardens of Sorrows – guitar bass programming Country: Italy Genre: gothic doom dark depression. Biography: The band was formed in early 2011 from an idea of Poet’s dying funeral Litanies and Restless Wanderer Through the Dark Agony and Gardens of Sorrows, attracted by their passion for the art of funeral doom and depressive gothic beauty, their intent is to go with their verses on the dark paths of this vale of tears called life and their music as a soundtrack of suffering and pain, only half a day to reach the supreme eternal peace. News: The Trails Of Sorrow recorded their first song “Wonderful memory” and are working on other material that will come out soon and that will make their debut cd. Contact:


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