12 live shows as a part of the Asymmetry Convention!

The Asymmetry Convention will take place between May 2nd – 4th, 2013 and will accompany the fifth edition of Asymmetry Festival.

In order to attend the Convention and see the free-of-charge shows held on the Convention Stage (one of three stages of Asymmetry) one simply needs to register at www.konwent.asymmetryfestival.pl at the APPLICATIONS tab.

The following acts will present themselves on the Convention Stage:
02.05.2013: Polish Napszykłat, Estonian: Tolmunud Mesipuu, Deathcats, Kaido Kirikmäe.
0305.2013: Polish Plum, Bnnt i Woody Alien and Ukrainian Kakaxa.
04.052013: Ukrainian Zapaska, Perkalabski Prydatky, Polish Semantik Punk and Bones’Orchiestra with Eraldo Bernocchi.

The event is directed towards all individuals interested with new media in culture, the presence of culture in the life of local societies, exchange of experiences between European culture animators, participants, journalists and artists.
The Asymmetry Convention creates a platform for meetings of cultural life organizers from local institutions with representatives of cultural institutions from Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Poland. The essence of the event is a forum dedicated to modern culture and culture management via utilizing up-to-date tools and business models. The natural result of the Convention is the erection of a partnership between culture managers, institution and festival directors, animators, local government representatives, artists and the audience.

The Convention will be co-created by, among others, the directors of OFFF Festival from Spain,  Patarei Kultuuritolm from Estonia, Art Labirynth from Moldova, Avant Music from Russia, Art Pole from Ukraine,  Incubate from Netherlands, Iceland Airwaves from Iceland, Next from Slovakia, BoPromo Agency from Belarus, as well as Castle Party from Bloków, Reggae Dub Festival from Bielawa, Open Summer Festival from Kłodzko and Brave Festival from Wrocław.

More information and a detailed programme can be found on: www.konwent.asymmetryfestival.pl

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