New  BISCLAVERET release:

Zoharum presents…

New Bisclaveret album  ‘Engill Ljssins’ – jubilee release – out on 03.10.2010.

ARTeNATIVE#10 – during this event it will take a place  premiere meeting.

Engill Ljssins – is a special jubilee album published for 10th anniversary of Bisclaveret

Release including tracks which Bisclaveret play during their concert and which will be unavailable on other releases:

‘Scontrum act VI’, sampler: ‘…Where tattred…..’, and never unreleased before:  ‘Telesis’

also Inner Vision Laboratory and Ab Intra remixes.


Zoharum prepare special promotion action….

Now You can order 3 releases in a special lower price

Packet including

– ‘Engill Ljssins’

– ‘ephemeros [ante ‘Te Deum’]’

– and special single ‘Semakiel’ available only in this packet

We invite You on our website:

Other news…


Fundacja Wspolnota Gdanska & Zoharum Collektiv would like to invite You:

BISCLAVERET – live act

DARIUSZ BRANSKI – Angels – exhibition
E66 Gallery
Gdansk,  Elblaska 66 street
Free Entrance

Start: 19:00

Bisclaveret BISCLAVERET- ephemeric LIVE ACT / DARIUSZ BRANSKI – Angels – exhibition

During this edition

You can see paints of Barek Pranski’ form serie called ‘Angels’

and Bisclaveret – live act promote new album  ‘ephemeros [ante ‘Te Deum’]’.

More news from Zoharum….

As a result of many stormy talks made with many artists we can now confirm
undertaking collaboration with some renowned projects. Within the next few
months we will release albums of such projects as [haven], Ouroboros, Sonda,

Our next big project is also in the preparation stage. The compilation disc,
“From the Earth to Sirius,” will contain tracks by such renowned artists as
Hybryds, Expo ’70, Kallee, Ouroboros, Nordvargr, Black Seas of Infinity,
Apocalyptic Vision, Different State, Therion Trismegistos, Emme Ya,
Bisclaveret, Kia Karma, Zenial, X-naVI:et. The cover design will be based on
the graphics of Rafał Kosela and the foreword will be provided by Dariusz
Misiuna from Okultura Publishing. More details to follow soon.

The next Zoharum release (after Bisclaveret’s “Engill Ljssins”) will be new
[haven] album called “Amity.” The project, extended to two people at the
moment, prepared a record which may come as a surprise (but also a a huge
step ahead) to their faithful fanbase. More details to follow soon.

Together with the new [haven] CD, a new album by Arkona will see the light
of the day. Arkona, a Warsaw project led by Karol Su-Ka, a researcher for
acid arts, has been exploring experimental music for almost 20 years now.
Apart from Arkona, Karol has been a part of acid punk combo Street City
Nomads, collaborated with Moretti and Mazolewski and DJed as Karel God on
numerous acid house parties. He is also a painter; his works has been
printed in “Chaosmos” picture book available in our store. “Acid Landscape”
is a collection compiled from a 4-volume, privately released series and
contains almost 80 minutes of urban, post-industrial dub mixed with spacey
ambience. More details to follow soon.

In the first half of next year, we will release an archival compilation by
Sonda trio. This will be a record for all those board with synthetic
computer sounds and looking for a more organic sound. Sonda’s music revolves
around oppresive industrial spaces, old-school, analogue ambient with
elements of noise music. It’s something for demanding listeners. More
details to follow soon. Zoharum – New Experimental Art
+48 605 318 630


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