AURORA BOREALIS Newsletter 22nd November 2011
Aurora Borealis

FINALLY!: GRUMBLING FUR ‘Furrier’ VINYL available now. 180g transparent green vinyl in heavy stock printed inner bag and spined sleeve, with download code, limted to 350. This amazing album has taken forever to see the light of day and we feel the vinyl version does this magnificent album proud.
Essentially a super group of sorts, GRUMBLING FUR pools the talents of Daniel O’Sullivan (Ulver, Mothlite, ex Guapo), ALEXANDER TUCKER (be sure to check his excellent new ‘Dortwych’ album on Thrill Jockey), JUSSI LEHTISALO (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord), Antti Uusimaki (Mothlite), David J. Smith (Guapo, THE STARGAZER’S ASSISTANT) and Eetu Henttonen. This melting of minds conjures up some etherial moods, shifting washes of sound, otherworldly vocals and moonlit vibes, creating an astonishing whole. With artwork throughout by Alexander Tucker the album is presented as a six panel digipack and as a limited LP with printed inner bag. Truly worth the wait.
LP, CD and CD/LP/T shirt packages available now.

Small repress in the webshp now! Two post-album tracks from THE HAXAN CLOAK. ‘Observatory’ comes on like 80’s Industrial with a pounding beat followed by a hypnotic synth refrain whih builds and builds, layers overlapping and contrasting before they finally disolve into the aether.

‘Hounfour’ is a slower beast, once again with layers of synth building though this time in a more hallucinatory and psychedelic way as audio trails into audio leaving the listener with a sense of wonder. Amazing stuff.

Pro cassette with printed J card. Orange cassette body. Second pressing of 50. Samples here.

A further vinyl repress will be available in the next 10 days, limited to 250, in a black disco bag.

MURMUURE s/t LP version of the excellent debut CD that came out on Paradigms last year and garnered so much praise from so many quarters. This masterpiece is now available on vinyl as an edition of 500 copies on black vinyl in a silk screened folder sleeve. SAelling fast! Presented as split release by Aurora Borealis and COLD VOID EMANATIONS.
“All Murmuure material is based on a one hour guitar improvisation from November 2006. Selected parts were further edited to fit a rythmic structure, and merged with additional layers of sound. This process of mixing & endless re-writing took 3 years until final completion. The percussions are a mixture of the original programmed drums, and some (extremely re-edited) additional live drumming. Vocals were recorded during a cathartic trance at a sacred place in the forest, with a mini-disc recorder. Being almost inaudible in the music, they’re strictly conceived as a vocal sigil technique, a vehicle for intent. The 30 minutes long, self-titled release is possibly the first and last Murmuure record. I’ve put so much in it that it will be hard to match, and there would be no point in doing something more just for the sake of it.”


Recent releases:

‘Vessels’ CD, LP coming soon.
Excellent doom drone with massive beats, recently on tour with Aidan Baker/Nadja. Vinyl due very soon.

s/t deluxe gatefold CD
Highly acclaimed debut album from this rising star… Vinyl due very soon.

‘Sacrifice’ ltd LP, vinyl only!
Excellent 2nd album from ONDO and THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT co-project.

‘Union of Irreconcileables’ CD/2LP
Deluxe 2LP gatefold version available now, ltd to 500.

ABX052: Neige Morte
s/t CD digipack
Obscure glacial French post-Black Metal.

‘Gathering’ CD
Strange drums/bass/bass combo occult Finnish cosmic DOOM. Essential.

Check the site for more great AB releases.

Visit the Aurora Borealis website for an ever growing list of our releases on CD and vinyl, as well as merchandise. We also stock a carefully selected inventory of underground gems on CD, vinyl, tape and CDr, as well as interesting printed matter.

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