A Live interview and most of the live set from our appearance on VPRO,
the national Dutch radio station,
broadcast live from (a far too light and sunny) Arnhem market square in July 1984.
Taken from a cassette somebody recorded off the radio that day,
copied and sent to me 27 years later in 2011
Available as a “name your price” bandcamp release for the month of October only…

Live on Spleen from the VPRO, Korenmarkt, Arnhem, Netherlands, July 22nd 1984

1. ATTRITION interview
2.Something Stirs
4.The Outer Edge
5.The Next day
6.The Redoubt of Light
7.Pendulum Turns
8.Across the Divide (Part and Radio outro)

Martin Bowes: Vocals/Electronics
Julia Waller: Vocals
Ashley Niblock: Synths

Mastered from a cassette recording from the original broadcast
and presented here in all its lo-fi glory.
by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios, Coventry, England. 2015

A Two Gods Production:


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