First concert in the western hemisphere

On October 8th Apoptose will play the first gig in 3 years! And it will be the first one ever taking place in the western part of Germany. In Mannheim to be precise. The venue is called 7er-Club. For more information and tickets please visit the profile page of the organisers L’affaire fatale at myspace. There are two more bands on stage that night: Oniric and the fabulous Sol Invictus.

Mannheim is the first of three Apoptose concerts this autumn/winter. The second one will be in Legnica/Poland at the Intermediale Festival on November 26.
And the third one will take place in Leipzig on New Year’s Eve at the Theaterfabrik. It is called “Neofolk Rauhnacht” and besides Apoptose there will be on stage Art Abscons, Triarii and Derniere Volonte. For more info and tickets please refer to the website of Equinoxe Organisation.

Hope to see you somewhere.

Nordland rerelease
Most of you know Apoptose’s first album Nordland but some of you probably miss this item in their collection. It was originally released in the year 2000. Now for the 11 years and 5 months anniversary this long out of print classic of glacier ambient will be back on Tesco Organisation. Remastered, stunningly redesigned and equipped with a bonus track from same period of the Nordland recordings. So even those of you who know Nordland for ages will be able to discover some new facets of this gem.

More info on that soon. The scheduled release date is October 8th. You guessed it: the date of gig in Mannheim…

Best wishes to all of you!

Rüdiger / Apoptose


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