TWO albums in ONE !

The CD contains two thematically similar works, original version of the battle Mass Missa Armata (English translation: “Mass in Armor”) and Invocationes, a cycle of musical prayers. Both works belong to the larger main directional scope of Vladimír Hirsch’s creative perimeter. In a musical context, they represent the confrontational nature of his music. The character of rites is the main axis of both compositions. As such, both projects fit naturally together.


Missa Armata (1999) is based on standard liturgical elements. The album however avoids using verbal singing of appropriate text as it is not a Mass itself, but rather, a narrative about the communication between its contentand the listeners’ state of mind. Parallel to this, the album expresses a fictional war story, where adversaries are forced to participate in a worship together. The composition is strict and uncompromising, demonstrating a highly structured industrial sound combined with classical instrumentation and choirs, achingly electrifying noises and power-electronic force and energy. 


Invocationes (2001) is a cycle of 4 ritualistic musical prayers.  The project is – both thematically and in means of expression – significantly related to Missa Armata, but the overall character structurally aims more towards dark ambient. The compositions have a deep ambience with immersive emotional perceptions, without sparing any intensity and urgency. Listeners are drawn inside an introspective journey within a tempestous and submerged world together. 


Vladimír Hirsch – electronic keyboards, synthesizers, organ, vocal, integrated techniques

Tom Saivon – additional sounds

Martina Sanollová – vocals

Lyrics: St.Augustine, Raccolta (Enchiridion Indulgentiarum)

Mastered by Vojtěch Haňka

Cover photos & sleeve note above: Marianna Auster

Design by Vladimír Hirsch




Missa Armata (43:11)

1 Introitus  (6:46)

2 Kyrie (4:45)

3 Gloria  (6:04)

4 Credo  (7:10)

5 Sanctus  (5:38)

6 Agnus Dei  (7:27)

7 Exodus  (5:21)

Invocationes (34:21)

8 Invocatio I  (7:37)

9 Invocatio II  (6:41)

10 Invocatio III  (8:19)

11 Invocatio IV (11:44)


©2012 Ars Benevola Mater, catalogue number ABM44, jewel case


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