Artist: Ellen Allien
Title: Our Utopie (Taken from the album “DUST” by Ellen Allien (BPC217))
Title Album: Dust
Release Date Album: 25.05.2010
Producer: Ellen Allien, co-produced by Tobias Freund
Composer: Ellen Allien, vocals written and performed by Ellen Allien
Nationality: German
Lenght of the Video: 1:52
Genre: Electronic
Label: BPitch Control
Labelcode: 11753
Catalogue Number: BPC217
EAN CD: 880319466427
EAN LP: 880319466533
EAN Single: 880319475214
ISRC: DEAE61000920
Director: Lisa Wassmann
Publisher: (P) 2010 BPitch Control Gmbh


Ellen Allien, owner of the BPitch Control label and Fairy Queen of Berlin’s more delicately woven rave music, has been tinkering with the sound of the city for over a decade now. What has remained from all these years – packed with great releases, highly original remixes and exploratory mix CDs – are her five monolithic albums, each the condensed result of a completely different creative phase – made to stand the test of time. Indeed, looking back, each of them in its own right can be seen as marking a piece of techno history. You just have to think back to the feeling of astonishment upon hearing Stadtkind for the first time. Or being spellbound by Berlinette. Or being pulverised by the ARP in Thrills. And let’s not forget the superb collaboration with Apparat which resulted in Orchestra of Bubbles, perhaps the most beautiful indietronic gem to be produced in recent years. Now it already seems an eternity since Ellen Allien last remodelled her own sound with the sharp-edged diamond Sool in 2008 – a release which opened the gates to a far-off parallel world where minimalist artefacts float through the room with a cool elegance and distanced allure. Yet, just like each of Ellen’s previous albums, this was followed by  a cut. A metamorphosis. A reincarnation. With her new album, Dust, Ellen removes the sense of remoteness entirely. A warm immediacy takes centre stage in place of distanced artistic abstraction.  As such, what is perhaps Ellen’s most personal album takes the form of a complete spectrum of her creative output to date, a cross-section in time which also looks ahead to previously untrodden paths…  The world according to Ellen.

Dust takes place between nocturnal excesses and the packed diary of a Berlin lady who not only manages one of the world’s most illustrious electronic record labels, but also raises a great deal of dust with her work as a fashion designer, a producer and a DJ. And whilst it sparkles pleasantly in the black light, this dust can sometimes make it difficult to see. But let’s be honest, no one can attain happiness without adversity, and even the most majestic tree wouldn’t be able to stretch out its buds towards the sun if it weren’t for those intermittent rainy days which have allowed it to reach its current stature. This may sound self evident, but the longer you are willing to mull it over, the more it opens the door to a little everyday philosophy which, for all its friendly naivety, may just make a few fates a touch easier to bear. Ellen certainly takes pleasure in “My Tree”, lying beneath its canopy, counting the leaves and allowing her eyes to be dazzled by the light glistening through. And whilst the bleeps prance on by, the introduction of the clarinet, as a classical element, ensures that some order presides over all the endlessness behind the clouds and keeps us anchored to the ground.

“Huibuh” feeds off a similar feeling, a perfectly tranquil synth-pop song which pays tribute to the most chilled of all Sunday afternoons with its own neologism. Melodic, sexy and self-content. Are you feeling huibuh yet? You will be soon, with an equally sun-drenched track like “Ever”, where the plucked synths and glockenspiels float adrift over an unobtrusive beat framework. And despite their rich variety, these sounds are blended into a funky groove of life-affirming bliss which will have everyone wanting to wear flowers in their hair.  Ellen’s “Dream” makes a more twisted entrance, yet in its abstraction retains a definite catchiness. Here the synths scale the walls whilst the trailing female vocals float searchingly through the unconscious depths. It’s a complex and experimental track, but the approach never becomes too intellectual – after all, we know all too well that not everything adds up in dreamland.

Ellen prefers to sing a duet with her pitched-down alter ego under the pleasant glare of the “Flashy Flashy” disco lights, where they both enjoy an unexpected encounter and catch a glimpse of the universe in the rings of the other’s eyes.  Despite the off-centre jingling of the synth in your head and the inevitable fuzziness, this house track trots along with such a light and breezy gait that you soon understand how you could happily spend three days dancing to this beat. Isn’t that all the world needs – a floating techno track with a few sparse, but clearly arranged elements? Like “Our Utopie”: the soundtrack to sunrise. Or as Ellen puts it: “The sky… the taste… we count 1… 2… 3… and we’re still here.” To listen to these sounds ringing and reverberating through the air is so lovely that no one would even think of opening their eyes. But life goes on and already you can hear the old school analogue synth of “Schlumi”. Beneath this a kick drum stutters into life before marching straight ahead, whilst the rave siren winds its way up to the surface until the walls start to ripple and there are no more right angles in sight. Yes, there are plenty of trials and tribulations in the fast-paced life of Mme Allien, who scurries from city to city, from club to club, and often only perceives the world in momentary images flashing past a window.

Then it’s the same story the next day when the alarm goes off again, the bass drum is still pulsing at the back of her mind and the flight to the next city with its own images, sounds and faces awaits. “You” describes this odd situation of sitting alone in a taxi and nevertheless feeling connected with so many people, and it materialises into a splendid indie-pop track which comes completely out of the blue. An beguiling guitar loop like something half way between Zoot Woman and Phoenix, a Joy Division bassline, and then Ellen’s bright voice, singing with a fragility and cool-headedness that resists this rapid pace of life. Yet in the midst of this frantic activity there are also moments where fast forward is switched to slow motion and suddenly everything feels totally clear again. Someone takes your hand, smiles and the world stops turning. It’s that simple. “Sun the Rain” is the second synth-pop song on Dust, and this is another testament to the feeling that living in a state of sweet melancholy is not the worst way to be. A new path is certainly marked out here, one which leads so enticingly towards the lights of the big pop stage that you almost find yourself wishing to see the princess of Berlin techno making regular live appearances with a band. And then? The same question always remains at the end of the night: “Should We Go Home” Well, should we? Clearly this is meant more as a statement than as a question. After all, you can always find an extra hour to mentally prepare to say goodbye and to allow the events of the night to resonate through your limbs once more. But now the beat is only sporadic, somehow forcing its way through the darkness every now and again. Residual voices, involuntary rushes of goose bumps and a few melodic fragments, arranged here as ambient phase shifts piling on top of one another, manage to get under your skin one last time. It’s Monday. You’ve reached the end of the night and, yet again, you can hardly believe everything you’ve been through. What now? You’d better dust yourself off. It’s time to start all over again.

1. Our Utopie
2. Flashy Flashy
3. My Tree
4. Sun The Rain
5. Should We Go Home
6. Ever
7. You
8. Dream
9. Huibuh
10. Schlumi

vocals by Ellen Allien
co produced by Tobias Freund
percussions by Miguel Toro
clarinet by Anreas Ernst (on Track 3 + 10)
guitar by Tom Krimi (on Track 4 +7)

RELEASE: 25.05.2010
FORMAT: CD / LP / Digital
EAN CD: 880319466427
EAN LP: 880319466533
LC: 11753

distributed by Rough Trade / Kompakt / Beatport / Finetunes

BOOKING REQUESTS: Gisela Fite Higham | booking@bpitchcontrol.de

15.05.2010 / IT / Rome / Brancaleone Season Closing
16.05.2010 / ES / Madrid / Goa / BPC Showcase
21.05.2010 / IT / Milan / Magazzini Generali
22.05.2010 / DE / Pouch / Sputnik Festival
22.05.2010 / DE / Berlin / Panorama Bar (Album Release Party)
26.05.2010 / US / Chicago / Smart Bar
28.05.2010 / US / Detroit / Majestic Theatre
29.05.2010 / US / New York / Santos Party House
04.06.2010 / SG / Singapore / Zouk
05.06.2010 / MY / Kuala Lumpur / Ohrwurm presents Ellen Allien @ Mist Club
11.06.2010 / AU / Perth / TBA
12.06.2010 / AU / Sydney / We Love Sounds Festival @ Hordern Pavillon
13.06.2010 / AR / Melbourne / We Love Sounds Festival @ Melbourne Park
14.06.2010 / AU / Adelaide / Wayville Showgrounds
18.06.2010 / ES / Barcelona / SONAR / BPC Beach Party
19.06.2010 / ES / Barcelona / SONAR / BPC exklusive Boat Party
19.06.2010 / ES / Barcelona / SONAR / Nitsa (BPC Showcase)
02.07.2010 / DE / Offenbach / Robert Johnson
03.07.2010 / IT / Riccione / Cocorico
04.07.2010 / NL / Venlo / Stereo Sunday
09.07.2010 / BE / Liege / Les Ardentes
10.07.2010 / IT / Mestre / Electrovenice Festival
10.07.2010 / IT / Castellaneta / Clorophilla
13.07.2010 / FR / Lyon / Ninkasi Kao
15.07.2010 / SE / Arvika / Arvika Festival
17.07.2010 / DE / Ludwigshafen / Loft
18.07.2010 / DE / Freiburg / Sea Of Love Festival
18.07.2010 / DE / Gäfenhainichen / MELT Festival
21.07.2010 / ES / Ibiza / Kehakuma @ Space
23.07.2010 / AT / Vienna / BPC Showcase @ Pratersauna
24.07.2010 / IT / Jesolo / Muretto
31.07.2010 / IT / Florence / Tenax (Summer Location TBA)
03.08.2010 / IT / Alassio / Le Vele
06.08.2010 / PL / Plock / Audioriver Festival
07.08.2010 / DE / Saalburg / SonneMondSterne Festival
08.08.2010 / DE / Moers / Luft & Liebe Festival
12.08.2010 / PT / Viana do Castelo / Neo Pop Festival
14.08.2010 / ES / Barcelona / Nitsa
21.08.2010 / DE / Berlin / Berghain + Panorama Bar (BPC Showcase)
08.09.2010 / ES / Ibiza / Kehakuma @ Space
18.09.2010 / FR / Lille / NAME Festival













With her new album Dust poised for release in May, Ellen Allien has already started sprinkling her fairy dust over dancefloors far and wide again. However, in order to appease the waiting hordes just for the moment, the BPITCH CONTROL boss is giving the world an advance single release –a little taste, you might say, of what is to come on the LP in May. “Flashy Flashy” is the name of the track, and that’s exactly how it feels. It prances along with a light heart and a vague sense of bewilderment, perfectly content and probably a little bit nuts. The bassline dips, the beat scuttles along, and the synth glistens nervously between all kinds of curious crackling and fizzling, gradually causing the contours of your surroundings to blur. But why would you want to bring these shapes into focus? Ellen glides through the night, tastes madness, breathes in the mist and holds her gaze on the glittering coloured lights. She doesn’t even blink as her voice tells of fleeting encounters in flashes of the night, of the unexplored depths of the rings around the eyes facing her, and of the voice of the pitched-down alter ego she finds inside. A moment of inspired indifference. It’s all a game. It’s all a secret. And yet it all makes sense. “Flashy Flashy” marks this perfect moment of existence which won’t be grasped, won’t be captured in words. A moment that only ever exits as a blurred memory.

From the very first beat, Alexi Delano makes it clear that his take on the issue is less focused on the playful rolling around in this nocturnal chaosmos and more on getting legs pumping. Keeping the kick drum taut, the ARP ready for battle and the direction clearly fixed, he nevertheless adopts the dreamy melodic parts from warped tape which instil the knee-wobbling excellence in the original. Yet despite dropping in intermittent rave signals, he keeps it light and fluffy in his own way and certainly doesn’t give in to the obvious temptation of delivering a hit for the masses.

Finally, Nicolas Jaar, who is close to untouchable in the discipline of house right now, takes a similar approach to his previous releases on Wolf + Lamb and opts for the classic virtues of introspection: noble simplicity and quiet grandeur. His perfectly programmed drums roll on absolutely effortlessly, laying their organic depth and percussive elegance beneath the heart-warming melody line and explaining the world of the here and now in the best way possible. When the soul-charged voice interpreting Ellen’s lyrics begins its gentle, delicate flight, you know the end has come for even the last pairs of feet on the dancefloor. This is without doubt a final track to close the set of your life.

ARTIST: Ellen Allien
TITLE: Flashy Flashy

RELEASE: 17.05.2010
FORMAT: 12” / Digital
EAN: 880319466618
LC: 11753

A) Flashy Flashy (Extended Club Version)
B1) Flashy Flashy (Alexi Delano Remix)
B2) Flashy Flashy (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Digital Only: Flashy Flashy (Instrumental)

distributed by Kompakt / Finetunes


The second single from Mme Allien’s spring LP Dust, which is currently brightening up spirits still withered from a lack of light, arrives just in time to summon the rising sun. The summer is on its way, and that means it’s open-air season, complete with pollen-fuelled confusion, after parties under blue skies and visions of a better world. “Our Utopie” radiates this epic vitality, embodies the exhilarating feeling that something is just beginning here that affects us all: “The sky, the taste… we count 1… 2… 3… and we’re still here.“ Eyes closed, breathing in the birdsong and feeling the breeze tingling through your hair as it only ever does in the morning hours of a world-class rave. Yes, you could call this an anthem of love. Using such a serene, floating synth line, a melody as soft as butter and a break which could bring the toughest of us to our knees, Ellen postulates her theory of soul-filled techno in a time of peace. Indeed, it would be hard to imagine anyone being capable of waging war with this sound ringing in their ears. So let’s remind ourselves: make love… you know the rest.

This is immediately followed on A2 by the unanswerable question: “Should We Go Home” Already? Should we or do we have to? Do we want to? In any case, now is not the right time to make such a choice. Not yet… one more tune, one more cigarette, one more drink. But it’s also such a tricky question right now when planes are starting to merge together, voices are becoming blurred and the night is breaking into day. All shapes are elusive, all surfaces are glistening, everything’s a mystery. But then the beat returns, restores order to the proceedings, to this game of multiple of sounds which wind around your head and are able to transform right angles into a gentle digital twittering. And there’s the voice of the siren again, getting lost amongst the layers as they pile up to monumental heights. Psychedelia 2010. What was that? Yeah, I think we’ll stay for a bit actually…

At least for a lightly scampering house number like “Ever”. What else can happen now anyway? The confusion has gone, the daylight floods into our bodies and we’re just starting to reach the point of blissful dissolution. Existence feels as light as a feather right now, and the difficulties of the past can be distinguished so clearly… This must be one of those moments which we will remember when telling someone of the free and easy life of our youth, of a glimpse of being without wanting for anything. The glockenspiel flutters around the souls lying in the grass; organic textures nuzzle warmly around our necks and the cavorting bassline keeps our minds clear and alert. Only a Sunday afternoon on the banks of the Spree could sound so soft and fluffy. Surely the most pleasurable way to end an EP which answers to the name Utopia.

That leaves one last song, which – rather than trailing off – points out the onward direction. A new day bringing new light and a fresh chance. “Searching” gets off to a gallop with its tight bass drum and light-footed percussion, whilst the synths evoke the same sense of self-contentment that was established in the three previous tracks. Nevertheless, there is a growing tension inherent in Ellen’s bonus track, a reignited urgency. Her searching words disintegrate into a thousand different tones, a revolving polyphony which finally turns into a spiralling rave signal. Then a cautious break, little criss-crossed voices pitched in the heavens, hands feeling their way around. But then the next moment the kick springs back to life and the glowing bassline starts gravitating towards the sun, whose glistening rays perpetually hide its shape from view. A track which tells of searching for love and finding it: never has utopia been this close…

ARTIST: Ellen Allien
TITLE: Our Utopie

RELEASE: 26.07.2010
FORMAT: 12” / Digital
EAN: 880319475214
LC: 11753

A1) Our Utopie (Extended Version)
A2) Should We Go Home (Extended Version)
B1) Ever (Extended Version)
B2) Searching

distributed by Kompakt / Finetunes

web: www.bpitchcontrol.de | www.ellenallien.de

twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BPitchControl
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BPitchControl
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bpitchcontrol


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