Echo Us’ Tomorrow Will Tell The Story brings the themes of 2009’s The Tide Decides to new conclusion while encompassing a natural sonic evolution for the Pacific NW based concept project. Tomorrow fuses rich tapestries of atmosphere wrapped around sparse lead vocals and intricate field-recorded beats, brought forth by a symphonic underscore and vocalizations from an alien world. Lyrically the album fuses light and dark into a single omni-jective source using sources channeled by automatic writing.

Echo Us again features the talents of Ethan Matthews (multi instruments) and Raelyn Olson (harp) but also adds the lush vocals Grammy-nominated vocalist Henta. has put together as much information about “Tomorrow…” as possible including cover art and an album promo trailer.

An abridged version of the album will hit digital retailers by September 14th, 2010 and be followed by an extended cd release including bonus tracks later in the year.

In it’s decade long history, Echo Us has weaved a wide and unique sound web. At times considered close to Enigma, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and other ambient pioneers, Echo Us has also been cited as creating a genre all it’s own; a fusion of modern vocal electronica, progressive rock and deep ambient atmospherics. Tomorrow Will Tell The Story completes a unique musical journey, but as the title suggests- implies the beginning of another.


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