KALTHERZIG are one of a small number of talented Electro-Goth acts from the country, and their passion for romance and gothic imagery has earned them the nickname of ‘Eastern European Blutengel’. There were no news after “Dead/Angels” single release. It seems like KALTHERZIG have sunk into oblivion as many little-known bands.

Last years the band released an album, EP and several singles. Besides that songs of KALTHERZIG were included in some compilations, released by the one of the biggest polish gothic web-portals – Altergothic.pl: “Shadow Places: Selected Tracks From The Darker Side” (2010) and “Shadow Places: Halflights” (2011). KALTHERZIG shared the concert stage with such big and known acts as: Covenant, Eden Synthetic Corps, Otto Dix, Roman Rain, Stillife. Attended and played on many thematic festivals including “Chorna Rada – Children Of The Night 2008” (


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