Ambassador 21 – Power Rage Tour 2010


New galleries from XIX Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2010, Kinetik Festival 3.0, Moravian Industrial Festival 2010 and
other AMBASSADOR21 gigs – ON-LINE!

New video –
AMBASSADOR21 “A La Guerre Comme A La Guerre” (live @ Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2010) – ON-LINE!

More POWER RAGE TOUR 2010 live video:

Our love to: Jeah-Francois, Kyo, Fillip, Sebastien and all great Kinetik crew!; Dirk and Peter (KLINIK),
Daniel (DESTROID), Claus (LEATHER STRIP), Eric (MONOLITH), Tim and Phil (SYNAPSCAPE), Erik (HOCICO),
PUNISH YOURSELF (VX, Sandrine, Pierlox, Xavier, Klodia, Polo, Steve, Fab), CHRYSALIDE (Arco, Syco and Yoann),
Erik (BOOT-SECTOR-VIRUZ), Thedi (KiEw), Kalle and Wave-Gotik-Treffen crew; Yann and Guillaume (ISZOLOSCOPE),
David (CERVELLO ELETTRONICO), Noisescape Crew, Sue, Matt (CAUSTIC); AKIMBO (Alda, Hannes and Radim), Alda’s father,
Jana, Matej, Aneshka, Hanes, Chenda, Pawel and everyone in Olomouc and Shumperk!; BAHNTIER (Stefano, Filippo and Justin);, DJ Knueppel Aus Dem Sack and Olya, Massimo Manson, DJ Chemnitz and Beatrice, Gianni InNovember,
David (Traffic Live Club), Eric and Matteo (Schio), Rodentsky, Craig Apexxx; Dima Mitsuk and russian-speaking desant from Toronto;
Julie Hilo Hilo, Anita, Anya Only Pictures and everyone of you who was there and rocked together with us!

Photo by: Neonyme, Monserrat Videla, Only Pistures, Craig Apexxx, Marc Edwards, Dmitry Marmerstein, Slava Nartakhov,
A.Tamboly, Dam Von Smock, Eric Maidl, Hanes Linhard, Cenda, Cyril Semiglazoff, Beatrice Stahlpuppe, Valerio Capasso,
Massimo Manson, Georgiana Acostandei, Invasion.

Video by: Invasion, Hilo Hilo,

AMBASSADOR21 POWER RAGE TOUR 2010 continues!!!

Next dates:

17.07.10 – AMBASSADOR21 @ Festival Chauffer Dans La Noirceur / Montmartin Sur Mer, France

18.07.10 – SUICIDE INSIDE @ Festival Chauffer Dans La Noirceur / Montmartin Sur Mer, France

07-08.08.10 – AMBASSADOR21 @ M’era Luna Festival 2010 / Hildesheim, Germany


AMBASSADOR21 Power Rage Tour 2010

23.01.10 – Da Club / Minsk, Belarus
23.02.10 – Le Klub / Paris, France
26.02.10 – RMS Studio / Tours, France (SUICIDE INSIDE)
04.03.10 – Lyon’s Hall / Lyon, France
05.03.10 – Le Rio / Montauban, France (with PUNISH YOURSELF)
06.03.10 – Crockmore / Perpignan, France (with PUNISH YOURSELF)
12.03.10 – Heretic Club / Bordeaux, France
13.03.10 – L’Embobineuse / Marseille, France
16.04.10 – Moravian Industrial Festival / Olomouc, Czech Republic (AMBASSADOR21)
17.04.10 – Moravian Industrial Festival / Olomouc, Czech Republic (SUICIDE INSIDE)
05.05.10 – Traffic / Rome, Italy
08.05.10 – Spazio Arcadia / Vicenza, Italy
15.05.10 – Kinetik Festival 3.0 / Montreal, Canada
22.05.10 – Wave Gothic Treffen 2010 / Leipzig, Germany
17.07.10 – Festival Chauffer Dans La Noirceur / Montmartin, France (AMBASSADOR21)
18.07.10 – Festival Chauffer Dans La Noirceur / Montmartin, France (SUICIDE INSIDE)
08.08.10 – M’era Luna 2010 / Hildesheim, Germany

More gigs in progress.

P.S. Face Your Future Killers.

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