Live at The Pushing Against The Wire Festival, England. 1992

Recordings from the Cold Spring Records event that also featured
In The Nursery, Legendary Pink Dots and Meat Beat Manifesto.

Released worldwide through Sub Culture: June 2nd 2014.

Listen to it now through the official bandcamp page: 

The Rising Tide/Right Hand Man/Look Out! Hedonist/Scenario/
The Game is Up/Thin Red Line/Mind Drop/Fusillade III/Agenda Station
Recorded in stereo from the mixing desk direct to DAT. 

Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios, Coventry, England. 2014. 

Cover Photo by Phil Clarke 

A Two Gods Production. 6GODSDIG 

Step into The Cage…
 Martin is increasingly immersed in The Cage
with his Studio production, remixing and mastering work.. 

Apsara Maschima/Accolade/Naked Lunch/John Costello band/Seraph Sin/Contaminated Intelligence/Casa de Orates/Khost/Michael X Christian/Proxies/Roladex/My Silent Wake/Trepaneringsritualen/Laibach and NIN/Coil to name just some of the most recent …
Coming this summer: Cage21: a compilation and celebration of the 21st year of the Cage. 

and finally…this time…
We have been working on a series of esoteric ATTRITION merchandise…  badges/pins/magnets/mirrors..
you can check them out here:

Lots planned for the autumn…
With new releases and tours in Europe and quite possibly our return to the USA…
Next stops are in the UK,
Alt-fest kettering, August 17th and Dark Culture fest in Manchester Sept 27th
see you there

Martin Bowes, Coventry, England. 2014.


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