The INDUSTRIAL SKETCHBOOKS Podcast 02, prepared by yours truly P.NG5361.B for GOMMA.TV in conjunction with the release of the new edition of of the MANUALE DI CULTURA INDUSTRIALE, has just been published on

… of course, you can always get copies of the book directly at or in the best bookstores and/or mail order services. The first public presentation of the book has been held on March 31, 2011 at the SHAKE HQ in Milano (together with a very special “SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS plays INDUSTRIAL SKETCHBOOKS” hybrid DJ / LIVE SET) and more are planned, together (of course) with also more podcasts. Meanwhile, we are planning to complete the uploading of the old SIGILLUM S material in DL format on soon, to be followed afterwards by the release of a brand new and free DL-only EP, called “GLAMOUR AND DECADENCE ACROSS GALAXIES” . Work has also been completed on two new SIGILLUM S tracks, “A TITANIC ROMP ACROSS PERMAFROST GEYSERS” for a special project produced by PETER SELLERS & THE HOLLYWOOD PARTY and “ORGANOLEPTIC IMPROVEMENT OF COMPLEX AND SPONTANEOUS AGEING” for the “AUTOLYSE” compilation CD to be published soon by SMYW: this latest release will also include a SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS tracks called “VOLUME DESTRUCTION OF CELLS THROUGH THE ACTION OF THEIR OWN VIBRATIONS”. Work is being planned on a number of new SIGILLUM S and SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS projects and activities, ranging from new material to the ARCHIVIO INDUSTRIALE “physical” re-issue / unreleased material campaign to a number of live shows: announcements and more precise details will follow shortly. At the same time, Eraldo Bernocchi is planning / working / releasing a number of various of projects: of specific relevance, the release of “The Night Stays”, the debut of OWLS, featuring Eraldo with Tony Wakeford and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari. You can get it here while the live debut will be on June 10 at WGT in Leipzig followed by other live appearances, such as July 15 in Wroclaw!/event.php?eid=202465949781081 More details on all the other projects soon and through the various, usual Eraldo’s web presences.!/eraldo.bernocchi Take care, SIGILLUM S, 2011/04

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