A T T R I T I O N : Dreamtime Collectors. 1980 – 2010

"Forever there will be the speculation that the exploration of darkness as a beautiful place will lessen our fear of it all, ease the pain a little…"

December 8th this year is the 30th anniversary of the first ever ATTRITION show..

We are celebrating 30 years with an all new best of collection…"Dreamtime Collectors" – a 16 track CD album compiled by Martin,
featuring many rare versions of ATTRITION classics and a cover designed by Russian artist and film maker Edward 209 …
The album will be released worldwide by US label Metropolis records on November 9th…
track listing…

Acid Tongue
Cosmetic Citizen (Stromkern remix)
Two Gods
Lip Sync
The Mercy Machine (97)
A girl called harmony
A'dam & eva
I am (eternity)
Beast of burden (2005 remix)
Monkey in a bin
To the devil!
Into the waves (2005 remix)
What shall i sing?
Fate is smiling

We have advance copies available to buy now – direct from our website


We are very pleased to announce that we are now working with German booking agency Ibdbooking.de

We are planning many shows and tours for our anniversary year in the UK, Europe, Russia, The USA, Canada, South America, South Africa and more….

do keep checking our websites for details…so far confirmed:
The 30th anniversary show:
December 11th 2010 –  the Slimelight, London, England
first confirmed show for our second tour of Canada…
June 3rd 2011 – Avant garde, Ottawa, Canada…
Our first trip to Brazil
June 23rd-25th 2011 – Woodgothic festival, São Thomé das Letras , Brazil
the incredible Pray Silence festival…
August 26-28th 2011 – Pray Silence festival, Libon, Portugal


  • Why be Blake when you can be Bleak?
    We have a version of "The internal narrator" the first available track from our upcoming album out now on the amazing 3CD Bleak label compilation… a sampler that also includes contributions from Coil, Portion Control, Konstruktivits, Nocturnal Emmissions, Sleep Chamber, Cultural Amnesia and more…. 
    and it is free so go and download it at this link now!
  • One afternoon in 1985 Martin recorded a song in the studio we shared with the Legendary Pink Dots in London with US musician Mark lane…
    "Petit Duet" has finally been released on a vinyl only collection of his early works on German label Vinyl on Demand…..
    and we are compiling a 2 album vinyl collection of early ATTRITION rarities – many previously unreleased
    – on the very same label – 
    due out in 2011…
  • An unreleased mix of our song "Dante's Kitchen" by US producer Shok is on the upcoming Pray Silence vinyl compilation

    out in December this year

  • Our song "Predicament" from the 1996 album "3 arms & a dead cert" is on the upcoming 3 CD 
    "Sanity is Slavery" compilation on
    MachineKunt records
Martin has contributed vocals to a track on the new Autoclav1.1 album out very soon on Tympanik Audio
and can be heard contributing to the new album by Flesh eating foundation…
he has recently remixed tracks for the new album by Johnnie Clappers' project Fernthal – Universal Lover,
for US artist Unwoman and for South African band Ankst…

and finally….
Martin has written a piece on the origins of gothic/industrial music in the new book Schillerndes Dunkel…the most beautiful work on the dark scene…
it is in German for now but an english version should appear before long…
and Martin's post punk fanzine – Alternative Sounds – that ran for 18 issues in Coventry from 1979 – 1981.. is featured in a new book on fanzine culture 
FANZINES by Teal Triggs. published by Thames and Hudson

until next time…
Be seeing you
Martin Bowes. Coventry. England. November 2010


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