A T T R I T I O N NEWS – August 2010

Time flies…time crawls…

December 8th this year is the 30th anniversary of the first ever ATTRITION show..
We have many plans for this anniversary year…
We are currently working on the all new album, with special guests and many surprises….
to be released in the spring it will be preceded by a downloadable single… and we are looking for remixers for that….

But first… we are celebrating 30 years with an all new best of collection…”Dreamtime Collectors” – a 16 track CD album compiled by Martin,
featuring many rare versions of ATTRITION classics and a cover designed by Russian artist and film maker Edward 209 …
We are pleased to announce that the album will be released by US label Metropolis records on November 9th…


Introducing the latest addition to the fold. Italian born singer Maethelyiah has joined ATTRITION as new vocalist…
She has performed with us already in the UK and will be recording with us very soon..
She has her own project Blooding Mask which you can check out here

We are currently working on many shows for our anniversary year in Europe, The USA, South America, South Africa and more….
do keep checking our websites for details…and get in touch if you want to get involved in organising any or helping us to promote them…
so far confirmed:
October 7th 2010 – Le Klub, Paris, France
December 11th 2010 – The anniversary show at the Slimelight, London, England
March 26th 2011 – Shadowdaze festival, Sheffield, England
August 26th 2011 – Pray Silence festival, Lisbon, Portugal
We are compiling a 2 album vinyl collection of early ATTRITION rarities – many previously unreleased
– for German label Vinyl on Demand – due out in 2011…
An unreleased mix of our song “Dante’s Kitchen” by US producer Shok is on the upcoming Pray Silence vinyl compilation –
out in December this year
A 2006 remix of our song “Into the waves” is out on “Crude, a tribute to the Gulf” –
a benefit compilation CD for the people most affected by the recent oil disaster in the New orleans area
Our song “Predicament” from the 1996 album “3 arms & a dead cert” is on the upcoming 3 CD
“Sanity is Slavery” compilation on MachineKunt records
Martin has contributed vocals to a track on the new AutoClav 1.1 album out very soon on Tympanik Audio
and has recently remixed tracks for the new album by Johnnie Clappers’ project Fernthal – Universal Lover,
and for South African band Ankst…

and don’t believe everything you read….

But we have interviews coming up soon in the new issue of Terrorizer in the UK….
and just up online there is this one .. here
and do check our official new youtube pages for interviews and live clips here


The only new recording i ever made with Sin – Lullaby – is only available on the Sin Tec records compilation CD…
and for a little while we are giving it away…!
if you order anything at all from our website we will send you a free copy of that compilation

Will be back with more news soon….
it’s happening very quickly right now…

Take care

Martin Bowes. Coventry. England. August 2010



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