Some exciting news to report from ESH HQ and also some changes within
the band to mention too.

Firstly, we're excited to announce that we have begun
writing/production on a brand new album! Our 9th album and 14th
official release since 2002’s debut “Pop Robot” album!

Since returning to the live stage on July 1st, 2010 we’ve had a real
motivation to work on a new album. Our impression so far on the new
songs and our desire for them, is to have them more ‘pop’ sounding
than the last ESH album (“Audio Gothic”). We believe pop music is a
real art form and whereas others may dismiss the likes of say Girls
Aloud .. we love them. The new ESH album will therefore have a
provisional working title of “The Art” (a very Sparks with a touch of
Eurythmics sounding title, we think). We plan to precede its release
with a digital single. Again, we hate to talk dates as they always get
pushed back but we want to let everyone know the latest but the single
will be out this year and the album next year.

To make this next album a really, really extra special release we've
also begun work on an accompanying mini-album called "Genesis Apollo"
which we'll be including on the first pressing of "The Art".
This is ESH returning to our ' NASA & space themes' territory we
visited briefly on our "Martian Anthems" album way back in 1999 and in
diong so building new tracks around one of our most popular songs
"Apollo" (which we'll be re-recording for this album).

Writing new tracks to spoken vocals from the original Apollo NASA
astronauts is a big challenge and inspiration, so it's certainly
making us work very, very hard and also making us change our sound for
that album. This is a good thing and another fresh step on the ESH

We'd also like to confirm that Seán Barron has departed ESH to focus
on a new project called I European. Seán has a new musical direction
to follow, that includes new styles and genres. Anyone who has
followed our history and sound will agree that we consistently got
better when Seán joined us in 2003. He leaves us in a healthy state
and more confident to be able to self produce ourselves as a duo. Our
"Urbanism", "Cycles" and "Audio Gothic" albums are the peak of our
work so far, and this was due to Seán's effort and ability to write
with Aidan so well. It's like a divorce in some ways, but we actually
all still love each other! :)

We wish him the best of luck and eagerly await his new songs.

Here's the I European myspace -
Please add him as a friend asap

This leaves ESH as a duo of Aidan & Lar, which is in fact where we
started off in 1999 before Brian O'Malley joined. The future is
bright, the nerves are jangly but we will deliver!

Kind regards,
Aidan & Lar


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