Atemporal presents:  AT-006 T.V. Sovietica – Maquetas y Demos 1983-1984 LP
Vinyl Ltd. to 320 copies. Date of release: 5th of October 2014


T.V. Sovietica was an exploratory sound project from Valencia (Spain) developed in 1983 in the postpunk era of the early 80’s which built on the work of “Neonada y Atentados”.

From these beginnings evolved  a brief, dark and unsettled trajectory based on sound effects inspired by electronic German music with influences from the artistic vanguard analogy (Satie, “Musique Concrete”  and minimalism) The darkest, most introspective postpunk, radicalising with its’ experimentation, moving towards “industrial”, “anti-music” styles.

The essence of its’ sound combines the use of guitars and electric bass with electronic instruments (Yamaha CS-15, Korg MS-10, Boss DR-55 , etc) , acoustic percussion, mechanical elements and vocals. Confronting frequencies elaborated from improvised riffs with vocal expression.

Of the same generation as bands such as Esplendor Geometrico and Aviador Dro.

The lost model, now recovered in this work demonstrates the beginnings of Spanish synthpop with “Contacto Telepatico”. The influence of New Wave in “La matanza de los bebes foca”, moving towards the conceptual project  “Islandia” to which the majority of the themes belong, “ Oxido en tus ojos” (1984) draws to a close a period of work for the band, probably in its’ most corrosive moment.


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AT-005 Joy Before The Storm – Silence Ever After LP

Limited 30th anniversary vinyl edition with only 320 copies.


Our first re-issue, with one of the most unknown and interesting projects from the 80’s synthpop & darkwave  scene “Joy Before The Storm”, and their sole and impossible to find Lp “Silence Ever After” edited in 1985 , now remastered and with a new jacket and insert including all information of the band.

Joy Before the Storm formed in Madison (Wisconsin) in 1984 by Matt Anderson (Voice and Synths) , Kevin Kaulson  (Synths) and Dan Mckay (Drum Programming-Rhythm Box), Silence Ever After was written, recorded and mixed during the summer of 1984, using now-classic synthesizers, Arp Solus, Roland SH09,  Korg KR-55B and Roland CR78.


Sound samples here:

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AT-004 V/A –  División Avanzada Independiente (D.A.I.) LP


División Avanzada Independiente (D.A.I.) was a collective of musicians that was formed in the early 1980s in Valencia and could compare with similar movements such as the B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation) , its Member initial were Jose Luis Macias (Glamour, Tomates Electricos, Europa and Ultima Emación), Miguel F.Jim (Proceso Inverso, Psiko Psiko and Radio Klara), Fco.Jose Galán (Tomates Electricos, Fanzine and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame) and Lino Oviano (Europa, Ultima Emoción and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame).

The DAI was formed by groups concentrated in construction of sounds with electronic gadgets, drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers, the D.A.I. edit during the early 80’s several cassettes impossible to find today, we have selected and remastered the best tracks of that movement, presented in a limited vinyl pressing of 320 copies.


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AT-003 Grupo Q – Back Up LP

Grupo Q was formed in 1981 by Fernan Carmona (ex-Bola) one of the pioneers of the Spanish electronic music, “back up” is a compilation of the first works never edited. For fans of Ultima Emocion/Europa, Fanzine, Aviador Dro or Oviformia Sci.


Vinyl limited edition 320 copies.

12 original remastered minimal-synthpop songs from 1981 to 1983.


Sound samples here

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AT-002 Dusk to Dawn – Remains LP

Dusk to Dawn were formed on 1991 in Grevenbroich, a small town near Cologne. Magazines and mail-order catalogues initially described their stile as “gothic rock with electronic impact”. The line-up was accordingly: Jörg Erren (bass, synths), Andreas Kleinwächter (guitar) and Achim Zolke (vocals, synths). Later on, the six strings disappeared in favour of (nearly) pure electronic instrumentation.

Two “official“ mini albums on cassette were published on Hamburg-based label Electrope: “Before the Eye“ (1992) and “Places you will never see“ (1994). In addition, some contributions for tape anthologies were made of which some thousands were sold to the dark wave scene. Still worth hearing are these two that even today are to be found on the web: “ELECTROPE Vol. I – Never judge a tape by its cover” with Dusk to Dawn’s “Ashes” and ”Til The End Of Time” by Beton Tapes featuring “Fading”. In addition, the band sold around 350 of their original tapes.

Dusk to Dawn also went public with airplays and a few gigs. On the whole, 26 songs were realized until the end of the 1990’s, most of them being recorded with a simple multi track recorder. They were assigned to the genres dark wave, electro and synth pop. Noteworthy to some reviewers was the fact that the band tends to not compose jointly: Each member brings in self-developed songs. This individuality is quite clearly recognizable in both lyrics and music.


Vinyl limited edition 320 copies.

10 original remastered darkwave-synthpop songs from 1991 to 1995.


Sound samples here:


AT-001 Séptimo Sello – Vuelo 747 LP – SOLD OUT – Digital Album Available

Séptimo Sello were a Spanish synthpop group formed by Mariano Lozano, “vuelo 747” is a compilation of the first works never edited. The songs have been remastered, cleaned and conveniently edited for this special edition. For fans of Vince Clarke-era Depeche Mode, Ultima Emocion/Europa, Fanzine, Aviador Dro or Oviformia Sci.


11 original minimal-synthpop songs from 1984-1985


Digital Album:




AT-007 Mesh – CenotaphLP(Claustrophobia + Onkala Sessions) Coming on Mar’2015



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