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news ant-zen:

SABES. diesel charm. cd. ant-zen act269
sabes a.k.a. sebastian mich started at young age as an acid / hard
techno dj and decided to follow this path into the study of music
technology, which prompted him to move from his native poland to the uk.
he was both fascinated and alienated by the unfamiliar culture he found
and he wanted to channel this disorientation and anger in an artistic
fashion - and thus, sabes was born. the project's name is both an
acronym of s. mich's first name spelled backwards and 'knowing' in
spanish - the key word emphasising the focus of awareness , being aware
of the whole world around you - being aware that you are alive. right
from the beginning sebastian's ambition was to merge the distortion of
rhythmic, noise-oriented industrial music with technoid beat and bass
structures. influenced by classic industrial projects of the 90s like
asche, imminent, synapscape and iszoloscope, sabes accomplished a high
energetic blend of blasting beats, complex sequencer patterns,
unsettling samples and crushing power noise textures. a thrilling
combination of ramming beats, organic bass lines, harsh industrial
surfaces and interspersed dark ambient sound spheres. an album that
combines excellent contemporary industrial, raging techno dancefloor
attacks and horrifying dark atmospheres into black mastery.
price: euro 12,80. available: 16february2k12

ANT-ZEN. the keyant. keyring. ant-zen ikon60
solid ant-shaped keyring made out of 4mm stainless steel.
price: euro 6,66. available: 17february2k12

news hymen records:

FRANK RIGGIO. psychexcess I - presentism. cd. hymen ¥798
frank riggio is a sicilian-french musician who now lives near toulouse
in france. Having been an electronic music lover since his childhood, he
began to mix acid music with turntables at the age of sixteen. at 18, he
bought his first hardware and later on he formed his own label,
sagaloops, on which he produced fifteen vinyl ep's and also collaborated
with other projects on various labels. after closing down sagaloops in
2005, he took a new direction into more intellectual, jazzy and
experimental electronic sound collages, forming the project that takes
his own name. in 2007 he produced his incredible debut album 'visible in
darkness', while he was also producing music for the french tv channel
canal+. since then he has released a couple more full-length albums and
ep's, showcasing the same high standard he has set throughout the years.
currently, frank works on multiple art projects, in a great variety of
fields such as sound manipulation, music, and mastering engineering.
with 'psychexcess I - presentism' frank riggio introduces the first part
of the psychexcess trilogy which is designed to be similar to a three
movie series in an aural format, including a constant spoken narrative,
arcs of suspense, and even 'cliffhangers'. the fusion of 'psyche' and
'excess' was created from the idea that there is something astral we can
not control, which we are not even aware of in our psyche or mind -
something out of our physical entity but basically connected with our
'soul' at the same time. the human individual is captured in an
entanglement of fears and theoretical dualities in his judgements and
deeds, which can be entirely changed by accepting the choices to avoid
the pretended 'pre-programming' of the mind. frank riggio's intention is
wanting the listener to explore something else in their 'person',
something that is beyond words or even basic mechanical thoughts -
possibly even some kind of astral trip? to create the cinematic
atmosphere of the trilogy's music, frank riggio used his skills as a
passionate sound designer, collecting a multitude of field recordings,
percussive noises and more. he also bestowed great care on the
instrumentation using acoustic and custom built equipment, self made
synth presets, and by adding experimental sound manipulation such as
morphing, vocoding, filtering and layering techniques. to prevent the
music from getting unnatural and inorganic, he also enlisted
compositional help from fellow musicians on some of the melodic work.
focusing deeper on frank riggio's music, it proves hard to classify his
unique blend of inspirations into certain genres like idm, downtempo,
glitch and experimental. rich textures utilized in a masterful way,
together with deep ambience and a solid yet very human drumming as well
as the excellent use of acoustic instruments, make his work stand out in
many ways. he shapes up his own musical path through a magnificent mix
between darkness, mystery and ethnic soundscapes. this album carries its
very own mixture of beautiful, oneiric, psychedelic moods and sounds
that touch you somewhere in your spirit or your heart and which will
undoubtedly stay in your mind for a long time.
price: euro 12,80. available: 10february2k12

VENETIAN SNARES. a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything
you can imagine.
3" cd. hymen ¥405
canadian aaron funk's music polarizes listeners: you either love it or
hate it - there is nothing in between. the number of releases he has put
out is as weird as his sound treatments. up-tempo breakbeats, destructed
drum and bass patterns/loops merge to sonicly attack the mind. this is
far beyond 'noise' cliches. after the brilliant and surprisingly
successful 'doll doll doll', hymen records presents “a v.s.” a 3” cd
that contains one single track (that is as long as the title). a
contrast of rhythmic high-speed rage and spacey moods. some people would
extract an entire album from this psychedelic breakcore concentrate.
initially released in 2002 along with a picture viewer as a boxset, now
available again in very low quantities as a stand-alone 3" cd in
original cardboard sleeve without the picture viewer.
price: euro 7,90. available: now !!!

news various labels:

THE PROTAGONIST. a rebours. cd. raubbau raub-006
‘a rebours’, the novel by joris-karl huysmans, is certainly a very
important piece of literature, a landmark of symbolist aestheticism -
and of language itself. released in 1884, it still amazes readers today,
and really: how would you guess someone back then could have thought up
a hyper-materialistic decadence that still potentially shocks you today,
even though quite a bit of it has become commonplace dealing in our
times? ‘a rebours’, consequently an ambitious title for a music album
for sure, and especially for an artist’s debut. but when cold meat
industry released this in 1998, it seemed all appropriate, for it was
met with high expectations, after magnus sundström (the creative spirit
being the protagonist) had featured on some high profile compilations.
and really, the album, was excitedly greeted and well received by the
dark industrial crowd. the sheer power of the orchestral, cinematic,
imaginative pieces, the obviously talented compositions are all too
convincing. various guests on the (mostly spoken) vocals and playing
additional instruments, mostly strings add depth and variation to the
album’s tracks. right in the opening track the huysmans reference is
openly revealed in a recitation that expresses the praise of imagination
- any possible misconception of what ‘a rebours’ is about is from now on
passé. throughout the album, artifacts of european culture repeatedly
serve as a source of inspiration: thorak’s sculptures, riefenstahl’s
film art, poe’s and shelley’s poetry, as well as the ancient zoroastric
religion (the first monotheistic faith known to mankind). among all
those heavy notions there sticks out one dominant feature: a prevailing
sense of romanticism, maybe most clearly expressed in ‘mutability’,
featuring the beautiful vocals of marks st. john ellis aka elijah’s
mantle. some tracks, like ‘kämpfende pferde’ or ‘zoroaster’ are driven
by military style kettle drums, most parts of the album are dominated by
orchestral complexity, others appear a bit more subdued and
introspective - all in all, 47 minutes barely ever seem so short as when
you listen to this emotionally sweeping album. ‘a rebours’, a title for
a timeless classic? it has proven to be in literature, and now it does
so in music: 13 years after the original release, this album seems to
have matured instead of aged. a celebration of western culture, of
ambition, intelligence and the power of the mind, a celebration of
beauty - thanks to raubbau it is now revealed to a new generation of
listeners, and to those who missed it the first time around.
price: euro 13,40. available: 12february2k12

THE PROTAGONIST. songs of experience. cd. raubbau raub-011
in 1794, william blake published ‘songs of experience’ as an addendum to
‘songs of innocence’, to complete the picture of ‘the two contrary
states of the human soul’ - the state in question here being the
constriction of the human spirit, the suffocation of creativity by the
force to conform. after magnus sundström aka the protagonist had
released his debut ‘à rebours’ in 1998, the sky seemed the only limit
for this musical entity. but, to much disappointment within the
industrial scene, for the next seven years only a couple of compilation
appearances would be heard from the protagonist. then, in 2005 two cds
came out via cold meat industry: the aptly titled ‘interim’ ep and the
album ‘songs of experience’ (which was actually not entirely a new
album, but in parts consisted of reworked versions of the aforementioned
compilation tracks and a couple of tracks from the previous ep). the
music on ‘songs of experience’ resolved all doubts: the protagonist is a
devoted artist, putting quality over quantity, and the result had been
well worth waiting! as if no period of inactivity had ever discontinued
the creative flow, the protagonist reassumed the path of the debut:
orchestral splendour, rigid drumming, dramatic string works and an
increased presence of haunting, eerie atmospheres, pushing the album
towards the darker edges of the neo-classical spectrum. vocal deliveries
are rather sparse and restricted to short spoken parts this time around,
but feature prolific guests again: tomas petterson of ordo rosarius
equlibrio lent his unmistakeable voice to the protagonist’s most
well-known track, ‘strife’, a truly bombastic marching tune. jonathan
grieve of contrastate can also be heard on one track, the
heart-shattering ‘sick rose’. among all the opulence, romantic leanings
all over, though the whole composition takes a decidedly bleak
direction. the adapted literature features not only blake, but also
baudelaire (here’s the symbolist theme again) and no other than the
master himself, mr. william shakespeare. all in all, music and content
combine into one impressive libertine’s manifesto, proclaiming the power
of free thought and the mistrust of authorities! for this well-timed
re-release, raubbau gathers together not only the original album, but
also the exclusive tracks from the ‘interim’ ep, thus presenting the
entire bundle of cmi-released protagonist tracks. until today, the
protagonist stands out unique among neo-classical artists for the sheer
brilliance of composition and the authenticity of his preoccupations -
he is really serious about seriousness. history has been revealed, let
beauty unfold!
price: euro 13,40. available: 12february2k12

THE PROTAGONIST. a rebours + songs of experience. cd+cd.
raubbau raub-sp611
get the protagonist albums 'a rebours' and 'songs of experience'
together for a special lower price!
price: euro 22,00. available: 12february2k12

ACCESS TO ARASAKA. geosynchron. cd. tympanik audio ta060
after his first two cd releases 'oppidan' and 'void();', one of tympanik
audio's most beloved artists returns with a brand new full length album
titled 'geosynchron'. sharp, expansive futuristic soundscapes that you
will love to get lost in. a cerebral and complex aural journey. digipak
price: euro 10,50. available: 12december2k11

KNOWN REBEL. hollow. cd. tympanik audio ta064
cd release of this spanish duo's debut album 'hollow'. warm and
memorable electronica that manages to charm the listener with its
simplicity. embracing melodies, catchy beats, and a glowing depth make
this album a must-have for fans of classy bedroom idm. digipak
price: euro 10,50. available: 12december2k11

C.DB.SN. at the end of it all. cd. tympanik audio ta065
the new album from denver producer chase dobson. weaves a
stirring emotional experience in to his music, capturing the listener
with thick ambiance and cinematic atmospheres matched with infectious
beats and solid compositions. a strong, diverse, yet cohesive collection
of works that beckon to be heard over and over again. mastered by
angelos liaros (mobthrow). digipak packaging.
price: euro 10,50. available: 12december2k11

V.A.. more than nine lives. 2cd. industry 8 i8-02
36 new & unreleased tracks ranging from experimental electronics to
post-punk. all of the proceeds go to paws (philadelphia animal welfare
society). mastered by james plotkin. feat. synapscape, 100blumen,
lowness, zero degree, totakeke, nadja, accesss to arasaka, monica
richards, black tape for a blue girl and many more. packaged in a
7.75″ x 5.5″ deluxe 4-panel eco-folder, limited to 500
price: euro 13,90. available: now !!!

BRAZDA LUI NOVAC. dizzy. cd. raumklang music raum-cd-07
brazda lui novac is victor popescu, who named the project after the
neighbourhood he grew up in, from craiova, romania. in 1997, when he got
his first pc, he started creating music. he liked it so much that he
gave up his main passion, architecture. firstly he worked in several
studios in bucharest, and later he opened his own studio. in 2010 he
released his first album 'brazda lui novac'. brazda lui novac's new
album 'dizzy' is pure electronic music, synthesized, 'but with a huge
human contribution. you can listen to his music just for ambience, but
if you pay attention to the details, you will discover beautiful sounds
that may be unnoticed in the  mode. dizzy is a beautifull mix of classic
electronic music and idm. the album contains 14 tracks, including a
brazda lui novac remix of subheim's track 'streets' and a remix of the
great 'access to arasaka' (tympanik audio). dizzy will be deliverd as
digipak cd.
price: euro 12,80. available: now !!!

R.ROO. broken time. cd. raumklang music raum-cd-08
r.roo is a young artist from the ukraine. with 'broken time', he
presents us an incredibly adult and varied idm album. playful melodies,
combined with intelligent beats and effects are making, 'broken times'
to an album that is never boring. 16 wonderful tracks are on the cd.
includes two remixes of the artists tapage and roots cloud. it's hard to
believe that such a young musician delivers such a great and adult piece
of work. the musical future is definitely on the side of r.roo and you
will certainly hear a lot from this young, talented artist. feat. a
remix by tapage. dvd case packaging.
price: euro 12,80. available: now !!!

THE LAST GAMBIT. songs for people who like us. cd. halbsicht hs008
the second album of the 'mnemonic' offshoot 'the last gambit' leads the
listener back into familiar territory of electronica. yet the 12 songs
appear on 'songs for people who like us' more flexible and more relaxed
than on the debut album 'mafia party, nice you were there.' once again,
m. belletz & d. fischer create a finely woven web of scattered melodies
pairing with meticulously arranged beats. this album is a sensitive and
warm 'auditory perception' that flatters every electronica trained ear.
for all friends of light music with no rough edges, this album is a
tremendously intense musical enjoyment.
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

MARK HARRIS. an idea of north / learning to walk. cd. n5md md195
an idea of north / learning to walk' is the latest album from uk sound
and visual artist mark harris. back in the winter of 2010 he found
himself snowed-in due to a unusual flurry of extreme weather. finding
himself suddenly isolated in his studio he sat down and composed, in one
take, the main passage for 'an idea of north' which is very evocative of
his sense of isolation and the experienced weather patterns. taking this
passage as a jumping off point for further improvisations, which in
harris' words 'seamlessly merge together to give the impression of a
journey through various environments / landscapes (both physical and
emotional) gradually moving from the familiar to the more extreme /
isolated and 'darker' spaces and then gradually returning 'home' at the
end of the piece'. 'an idea of north / learning to walk' is mastered by
bobby bird (higher intelligence agency) and is a highly recommended
album for people that enjoy long form works of glacial ambient and
electro-acoustic intimacy.
price: euro 13,40. available: 14february2k12

HECQ. enceladus. 12". ad noiseam adn149
a follow-up of sort to 'sura', 'enceladus' is another evolution for
hecq: his pristine dubstep gets enriched here with even more
encompassing soundscapes and humane melodies. collaborating with skyence
on the title track, hecq has given birth to a very coherent record
mixing cinematic atmospheres, huge percussions and a light nod to retro
tonalities. add to this a mischievous crunk remix by knight riderz and a
dancefloor explosion by mobthrow, and you get a compact yet exhaustive
snapshot of hecq's unmissable talent.
price: euro 7,90. available: now !!!

12". ad noiseam adn155
four confirmed, veteran ad noiseam artists and a myriad of versions,
edits and corrections ping-ponged between all of them. 'existence' and
'obey' are the carefully laid-out, detailled and fresh results of
musicians having fun with each other's material and proving how at ease
they are with both dubstep and drum'n'bass. dj hidden's sharpness,
broken note's epic proportions, niveau zero's clever open-mindedness and
balkansky's meticulousness: yes they managed to pack all of this in
these two highly cohesive tracks. a must-have for anybody into any of
these acts.
price: euro 7,90. available: now !!!

special priced releases - new entries:

VROMB. rayons. cd. ant-zen act151
vromb's intention on 'rayons' is to translate several kinds of rays into
music – ranging from sunbeams to optical rays. so, 'rayons' can also be
seen as an aural sight-seeing tour. the 'speed' factor is that of a
person moving (whether by foot or in different vehicles). this movement
was transformed into rhythmic patterns. imagine the aural equivalent of
taking a walk during a thunderstorm ('éclairs') or feeling the sun
peaking through a clouded sky while window shopping ('boulevard'). all
sounds were generated with analog and digital synthesizers. the listener
might believe that they are hearing modulated samples but this is not
true. it is once again, an example of girard's virtuosity in creating
'naturalistic' soundscapes with pure electronic equipment. for the
images on the album cover, girard gave the photographer alain gauvin the
basic audio tracks for inspiration. the final musical structure on
'rayons' is based on inspirations from gauvin's pictures which were
taken in the montreal area. so close your eyes, let yourself go and feel
the rays coming out of your speakers.
price: euro 5,00. 

VROMB. rayons. 12" lp. ant-zen act151.1
vinyl version of act151.
price: euro 5,00. 

CELL AUTO MATA. the devil is in the detail. cd. ant-zen act155
after six years and several releases on different labels, matthieu maire
decided to cancel all activities that were executed under the celluloid
mata moniker. but it wasn’t his intention to end his musical activities
- something just had to change. as a member of the ant family he was in
contact with philipp münch (synapscape, ars moriendi and a solo artist
(rorschach garden)). mata decided to exchange musical ideas with philipp
and a new project was formed. a project that would include the creative
output of both musicians. hence, cell auto mata was created. maybe you
heard the first result on ant zen’s 'daruma' compilation and maybe you
wanted to get some more - well, here it is.  we proudly present cell
auto matas first full length release. the first impression you might
have while listening to this cd is that these are songs - not just
'tracks'. for instance, 'huevos de oro' or 'ish galil' are based on a
4/4 beat, melodies and even vocals – in other words they are structured
like a song.  but this isn’t pop; the industrial and technoid influences
of both members melt together and deliver music that is beyond a
listener’s expectations and previous listening experiences. the cd's
mood seems to be quite dark and serious at first, but as the title
implies: the devil is in the detail (and behind the surface). you need
more time for this record than you might initially think (also you need
time to check out all the nice little photos on the cover). those who
are familiar with both of the artist’s previous releases might be able
to identify the musical roots of this cd. such as the 'synapscape-ish'
sequencer treatments in 'gws hearse' or the 'surf-organ' on 'hipsters'.
nevertheless, this cd is an original and should not be seen as 'just
another collaboration'.  it should be heard as the debut album that it
actually is.
price: euro 5,00. 

ULTRA MILKMAIDS. pop pressing. cd. ant-zen act160
ultra milkmaids started in 1993 as a trio. the third member, oliver,
left the group in 1997 and the remaining brothers jan and rodolphe
turned the former punk/noise/ambient/rock formation into the
soundscape-oriented project we know today - take the 'peps' cd on duebel
or the 'disco_2k ep' vinyl on ant-zen for example. u.m. had already
announced 'pop pressing' in interviews: "maybe our music became more
'listenable'" -- they said. to answer the question "what do you mean,
listenable?" there was... "pop! rock! dance music! choose your own!"
maybe you think that u.m. is 'closing the circle' by returning to their
guitar-oriented roots but what we have here is not quite a circle  -
maybe it is an ellipsis? an egg? or something entirely non-geometric !
but let's be brief now: undeniably, 'pop pressing' is still the milkies
at their best. the first tracks contain the atmospheric soundscapes that
listeners of 'peps' are familiar with. pure electronica as it seems -
until 'go go...' where u.m. shows their virtuosity in creating these
soundscapes with flageoletted guitars, a short saxophone intercourse and
the usage of the good old analog delay every 80s-guitarist knows so
well... you are still reading and you are hopefully still listening -
but wait what is this?  it is track 10. if you already have the ant-zen
compilation 'daruma', 'my personal tv system won't be that surprising,
but if you don't - yes, this is still the u.m. psychedelia, but no, this
is not stereolab playing drums, electric bass and rhythm guitar - here
you will find the postrock-basics with the electronica add-ons,
perfectly combined. and if you liked the milkies' personal tv system,
you will love the final track of this album - an aural greeting from the
egg's top to sonic youth...
price: euro 5,00. 

VROMB. jeux de terre. 2x12" lp. ant-zen act161.1
vinyl version of ant-zen act161.
price: euro 5,00. 

BLACK LUNG. the grand chessboard. 12" lp. ant-zen act164.4
unlike the last black lung release, 'the sound of meat', david
thrussell's new opus is strictly instrumental - no voices will be heard
except for philipp glass-like samples on 'neither dominion nor
exclusion'. the grand chessboard's message: the united states’ "divide
and rule" strategy - as represented by z.brzezinski's quotes (which are
displayed in more detail on the record cover). this message is
subliminally transmitted through sound. the early description of black
lung's music, "ultra-distorted sound and darkest ambient", has become
quite obsolete. the music is less distorted and much more electronica
oriented. 'the grand chessboard' is a multilayered masterpiece with a
huge variety of rhythmic structures, subliminal dance tunes and
precisely set samples. which in turn makes this record a treasure chest
for all sound enthusiasts. lp with fullcolour-cover
price: euro 5,00. 

GENETIC SELECTION. orbital ground attack. cd. ant-zen act165
the one man project genetic selection, was founded in 2002 and in 2004
he will unleash the ‘orbital ground attack’ cd. it is the follow up to a
self-released demo cd-r that was released in 2003. this young artist has
only appeared live once and that performance caused enthusiastic
reactions from the audience and several label owners. we're proud to
present this debut full length cd on ant-zen. 'orbital ground attack' is
the proof that it isn't always necessary to re-invent the wheel. the
album’s experience is made up of 10 merciless, powerful
four-to-the-floor tracks with dominating rhythms, melodic synth layers
and economically placed samples - nothing more, nothing less. if you're
looking for references: tracks like 'sacrifice' and 'nemesis' seem to
hint that g.s. admires a distorted dj's recent work; on 'the day after'
and 'prepare for contact' there are slight similarities to ... so what ?
the difference between g.s.’s music and these (possible) reference
points is the harshness of the rhythm itself (without the over usage of
distortion). another g.s. trademark is the mounting tension within a
track - all done by utilizing rhythmical variations. 'orbital ground
attack' can be described as 'contemporary rhythmic industrial'. in
addition, this young artist isn't afraid of contemplating and processing
the influences of other musical genres. so prepare for battle, and don't
forget: the only good bug is a dead bug !
price: euro 5,00. 

SILK SAW. empty rooms. cd. ant-zen act166
all the tracks on this album are based on material composed especially
for a french play called ‘les chambres d’œdipe’, an adaptation of
hölderlin’s translation of ‘œdipus tyrant’, by sophocles. ‘les chambres
d’œdipe’ was performed in november 2003 and february 2004 at the théâtre
méga-pobec in evreux, france. the first performance took place at the
fear drop festival (les nuits de l’observatoire) and silk saw played
live for every performance. in order to achieve a proper life
independently of ‘les chambres d’œdipe’, most of the tracks were
strongly reworked at laboratoire central (some months after the
performances). if you never have the opportunity to watch the play don’t
worry - this soundtrack featured on this album speaks for itself. once
again, gabriel severin and marc medea lead the listener into a strange,
dark, and threatening parallel sound universe. if you are familiar with
silk saw’s former works you might be surprised by the unusual straight
ahead beats on track 1, but soon the typical silk saw-ish rhythmic
patterns take over. usually silk saw avoids the usage of voices but in
this production the sometimes manipulated embedded vocals compliment and
add to the soundscapes. also noticeable are the very strong sub-basses
and unusual (for silk saw) distorted noises which transform the
frightening and sometimes aggressive atmosphere into a climax. friedrich
hölderlin died after 35 years of psychic paralysis, do not forget this
while listening. packaging: jewelcase cd.
price: euro 5,00. 

L'OMBRE. simulations 2.0. cd. ant-zen act169
ant-zen presents stephen sawyer's follow-up to last years 'simulations
1.0'. once again, the listener dives into a strange parallel universe
that is populated by dark ambiences, paralyzing sub-basses and
cold-sounding rhythms. the rhythmic part of l'ombres’ work has also
increased and on 'simulations 2.0' you can find unusual references -
such as slow dark hop oriented beats and loops that are overlaid with
smooth synth soundscapes, soundtrackish samples and filter
manipulations. a perusal of the 7 remixes done by ab ovo, enduser, hecq,
mimetic, displacer and s:cage reveals reverberated distorted beats,
drum'n'bass / breakbeats or straight ambient polyrhythmic
percussion/synth lines - adding a stylistic diversity to l'ombres
‘simulations 1.0 and 2.0. packaging: gatefold sleeve w/ metallic paper.
price: euro 5,00. 

HYPNOSKULL. dark skies over planet e. cd. ant-zen act174
‘dark skies over planet e.’ contains no less but 16 groundbreaking new
tracks and an additional bonus 6-tracker ‘urban territory intruders’
featuring only collaboration tracks with the following projects:
defragmentation (usa), needle sharing (g),sickboy(b), the mike
vanraspaardenquartet (b), urban punk assassin (b) and actdramatik (b).
this album is the pearl on more than a decade of hypnoskull-activities
and is set to top even the highly rewarded ‘electronic music means war
to us’album. bringing once again a very eclectic mix of various
underground-electronic-astyles with a sharp edge, this album will please
both open-minded industrial as well as other audiences. the album also
includes the ‘100 test channels’track for whichhypnoskull asked 100
people to send in 5 seconds of audio. the result is a collection
offieldrecordings, sounds, noises from whole around the world in just
one track.
price: euro 5,00. 

MIMETIC DESIRE. sacred aim. dvd. ant-zen act175
mimetic is the solo project of jerome soudan - a drummer for european
industrial and experimental bands such as von magnet or column one. his
classical background is best seen by his playing of orchestral
percussion and computing pieces for contemporary music performances
(with art zoyd & kasper t.toeplitz). he has also composed music for
dance companies like ndt2 in the netherlands. in france, he wrote a
pre-thesis about industrial music for the university of lyon (1993).
also while in france he contributed to the industrial music scene by
organising festivals and concerts in paris. in addition he developed a
network for musicians in europe and he continued this network while
living in berlin. after several releases on various european labels,
mimetic has released his first dvd via a collaborative effort between
ant-zen and parametric. 'sacred aim' feeds the eyes with a big
collection of video clips that combine small scripts, visual effects,
flashing colors, black & white pictures, moving puppet animations and
more. this dvd follows mimetic's recent big tours in europa, u.s.a.,
canada and japan, in addition the dvd features bonus material -
including an interview, a documentary about his eastern european tour,
two concert tracks from canada, and some other special surprises. if you
are familiar with mimetic's powerful mix of electronica and beats,
symphonic textures and incredibly well-placed samples then you now have
the opportunity to stimulate your aural senses. if you are not familiar
then go discover an artist who is something else - a fine addition to
the audio & visual world of ant-zen. format: dvd-9 pal region free
price: euro 5,00. 

AXIOME. il pleut des cordes. 12". ant-zen act179
on september 9th 1999 the belgian alien axiome saw the light of day and
through the years his parents c-drik fermont and olivier moreau watched
it grow and grow - eventually becoming a unique creation far beyond his
relatives: imminent, delta files, c-drik or crno klank. axiome delighted
at home listeners and live crowds all over the world.  after the last
vinyl release on ant-zen there were lots of curious requests about a new
sign of life - well, here it is! if you once again expect merciless
breakbeat attacks and heavy noise experiments, you’re in the right
place. yes it indeed rains ropes, starting with a chaotic rhythmic
assault and irritating vocal manipulations, followed by a fast
straight-forward breakbeat rally combined with symphonic keyboard lines
- richard wagner on amphetamines. but you will lose your orientation in
the heavy rain when you try to follow the destructed loop variations and
changing beat patterns. turn over to side b - hey what do we have here?
it’s the beach boys - so maybe the rain will stop ? but no - poor brian
wilson, drowned in an ocean of rhythmic noise and loops (‘and you’ll
never hear surf music again’ - jimi hendrix). the rainfall expands more
and more, and it seems you’re lost in a thunderstorm of electronic
drums. while you desperately try to escape from this hellish flood the
rhythm becomes followable but stil contains breaks - and in the end the
droning synth promises sunshine - maybe… packaging: 12" cover-full
colour sleeve.
price: euro 5,00. 

MOCTAN. suspect. cd. ant-zen act180
andreas glöckner aka moctan (synthesizer, sampling and programming) has
been perfoming since 1994 in different guises and has supported various
industrial projects such as ars moriendi, asche, morgenstern and
monokrom. the most well-known project he's working in should be punch
inc., a rhythm-industrial project that has released several cd-rs and 2
full length albums. since 1998 he has been experimenting with electronic
dance music or to put it another way, he has been perfecting his
personal take on intense and explosive club-music - all under the moctan
moniker. the results were two self-released full length albums on cd-r
in 2002 and 2004. 'suspect' is strong technoid rhythmic industrial with
carefully placed samples, mildly distorted beats and sick synth lines -
which force the listener to groove. don't be irritated by the loopish
'just a trip' - the rhythmic outbursts start with 'good fellas'. except
for the 3/4 metres of 'ill' this cd is a merciless four on the floor
beat attack. the last beast 'no use' slows it down a bit; so that means
you should start it over again! once more this album proves that
bielefeld is a creative centre of contemporary industrial sound.
projects like asche set the pace, and if you like the 'distorted dj'
andreas schramm then you will just love andreas glöckner.
price: euro 5,00. 

IMMINENT / SYNAPSCAPE. the revenge of the incredible three. 7".
ant-zen act183.2
excerpt from mission report: '...el paso to valentine to del rio.
arrested three mexicans ... bootleggers. in absence of sheriff guarded
them till his return. to ensign. called by attack of musician during a
live concert. venue burned in fight. no arrests. brought musician to del
rio. prevented lynching of hip hop musician. arrested sheriff.
transferred hip hop musician to safe place. traced rumour of mexican
raiders operating on this side border. unfounded. arrested white man
with boatload of stolen musical tracks. chased an outlaw into mexico.
killed our horses. no arrest. nursed maltreated idm musician. got him
home over river. arrested four mainstream rock musicians for attacking
him. shot two ... not fatally. called to ensign. no arrest. recorded a
track. started with ambient synths. had to add broken beats and
distorted vocals, but had to keep the rhythm straight. to del rio.
arrested rioters in gambler's resort. chased them with posse. no
arrests. recorded a second track. had to add more distortion to this
one. decided to use a four-to-the-floor beat and a slide guitar. to
ensign, to cargo, to junction, to del rio after an outlaw and murderer
... was shot making arrest. jail torn down by his pals. wounded again in
fight. had to kill the outlaw....' - to be continued -. packaging: 7"
cover (special paper) + 3 postcards.
price: euro 1,80. 

IMMINENT / SYNAPSCAPE. the return of the incredible three. 7".
ant-zen act183.3
hunching his shoulders against the cold, pelting rain, phil slipped a
hand under his caped coat to assure himself that his spare pistol
remained in position. a sudden gust of wind rattled rain upon his
campaign hat and spattered his face and hands. desperately tired and
carrying the gnawing hunger from three missed meals, he glanced back
along the road at the scattered friends. they were an army no longer;
like himself they were just tired men returning to homes left long ago.
once they had marched with the proud steps of men with a mission to be
accomplished; now they plodded wearily, heads down against the rain,
thinking only of home. during one year of almost continual warfare with
comanches, kiowas, and border bandits. their fighting skills'
advancement was rapid, but now it was time to finish. the final part of
the mission showed once again what the incredible three stand for: a
fast, heavily distorted bassy beat track with tim on vocals and a slower
(but still harsh) piece with noisy synth and a fine melody - a glorious
last ride...
price: euro 1,80. 

BLACK LUNG. karmageddon. 12". ant-zen act184
following 'the grand chessboard' is david thrussell's next strike. it
seems pretty logical that a release dealing with the upcoming lack of
oil ressources is pressed onto vinyl - you know what vinyl is made of, -
don't you? 'the end of the world as we know it' as it is quoted in the
liner notes, seems to be a dance centered around a volcano and the
accent is on 'dance'. three rhythm-oriented tunes will immediately
overtake the listener's ears and feet - another well-known thrussell
tactic: give them a beat, add a melody line, refine the tracks with
sometimes pretty, sometimes threatening synthscapes - and invade their
brains with the message (the entire text by yves cochet can be found on
the cover)  - another masterpiece from the black lung mastermind. so it
seems that within ten years there will be a lack of vinyl ressources -
catch this one before it's too late! packaging: 12" cover (full colour
price: euro 5,00. 

GENETIC SELECTION. darwin's voyage. cd. ant-zen act185
in the year 2504 d.c. a non-human lifeform was found on a colonized
planet and was attacking the colonists. this creature was nearly
indestructible and the colonists sent an s.o.s. to earth... the entire
story in german can be read on the new genetic selection release's
cover. the creature itself, beautifully painted by michael hutter, is
part of this release's artwork and the music is an aural description of
the story's continuation... this concept album shows genetic selection's
musical improvement one year after 'orbital ground attack'. distorted
four-to-the-floor tracks are decisive, dark ambient soundscapes and more
complex structures have been added to the industrial basics, making this
cd a closed, unique step in genetic selection's evolution. 'if they want
to live, they'll have to use their heads before the bugs do!' (starship
troopers 2).
price: euro 5,00. 

SILK SAW. 8 reports. cd. ant-zen act186
8 reports is an album that can be seen as a conceptual work. eight
tracks (eight 'reports') about the current state of man and the planet
he lives on. however, there is more than enough room for
interpretations, personal additions and dissenting votes - marc medea
and gabriel severin do not agitate. they do allegorise though and when
asked they say 'we hope that people will see the humour inside those
reports - a humour you will find in samuel beckett's works for example.'
once again the two belgians easily create an aural sphere in which the
usual musical laws don't seem to exist, or don't seem to be useful. the
same can be said about time itself - a track's duration has no meaning
to the listener - time is suspended. some tracks seem to be geometric
but try listening to these backwards. the instruments, f.e.
synthesizers, 6-string bass guitar and drum computer, are treated in the
unusual silk saw way. none the less, you might notice that straight
forward rhythms are on the album - 'conductor' or 'faggoted' are good
examples. the quiet, dark 'sleep will come' sounds as the title implies,
and 'faceless' is something special: broken and un-metric beats. this
track is their most recent composition and maybe one of their best
tracks - so say the artists. a moody, mesmerizing release, another
planet in silk saw's universe.
price: euro 5,00. 

HYPNOSKULL. panik mekanik. cd. ant-zen act187
if hypnoskull's recent work could be defined in a word then
'diversification' would be the word. he has always been an open minded
human being and who collaborates with musicians of all genres. patrick
stevens has moved far beyond the 'hardcore' corset he is still
associated with. stevens' self-concept doesn't care about 'boundaries'
of any kind. 'panik mekanik' perfectly displays that there are no
reservations whatsoever in p.stevens' work. on this album you will find
a large variety of styles, ranging from heavy breakbeats and drum'n'bass
to dark hop and even ambient and soundtrackish tunes. but in each and
every note you recognize that it's the unmistakable hypnoskull. fast
break-attacks like 'the self detonation device' and 'in thee air' -
that's patrick as you might know him from his' high-energetic live
performances. 'mekanodruggembryo' or 'basement alpha mission triggerz'
show the dark, moody hypno-side - and these tracks only show a few
facets... it took a long process of selections, queries and adjustments
to finalize 'panik mekanik', but as always the effort was worth it - the
end result being a fantastic piece of work. this is undoubtedly the best
hypnoskull album so far - now it's your turn to evaluate!
price: euro 5,00. 

ULTRA MILKMAIDS. pocket station. cd. ant-zen act190
the ultra milkmaids can be found in unusual places: record stores,
stages, maybe even on video covers. the ultra milkmaids can also be
discovered in many record collections - if you file your records
alphabetically then all their records can be kept in one place. but if
you sort by genre... trouble may start. 'peps' for example will be
stored where all the 'difficult' stuff is - soundscapes, bits'n'clicks,
the 'new music' which is actually fifty years old now (if you know how
to spell 'pierre schaeffer') - but we zone out. 'pop pressing', well
that's another story. if you enjoyed that record then you will park it
not too far from your many stereolab and sonic youth albums. with this
release, u.m. has returned to the guitar-oriented basics they originally
started with in 1993 but now there is the addition of the experimental
sound modifications from the 'peps' days. this new release entitled
'pocket station' is the logical sequel to 'pop pressing'. the band
itself classifies the u.m. sound as 'hypnotic and melodic rock'n'roll' -
which might look a bit vexing. sure the instrumentation could be used by
a 'rock-and-roll-band': acoustic drums, electric guitars and bass.
however, the use of the sampler and gbf-moog system mentioned in the
booklet stops any comparisons to the rock genre. what we have here is a
truly fine mixture of post eighties experimental rock (in all its
varieties) - augmented with the sound ingredients the milkies are
well-known for. 'less drem' with it's long sallow synth line followed by
psychedelic backwards-guitars and irritating clicks is a perfect example
of u.m.'s ability to mold 'unreasonable' styles into one. there is
always a surprising continuation within their songs - 'my star' could be
a velvet underground cover (with the residents' vocalist as a guest),
but in the end the synth takes over - and believe me, this is not a
hawkwind tune... so try this release, let it take over. it might be
possible that you will discover new worlds by entering seemingly 'old'
ones. file this album wherever you like...
price: euro 5,00. 

GENETIC SELECTION. world of tomorrow. cd. ant-zen act195
two years have passed since genetic selection's last strike. the concept
album 'darwin's voyage' showcased the german oneman-project as an
open-minded artist who is an explorer of new musical territories.
futuristic sci-fi concepts combined with complex hard beats are his
trademarks and these are further refined with 'world of tomorrow'. on
this album, g.s. combines heavy rhythms with his interpretation of
various styles. hypnotic synth lines converge with pounding four to the
floor sequences, symphonic choirs ('epic dreams'), disturbing shattered
voice samples ('a man and his droid'), and electronic ambience
('whispers in the dark'). all of this (and more) is welded together with
straight but well elaborated drumwork (and breakbeats). in short, a
varied sound journey can be found within a 'world of tomorrow'. for
instance, in 'brotherhood of steel', g.s. presents a dance track with
vocals that could turn a discotheque into a starlight casino. another
great album by a real starship trooper who is back to squash some more
price: euro 5,00. 

DAVID THRUSSELL. the fetid fungi. book+cd. ant-zen act199
the fetid fungi is d.thrussell's second spoken word album. like 'the
voices of reason' it can not be seen as an 'audio book'. thrussell with
a dark haunting voice speaks about mushrooms, diseases of civilization,
the impact of machines on man, fear, and harassments. these
illuminations are accompanied by soundscapes which are also used to
introduce and to mesmerize the listener. 'ringtone', which can also be
watched as a short film, is a modern adaptation of e.a.poe's 'the
tell-tale heart'. in this version, technology has replaced the function
of the human organ. the 52-page book (21x21cm) features many astounding
full page and full colour illustrations (drawings, etchings and prints -
none ever seen before) drawn from the dark resesses of thrussell's
nightmare world. the images are chilling yet strangely mirthful. enjoy
this release if you can - and watch out for the boiled flying saucers on
your dinner plate!
price: euro 5,00. 

ORPHX. circuitbreaking. 12" lp. hymen ¥047
a ph.d. candidate in environmental politics at toronto’s york
university, rich oddie revels in the interplay between politics, theory,
and music, and plies all three into the fabric of his new album for
hymen, circuitbreaking. hymen will release two versions: the full-length
cd will include 10 tracks, where the arrangement consists of thematic,
melody-driven pieces punctuated by precision experimental electronics
that range in timbre from the textural calamities of akira rabelais and
autopoieses’ noise patterns to the tone-pulse configurations of ryoji
ikeda and carsten nicolai’s microtonal minimalism. titled “circuit I -
V,” these almost interstitial pieces buffer stark, techno-infused tracks
like “signal to noise,” which with its riveting electro overtones and
ceaseless crisp bass pulses brashly acknowledges its debt to the detroit
underground. “simulacra” and “simulacrum” share strong ties to laptop
glitch and rhythmic noise, both spinning around a shared sequence of
unchanging tone sounds and downtempo industrial beats. and if one track
on circuitbreaking wears its political orientation on its sleeve, it’s
“critical mass,” a martial beat pattern with jeering crowd noise that’s
equal parts berlin techno and “join in the chant” by nitzer ebb. as full
of musical variety as it is, circuitbreaking nevertheless succeeds in
conveying a singular conceptual theme, one which lies at the heart of
people’s connections with one another. hymen encourages you to perform
your own circuitbreaking wherever and whenever the need arises.
price: euro 5,00. 

SOMATIC RESPONSES. pounded mass. 12" lp. hymen ¥048
for those rubberheads who consider somatic responses to be idm - thanks
in part to their melodically brilliant 2002 album for hymen, touching
the void - take heart: pounded mass stylistically name checks your idm
and experimental electronic icons like aphex twin, squarepusher, and lee
norris. somatic responses’ john healy and paul healy also have a message
for these folks: rethink that tag. pounded mass is one acerbic noise
assault after another, the kind that will make most fans of twee synth
tunes soil themselves. “we've taken a harder stance for this lp, as the
title suggests,” says john. “i think that we were categorized as idm for
a bit, which we never really understood…so we've applied a few good
measures of distortion, et cetera to this release. there's much more of
a mixed bag in this release…”. on “go off,” the welsh brothers healy
crank up the somatic responses style of electro-mechano breakcore
ferocity that would otherwise plant pounded mass firmly in the realm of
xanopticon or orphx. then there’s the aptly-titled “the day idm crawled
up its own arse,” which john says is “a simple statement of what we
think of the elitist and good old-fashioned cock-head idm producers.”
hymen sincerely hopes you “feel the love” on somatic responses’ pounded
price: euro 5,00. 

SOMATIC RESPONSES. giauzar. 12" lp. hymen ¥053
somatic responses have become a household name in experimental
electronic music by reanimating classic electronic music styles with
distortion and tempo to create a new futuristic sound. this album,
dedicated to the memory of their father john healy, ranges between dark
rhythmic downtempo pieces ('b boy 3000), hard-driven broken beats
('shell') and threatening, soundtrackish electro-ambience which evokes
the memory of john carpenter as viewed through bullet-shattered glass
('heliuminum'). somatic responses puts you into a swirling bed of synth
clouds while producing an album which proves that ruptured hard-drives
of broken-beated chaos can still elicit emotions beyond those of a
confused tedium. diversified and ingenious is the best way to describe
this new album. an album which leaves you breathless.
price: euro 5,00. 

XANOPTICON. psicicite. 12" lp. hymen ¥054
ryan friedrich is known from his first release 'azif' in 2002. breakcore
addicts who were familiar with sound-cut masters like venetian snares
were impressed: ryan went far beyond the above-mentioned by building up
walls of snippets (sometimes lasting less than half of a second) into
sheer break-noise mayhem. hymen records’ first xanopticon record
'liminal space' was a compact, ultra-fast, stunning roll block of sound
that left the listener nailed to the wall. three years later,
'psicicite' has the same ingredients that xanopticon is known for -
microscopic synth tones, noises, samples - and of course beats. ryan has
forced these bits, pieces and breaks into a metric corset. the four
tracks are straight and fast, with a sound structure that changes every
second. there is not time to take a breath between the attacking drums -
nevertheless there are well placed pauses which result in a stunning
dynamic range. in short, a work of complexity and dramatic art.
price: euro 5,00. 

END.USER. left. 2x12" lp. hymen ¥055
end.user is one of the cornerstones of the modern eclectic electronic
music. releases across many platforms have built him into a juggernaut.
a usually prolific artist, having recorded for hymen, ad noiseam,
sublight, cargo, and many others, he took 2007 off, working on something
very special: his debut on ohm resistance and the 2x12" vinyl version on
hymen records. having relocated to san francisco, a new lease on his
creative power is demonstrated adroitly over the entire album. left
shows the most range of end.users album making career. intensely
personal, intensely musical, and just plain intense at points, the album
showcases a spectacular array of skills across the board. from radio
play material (black light) with australian vocalist sol thomas, to
collaborations with and remixes by influential electronic acts like
scorn, to absolutely stunning, no boundaries drum n bass, the album is
diverse and full of powerful compositions. compelling from start to
finish, left is the culmination of more than a year's work. this vinyl
version contains six tracks that can be found on the cd release,
including the black light remix by scorn. furthermore there are two
re-edits on side d which are vinyl-only tracks!
price: euro 5,00. 

IMMINENT. cask strength. 12". hymen ¥056
5 track vinyl excerpt from ant-zen act239.
price: euro 5,00. 

SNOG. beyond the valley of the proles. 2x12" lp. hymen ¥406
david thrussell’s snog project has always been a meme complex - a series
of critical cultural concepts that suggest an alternative worldview is
necessary. yet the composition of its payload has shifted into a far
more seductive form than it’s ever been before. once a harsh,
post-industrial harbinger of the western world’s cultural and economic
imperialism, snog is now simply western. sorta. beyond the valley of the
proles leverages the anthemic sagas of johnny cash, roger miller and
johnny horton - the hard-strummed western epics of the 1950s - in
turning out superb moments of social commentary on a post-pop chassis.
in crafting an entire album of richly detailed western ambient and
broken beat grooves, snog has raised the bar far above the
confrontational, one-dimensional message music of consolidated or the
sample-collage and noise terrorism of the beta bodega label. beyond the
valley of the proles is electro-western manna for progressive political
consciousness. why snog is now all western and not the ebm or machine
noise of the excellent 1999 album, third mall from the sun, is a long
story, says thrussell. “the short answer is that beyond is where i'm at
right now. i don't want any distance; i want the ‘message’ upfront -
clothing with some sincere attempt at emotion and communication.” the
message of beyond the valley of the proles is if nothing else a
smoldering bitterness about the deplorable state of popular and
socio-corporate culture. thrussell plies his maple-coated baritone voice
- akin to leonard cohen, the the’s matt johnson, or even the church’s
steve kilbey - over jangling western melodies and crisp percussion to
decry mass consumption (“fill my hole”) and soul-crushing careerism
(“businessman”). "the master," with its strident low guitar and
cavernous electronic ambience, will make you feel like you’re in the
front row of hell’s main theater with johnny cash as the opening act. as
on previous snog albums, there’s one gem that always stands out, and on
beyond the valley of the proles it’s the stunning “into the light,” an
eloquent revelation of what happens when modern society’s macabre
machinations transmogrify human compassion into zealous terrorism and
mass violence. to be sure, beyond the valley of the proles is pure snog:
insightful odes with a healthy dose of humor to go along with the
cultural criticism. beyond the valley of the proles is therefore the
quintessential snog album - if not for the music than at least for its
name. “a friend of mine said it was the best title for the album because
he thinks i'm pretty much a cross between george orwell and an anarchic
russ meyer,” says thrussell with no small amount of glee, “which i took
as a supreme compliment.”. the vinyl version includes all cd tracks plus
the bonus vinyl entitled 'your favourite electro folk swingers',
featuring remixes by end, black lung, shaolin wooden men and others.
price: euro 5,00. 

OVE-NAXX. massive swingin' mpc2000. 10". hymen ¥412
little is known about ove-naxx, a mysterious and extremely talented
young musician from japan's highly-evolved electronica scene. when asked
for biographical materials, he simply replies: 'dirty monkey from osaka
japan'. ove-naxx is pioneering a delirious take on raggamuffin drum &
bass and post-modern nipponese pop. catchy synth melodies buzz inside
fast-moving thickets of percussion. reggae and video-game music are an
obvious influence, as are japanese harmonic systems. the overall sound
can be compared to artists such as venetian snares, dj /rupture, or
squarepusher, but ove-naxx's superb production has a voice all its own.
since 2002 he has produced well-received releases such as an ep on dj
/ruptures soot label and a split album with fellow breakcore prankster
jason forrest. for hymen records, massive swingin' mpc2000 is a quite
unusual release: the format (our first 10"), the artwork (check it out
on your own!) and also the sound itself. straight beats are
combined/compromised by sudden breaks, randomly-set little melodies,
easy-listening rip offs, funk guitars, jazzy bass lines and voice
samples (you will never will know where they're from)... it sounds
crazy, but hell ove knows what he's doing - 'ccccssss' is a perfect
example: low-fi keyboards meet high tight straight beats that mesh with
a ragga-voice - it will work perfectly for a party at 4:00 a.m.. the
tracks are 'selected tunes from 2003-2005', as ove says: a truly fine
selection, a very unique record, a pleasant time is guaranteed for all -
price: euro 5,00. 

TONIKOM. epoch. cd. hymen ¥761
tonikom started as tonik in 2002, releasing several now-deleted cd-rs
and changed the name to tonikom in 2006, documented in the album title
'tonikom killed tonik'. after two self-released albums, 'epoch' sees the
light of day on hymen records - some kind of a logical conclusion;
besides the aphex twin, meat beat manifesto, underworld, the orb and
leftfield she also names hymen records' artist beefcake as one of her
influences. 'epoch' is an enthralling mixture: the melodic richness of
idm meet straight d'n'b/breakbeat rhythms, electronic and acoustic
instrumentation is enriched with well-placed sampling, sequenced
patterns keep embedded ambient soundscapes together, supplemented by
power and intensity known from other electronic sub-genres. a
diversified, innovating, truly epoch-making release.
price: euro 5,00. 

SNOG. the last days of rome. cd. hymen ¥763
just when you thought contemporary music had nothing new and exciting to
offer here come snog to save the day!!! after almost forty live dates
around the usa, europe, russia and australia in 2006 snog return to the
recording studio in 2007 (unlike the romans of which they sing)
victorious. ‘the last days of rome’ - is it leonard cohen (with its
perversely apocalyptic lyric and delivery) or is it public enemy (with
its slinky hip-hop beat and grinding guitar motif)? or is it even a male
version of goldfrapp, concerning moody electro-psychedelica? well, what
it really is, is something completely new! sliding between genres like
they slip between hot-tubs ‘the last days of rome’ is dark, powerful and
totally catchy, a sleek meaningful beast. produced by the calculators
(the faint, adalita and many others) and featuring the sweet voice of
mr. royce doherty, the collapse of civilization has never been this
groovy before! the album opens with the epic majesty of 'one grain of
sand', an ode to the pyramid builders of ancient egypt and an excellent
place to begin our journey. our title track follows with its grinding
beats and tumultuous slave-galley motifs. the third track on the album
'lost at sea' tells the quaint tale of a group of reckless pirates who
jettison their map overboard and find themselves perilously close to the
rocks. will they survive ...or will that hungry maiden the ocean devour
them? again any fevered imaginings of a comparison to current events
would be the height of foolishness. track four 'it's all lies' bears no
connection to today's responsible global citizens known as the mass
media conglomerates, instead it is a parable told from the point of view
of a roman centurion who witnesses the dust of an enemy infantry
approach but dare not believe the end is nigh. 'city' does not carp on
about contemporary urban alienation and disenfranchisement but actually
tells the heroic story of those visionaries who built the great middle
ages city of london out of the most picturesque pre-loved timber
available and cluttered its streets with refuse in a bold attempt to
kick-start what is today known as urban renewal. and so it goes. other
highlights include the heartfelt metropolitan psalm 'christmas everyday'
and the tender down-under nursery rhyme 'go to sleep (little
australia).' all these pieces are skilfully presented in the agitated
and rhythmic manner that today's youth find so attractive yet they are
also carefully crafted so as to never actually say anything at all thus
avoiding any needlessly dangerous or uncomfortable moments. adding to
the celebratory atmosphere is an extrordinary down tempo remix by uk
electro legend sir real, followed by four acoustic tunes snog are
well-known for since 'travel sickness', and finished with 'a nation at
war', a true conclusion to an album like this by a band like this.
packaging: digipak.
price: euro 5,00. 

BUBBLE GUM. s/t. 7". bazooka joe bubble7inch3
four electronic kraftwerkish italo-electro pop tunes from a new spanish
project with female vocals. limited 300 copies.
price: euro 1,80. 

JONNI MOGUL. betcha bootz. 7". bazooka joe bubble7inch5
you have already heard some great 7"es by sensational british 70s/80's
retro-electro duo mogul, such as the recent 'rotunda' ep on elefant.
'i`m going pop now i`m solo, and will have big hits,stuff indie music
it`s rubbish' (jonni mogul) - well, 'betcha bootz' is the first official
release for jonni as 'jonni mogul', continuing bazooka's consequent
research for what we call 'hits'- ride the rodeo !!!! the red vinyl
single will be backed with 'el chupacabra', the mythological name for
the mexican goat-sucker - a four-fanged, red-eyed creature which drank
live goats' blood, plus that of the odd mexican resident (see x-files
episode 'el mundo gira' for more). 'el chupacabra' is an instrumental
track, so jonni says, with (quote) 'a mad latino sample going 'eh eh
chupa-chupacabra he he'. yi-haaa !
price: euro 1,80. 

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN. the toy factory. cd. bazooka joe bubble9
it has been two years since rorschach garden’s last album, 'our japanese
friends', but the world is still enjoying their mixture of danceable
beats, charmful melodies and unique vocals. the music hits the listener
right in the centre of their heart. it also seems that the italian
division of ford thought the same thing - an excerpt from 'robot song'
was chosen as a soundtrack for a ford fiesta tv ad. now here is trg's
long-awaited follow-up: the cd presents fourteen new tracks (except the
entirely re-recorded'society'). 'life is a combat' starts up with a
bang: darrin huss (psyche) is the vocalist and interprets philipp
münch's lyrics brilliantly. on 'l'homme deconnecté', french independent
legend charles de goal is the guest vocalist (he also wrote the lyrics).
btw this is a nice example of what myspace is good for - the contact
between charles and trg was initiated by a friend add! with 'the toy
factory' trg delivers a contemporary masterpiece of electro-pop without
any 'revival' clichés. some of the tracks have already garnered cheerful
comments when they were played live and the album will definitely elate
the rorschach-fanbase. welcome to the toy factory!
price: euro 5,00. 

RASPUTEEN. die segnungen der neuzeit. cd. bazooka joe bubble11
rasputeen (former rasputin) released his first works on the small
bielefeld-based sub.ver.siv-label. although the firstling's pressing was
rather low, his catchy electronic minimalist beats combined with
inimitable german lyrics caused many people's attention. in 2004
belarussian label invasion wreckchords caught fire, and so the full-time
album 'das leberwurstbrot' was published, followed by 'gegen die wand'
two years later. by the time of the second full-length, rasputin decided
to change his name to rasputeen to avoid political misconceptions. what
you're about to hear on 'die segnungen der neuzeit' is a mixture of
minimal electro pop and eighties-style sequences, with a slight splash
of industrial. once asked about musical influences, raputin mentioned
projects like der plan, cabaret voltaire, max goldt and palais
schaumburg - take this direction, add the pumping sex-beats of
deutsch-amerikanische freundschaft and top everything with a
mesmerizing, distinctive voice - that's the music. rasputeen's
inspirations are taken from everyday life, media, the unexpected,
surprises and more. what makes him a one-of-a-kind artist is his ability
to turn everyday occurences to the adventures and nightmares they
actually are - social exclusion ('ein perfider plan', 'maria dolores' -
btw an amazing cover of manuel & pony's 1979 smash-hit 'das lied von
manuel'), abuse of credulity ('schlag auf den kopf'), a head forester as
an example of intimate disturbance ('das lied vom oberförster'), social
degeneration in a consumer society ('weihnachtsfreuden', 'geil!') - but
the messages are so nicely displayed you might not realize their
seriousness. so as you listen to rasputeen who is accompanied by
rasputeenette you might happily sing along, enjoy this great album - and
rasputeen's subliminal mission will start to work...
price: euro 5,00. 

GRKZGL. esque. 3" cd. angle records a.r.03.01
first release of the .angle.records. label in the 3" mini-cd format!
this format lends itself well to the implementation of a maximum of
ideas within a minimum of space. clocking it at under 20 minutes on the
cd player, this release proposes a journey that is indeed short but full
of variations. here is an excellent introduction for this promising
artist from montreal. grkzgl (pronouced ‘grak-siggle’), once known under
various other names, comes from many horizons at the same time.
influenced by the post-industrial universe as well as the minimal or
noisy avant-garde, grkzgl strings 6 pieces together, which represent so
many micro adventures, interrelated and presented in an uninterrupted
fashion, the whole forming an entity driven by multiple jolts. his
ingredients? spacious ambiences, cracklings originating from everywhere
and nowhere, short-circuits, underlying hummings, psychoactive noise
…one already feels, upon the first moments, the presence of each of the
many sound components which will compose this mini-album. except that in
the very beginning, each one goes its own way …and very soon, the unison
happens, all particles and corpuscles meet with each other and, in
concert, all those elements lay the foundations, terribly structured and
chaotic at the same time, of a universe that is whacked-out but full of
a constant lucidity and direction. the various preferred sound sources
of the artist are, of course, triturated and recycled in a peculiar way,
resulting in organic abstractions that are carefully thought out,
evocative, evolutionary and saturated.
price: euro 3,80. 

LCEDP. de l'utilite des convoyeurs. cd. angle records a.r.05.03
ever entered one of those old abandoned factories at night, wandering
through its long desolated vintage hallways, discovering rusty machines
put to a permanent idle state against their will, hearing your footsteps
resonating around you towards infinity, up to the high arched ceilings
of the engine room, hearing the distant sound of the water dripping
slowly on the floor, having the feeling of breaking a near silence full
of secrets and long lost memories? like a sanctuary, the abandoned
building unfolds its secrets one by one, revealing the true beauty that
is hidden in its decaying walls, pipes, equipment…beauty in decay, as da
vinci would have possibly called it. here lies a broken conveyor; there,
hidden behind some monstrous crucible surrounded by sparse metal
objects, one can see the entrance to a deep basement that seems to
remain untouchable and totally shrouded in darkness even when one uses
the most powerful torchlights …you gotta watch your step, as some stairs
are missing and, down in the basement, the floor is punctuated with
black holes leading to god knows where…but the reward is priceless. an
intimate meeting with the very soul of the building and its
yet-to-be-captured, redefined and recontextualized memories… coming from
the speedcore/hardcore area of electronic music, montreal’s lcedp now
delves into the world of rhythm’ n’ noise. his first cd creation, de
l'utilité des convoyeurs, takes up where urban exploration leaves off,
and strives to return all that decaying matter…to life. a vibrant life,
a powerful cry of joy, sadness, anger and bliss altogether. the machines
are operational again, and they have a lot to say. lcedp listened to
their message and translated it into his elegant yet stormy and abrasive
musical style. the result, you hold in your hands. noisy and punchy and
ultra rhythmic, with a few more introspective and abstract moments …21
impressions transcoded by lcedp + 1 additional impression revised by
orphx. grey sleeve with tone-on-tone embossed patterns and insert. 500
copies. mastering by metarc. artwork by maria chronopoulos. source
photos by lcedp.
price: euro 4,60. 

NOS ROYAUMES. l'antichambre. 7". angle records a.r.07.01
before running aground onto the shores of a minimal, somber, muffled and
textured electro with strains that are nevertheless poetically
devastating, the creator behind the montreal project nos royaumes
flirted with the uneven terrains of rhythmic noise, pure noise, hard ebm
and a zillion other sonic outlets, under various names.  it is, however,
with the founding of its current project that he proudly delivers us his
first official release, which is the result of months, even years, of
experimentation, discovery and refining. the enriched synthesis made by
nos royaumes with his first 2-track 7 inch single, « l’antichambre »,
brings us to a crossing of the different roads the creator followed in
his many experimentations and sonic discoveries in recent years, to a
place where the demarcation line between old-school industrial, dark
ambient, narrative paths not spelt out and recursive bruitism takes on
blurred and original shades. nos royaumes demonstrates, with the two
monumental tracks of his first release, that oppressing ambiences can
easily go together with enveloping atmospheres.
price: euro 4,60. 

15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO. between checks and artillery, between work and
images. 10".
angle records a.r.10.03
a trio from san francisco composed of daniel blomquist, mark wilson and
michael addison mersereau, 15 degrees below zero, with previous releases
in cd or cdr format on the force of nature and crunch pod labels, brings
us their first production in vinyl format. it is comprised of 2
exclusive tracks, on 10 inch vinyl (45rpm), released on the montreal
based label .angle.rec., still fond of the vinyl disc. 2 tracks which
suggest an even more brilliant and exploded future for this exploratory
vehicle born on the ashes of the famous imperial floral assault unit
project. the trio’s most recent cd, ‘under a morphine sky', offered a
well-balanced perspective between improvisation and composition, a sound
alchemy that is realized without any pretension under a purple and…of
course… morphined sky. power-electronics in symbiosis with dark-ambient
in symbiosis with guitar-noise in symbiosis with various layered and
shifting acoustic and electronic elements …the result and the overall
feel were stunning. this 10incher is the log ical follow-up to the
madness. 2 face(t)s, 2 slices of life. a side, ‘kronos', proposes us a
guitar-based canvas with multiples effects and spacious microworlds,
with an accelerating insanity and intensity, an 8-9 minute segment which
flies like the wind. it can also be considered as an extrapolation on
the last minutes of ‘the returning', found on b side; ‘the returning'
begins with an epic lo-fi martial/neoclassical/doom segment but rather
soon, haunting post-rock/shoegaze guitar based structures come to occupy
the main stage, and the power electronics segment also turns up very
quickly following that, the whole being accomplished with a constant
mastery and concern for texture. it is chaotic, foggy buy damned melodic
and moving …and it does not stop gaining in intensity. towards the final
segment, we have samples and then a melodic guitar-based motif with a
healthy dose of echo, which reverberates while consuming itself, till
the end … 15dbz has crazy surprises in store for us. discover why, now.
many ambiences and textures on this 10" remind us of the reasons why we
got interested, in the first place, in various ’nocturnal' and/or
’subterranean' musical universes. the beauty of it all is that here,
everything is presented in condensed fashion. 2 tracks which fly too
fast despite their relative length. another welcome add to the
.angle.rec. vinyl series.
price: euro 5,30. 

THE MISSING ENSENBLE. hidden doors. cd. angle records e.q.05.01
three sonic trajectories which tie and untie. three creative entities to
orchestrate the whole. john sellekaers (xingu hill, dead hollywood
stars), daniel de los santos (tamarin) and mathias delplanque (lena,
bidlo) open us the door to a universe whose maze conceals a multitude of
other doors. some are half-open, others are closed and many are, at
first sight, invisible. as we explore further, we must let those secret
doors some time to take shape, to reveal themselves…and it will then be
possible to fix our attention on various aspects of the sound labyrinth
that is presented to us, to come and go while letting ourselves be
carried by the waves and the modulations, which then become our
exploratory vehicle and form one body with us in the journey…indeed,
many doors are hidden, but they are awaiting to be discovered,
probed…behind them, fullness or emptiness… or an indefinable
intermediate state… here, john sellekaers, daniel de los santos and
mathias delplanque have concocted a sound fabric which explores the
tangents uniting or dissociating ‘lowercase sound’, drone and dark
ambient. where does each of those styles start, where does it end? no
one could tell...nevertheless, hidden doors brings its share of
answers…in a very personal way: lots of textures, palpable ambiences,
subtle drifts. the whole is produced in an elegant and stylish fashion.
mastered by john sellekaers @ metarc. limited to 500 copies / deluxe
digifile sleeve + booklet containing short stories by brian evenson and
mathias delplanque / cover art by ray caesar / design by nosr.
price: euro 5,30. 

IGOR KRUTOGOLOV. wardrobe. cd. auris media aum003
this is the first solo work of igor krutogolov (of 'kruzenshtern &
parohod'). 'wardrobe' is the soundtrack to the unpublished movie by
yamamoto hiromi & takayuki iwasawa. this is the spontaneous minimalistic
acoustic avant-garde as it is: soft ambient sound, acoustic guitars,
cello, strange voices, whistles, rustles, handbells, noises, vocal
murmurs... great and innovative work.
price: euro 5,00. 

AH CAMA-SOTZ. blood will tell. cd. bats & cats bc07
hidden inside a gorgeously designed black and red cover lies a book with
stories, told by the master of creepy bedtime narrations: ah cama-sotz.
like other ah cama-sotz' albums 'blood will tell' is a narrative album
covering the orient, the middle-east, the unknown and the unspoken.
eleven tracks ranging from dark ambient soundscapes to pounding dance
floor fillers. and still the master succeeds in covering all those
different styles in between without breaking the continuous drive he is
so famous for. cardboard foldout sleeve with embossed red metallic foil
print. silver metallic cardboard inner sleeve with embossed acs logo.
price: euro 10,00. 

TELEPHERIQUE. musique montage. cd-r. blade records wmda075
another album from the well-known german project. rhythmic and danceable
but also a little more experimental. cardboard-packaging, limited 200
copies. cd-r release.
price: euro 7,20. 

TELEPHERIQUE. zivilisatose. cd. diophantine discs n=14
zivilisatose represents the culmination of telepherique's twenty-year
career. having explored all throughout the realms of industrial,
ambient, rhythmic noise, and field recordings, telepherique has created
a distinct sound which manifests itself in new and unique ways on each
release. with zivilisatose we are mesmerized by flowing and mysterious
ambience, and challenged by unusual rhythms and noises. this, a very
personal cd to telepherique, is also their final full-length recording.
since 1989 telepherique (and its various side-projects) have released
nearly one hundred releases, beginning with many cassettes on their own
drahtfunk-products label. with subsequent releases on such labels as
ant-zen, g.r.o.s.s., noise museum, sssm, and afe, their work received a
wide exposure. in addition to solo recordings, they have released
numerous collaborations and splits with artists such as contagious
orgasm, msbr, ultra milkmaids, brume, aube, m.b., de fabriek, and roger
rotor. zivilisatose also features artwork by tj norris. housed in a
custom printed color wallet with 4-panel insert. edition of 500 copies.
price: euro 7,20. 

SPIES. notinism. cd. flatline null10
'spies' is a french based multimedia activists with an untamable desire
to reach music in a global way. they disregard trends and ages, in order
to acquire science and different forms of evolution. an endeavour to
develop the interaction of music with other forms of expression such as
image, video, decoration, theater and human sensitiveness... the main
inspiration source for this project are emotions and experimentations,
incorporating experiences which they collected during numerous live/dj
sets on all continents. they work with deep musical atmospheres and
evoke a field of vision, based on the 'notinism'  with an ambition not
to join a specified style or scene. spies go through trends and are
always mutable, comparable to their patrons juno reactor which already
brought them an introduction and a successful debut in japan last year.
their first chapter 'notinism' is a conceptual album. a mankind painting
himself through his different states of mind, expressed with musical and
visual illustrations of hope, desire, fear and doubt. more than one hour
of a musical story in which electro, psychedelic techno, ethnic,
middle-age, post classical and ambient atmospheres join together to
create a sort of imaginary sound movie. upfront there will be with a 12
inch vinyl featuring remixes by tim schuldt and kris kylven (killing
joke, eon project, faithealers) and completed in winter 2001, with the
'' dvd. spies' live action is a performance flirting with
the world of multimedia. somewhere between movie projection and musical
theater, playing live with all human senses between reality and fiction.
spies is aware of the therapeutic nature of making and listening to
music. through that enjoyment they want to express and evoke such an
effect and pass it on to the people. it is their greatest source of
therapy, and their greatest means of expression, music for what it is,
with it's curative effect ... and besides there are still a lot of
demons to be exorcised…..
price: euro 2,90. 

KYBERNAUGHTY. obiekt. cd-ep. flyco flyco2k12
first there was sight, then there was sound. recycling and resampling
visual input into stereo output - open your ears, and you shall see. no
straight line, no black and white but what’s in between and beyond.
obiekt - a prototype aural painting, the madman’s brush on a canvas of
sound. a sonic sculpture chiseled out of marble noise. who is he that
claims to achieve such a feat? obiekt employs disruptive technologies
that send ripples down the innovation cycle. each track is an effort in
simultaneous horizontal and vertical integration: just as you may notice
distinct patterns of change that occur over the length of a track, a
struggle between individual layers of sound is evident. focused on core
competence, each track is built around a drum / bass pattern, with each
loop and chop being selected after careful study of industry benchmarks.
the rest is outsourced to a sonic case generator. fed random pieces of
audio material, it distills all the non - percussive elements of a
track. cd gatefold sleeve.
price: euro 5,00. 

END. the sounds of disaster. cd. ipecac ipc49
the sounds of disaster document the past few years of end’s life. a time
of shootings, home invasions, and near fatal accidents. outrageous,
epic, nihilistic, and absurd, the sounds of disaster is the soundtrack
to a world of b-movie fantasies where hydrogen bombs, hippie death
cults, subway-dwelling zombies, cannibal midgets, and legions of
homicidal madmen all run rampant. while end's first release
science/fiction was filled with spooky space themes, this recording is
on a totally different planet. sure, there are recognizable moments -
surf rock guitars, crazed breakbeats, cop show riffs, theremins and
moogs, screaming choirs, horn sections, spy music, japanese noise, scat
vocals.... but they’ve all been forced together into a frenzied mass as
catchy as it is schizophrenic. there are jump-up-and-down rock numbers,
sitar spaghetti westerns and even apocalyptic sing alongs. not for the
feint of heart, this is the musical equivalent of a car crash. 11
essential anthems for your own personal apocalypse. this cd version of
hymen records' ¥049 contains 2 extra tracks.
price: euro 5,00. 

PBK / TELEPHERIQUE. noise-ambient connection. cd.
monochrome vision mv22
noise music exists for many years, but there are still some individuals
who are assiduously following their own approach, avoiding any external
influence, creating something new and inspiring to get rid of any
standards, giving us  the idea of unique sounding. phillip b. klingler
(pbk) is the one such musician. in his 20 years of activity, he walked
against the number of noisescapes, painting them over with some secret
traces of beauty and beyond. he released some solo works but also
collaborations with dirk serries (vidnaobmana), slavek kwi (artificial
memory trace), asmus tietchens, jeph jerman (hands to) and even artemy
artemiev (the son of famous russian ans-synth explorer). pbk proposes
premium quality music with manifold edges: some hypnotic ambient pieces,
some crazy noise collages, but mostly just unclassifiable abstract sound
sculptures. his early works were released on tapes by his own pbk
recordings label and sold out for many years, in the early 90s n d
records published his first couple of cds: endless labyrinths of
dissonances, amorphous soundscapes unfolding from  the complex schemes
of machine improvisation and stochastic processes. telepherique is the
seminal german project existing since the late 80s and exploring the
grey area of the electronic underground. the main person behind it is
klaus jochim who also was responsible for now defunct tape label
drahtfunk productions. besides his own production under various monikers
like technostria and das konzentrat, he released some great
collaboration tape albums with artists like brume, kapotte muziek,
s.core, tesendalo, de fabriek etc. telepherique uses a lot of synthetic
sound sources and sequences, creating unsettling atmosphere from the
structured electronic patterns ranging from intense rhythmic work to
creepy ambient out-of-body soundscapes. they got initial support from
labels like ant-zen and noise museum, later released some albums through
old europa cafe, s.s.s.m., afe records and waystyx. the name
telepherique means "funicular railway" in french, but indirectly also
the intention gaining a view from a higher level. this particular album
is the first ever collaboration between pbk and telepherique, it
represents yet another breakthrough in the search for a music that is
comprehensively exploring 21st century ambient music.
price: euro 7,20. 

HINSIDAN. god is in the details. boxset. phisteria phi002/3cd
hinsidan are back after their praised debut ep 'we're sick ov your
violence' (realler 2003). they return with two full albums 'music for
ghosts' & 'god is in the details’ - to be released as a limited double
cd box-set with 10 artprints on march 7th 2005. music for ghosts
emphatizes the essence of the bands aesthetic diverse expressions, that
breaks - one after the other of electronic musics unwritten laws - not
for breaking, but because they think different. music for ghosts is on
one hand, cold with an eerie alienation of human emotions, where
feelings are ghostly & transparent, where communication (atish's
original lyrics) are  reduced to fragments, one-line statements, or to
the bare essence on 'fel'  (the closest one to a vocal song). on the
other hand music for ghosts is strangely spiritual & embracing, even if
the majority of the albums compositions might seem dark to most
listeners, it is a loving one, where cold hands reach out..and if you're
offguard it might entwine & drag you in... the music is electronically
based on a foundation which is a musical jigsaw puzzle of the influences
that has made an impact on the two band members: the rhythmically
challenging electronica of autechre, the beauty of irresistible force,
70s dub of jamaican origin, the thematic brilliance of john carpenter,
the doped minimalism of apathism, the iracible truthfullness of punk,
the subtle melancholy of swedish pop with the dramatic expression of
avantgarde mated with the sterile grooves of beatbox techno are
translated into this unique thing they call 'music for ghosts'. the
music is detailed minimalism that draws on a wide range of musical
background that the band has grown-up with. from classical avantgarde as
berio and penderecki and sheet music to complex electronica and the
teenage lusts of throbbing gristle, cabaret voltaire and rockier
soundwalls of my bloody valentine and joy division.
price: euro 5,00. 

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / TELEPHERIQUE. the house of mourning. cd.
radiotarab rt003
"the house of mourning is that purifier building in which there's deep
sorrow and disheartened grief due to the lack of our beloved ones...
when someone is paying a condolence visiting that house of affliction,
he is reminded of his own inexorable mortality. to consider our
existence in the gloomy house of mourning, ultimately and invariably
culminating in death, gives us a healthy, balanced view of our fragile
life. some time spent with the sadness or grieving, helps us appreciate
the simple things in our troubled condition. this is not the easiest
lesson to learn, but it is a necessary one because when we give sober
thought to serious matters it brings good benefits later, when life
seems resolutely distressing and ostinately depressing. in the end, "the
house of mourning" is the common admonition to our foolish arrogance".
packaging: digisleeve.
price: euro 7,20. 

V.A.. konkrete. cd. spectraliquid slq001
first compilation by young greece label spectraliquid, in the field of
dark ambient/hard technoid/idm/d'n'b and experimental/noise music -
feat. ah cama-sotz, detritus, flaque, mobthrow, xsoz, subheim, fabrics,
psytech and more. digipak edition, limited 500 copies.
price: euro 6,00. 

EBOLA. mutant dubstep vol.1. cd-ep. spectraliquid slq003
uk based ben hudson aka ebola delivers a powerful, complicated yet
wisely minimal and absolutely danceable new cd-ep out today on
spectraliquid. known for his unique sound engineering skills and his
extreme live performances alongside the likes of venetian snares, the
bug, scorn and many more, ebola is back with another great album.
previously releasing on labels like mutant sniper, sublight, noize:tek
and wrong music his 'broken' musical style is varied, with definite
grime, dubstep, gabba and breakcore influences. what you should expect
from 'mutant dubstep vol.1' is two incredible dubstep-influenced tracks
with a strong touch of idm and their respective remixes by end.user and
shitmat! heavy basslines, highly energetic tunes, all gone through an
amazing sound production and presented in a beautiful digipak package,
this album will blow up your minds. an absolute dancefloor killer! not
to be missed.
price: euro 5,00. 

CARDOPUSHER. mutant dubstep vol.2. cd-ep. spectraliquid slq004
luis garban aka cardopusher has been releasing a serious number of
records these past couple years for labels such as ad noiseam,
peace-off, intellectual violence, mirex, cock rock disco & wrong music,
terminal dusk and more. now, cardopusher returns with a blasting new ep
on spectraliquid records, the sequel to 'mutant dubstep vol.1' by uk's
ebola. what you should expect from 'mutant dubstep vol.2' is 3 brand new
sonic tracks, evolving around dubstep, hard electronics and breakcore
explosions produced by the mastermind himself. 100% adrenaline, killer
sound production and 2 ultra-heavy remixes by pacheko and innasekt, this
album is coming out to add another significant moment to the ever
expanding dubstep-influenced movement. low bass frequencies give their
place to powerful melodic parts, while at the same moment sinking to
sick, rhythmic basslines and solid drum parts. there definitely isn't so
much stuff sounding that good out there so don't hesitate to get this
excellent release. add a beautiful digipack packaging designed by
wonderful graphic designer mario ferer and you've got the perfect
combination at hand. recommended. this is the second release out of 3 in
total of the 'mutant dubstep' series.
price: euro 5,00. 

MOBTHROW. mutant dubstep vol.3. cd-ep. spectraliquid slq005
influenced by dubstep as well as aggressive and sick styles, mobthrow
offers an ideal combination of upbeat breaks and crawling atmospheric
images. intelligently extreme while also deep and complex, his music
preserves this industrial harshness only as a mastermind's touch to his
already future technoid-meets dubstep-meets idm progressions. tags are
useless when obvious beauty apparently comes out off this ultra-heavy
explosion. straight from the underground to the collapsing ones. are you
brave enough?
price: euro 5,00. 

A WAKE A WEEK. little black cloud. cd. spectraliquid slq006
a wake a we never tire of these endless reruns of our grief?
with this debut release from his new project, dave dando-moore
(detritus) offers us an intensely composed symphony of unending sorrow.
if detritus is the debris of emotion, a wake a week is the tar-black
residue still clinging like a parasite, clawing away at old wounds. like
ashes on celluloid, 'little black cloud' opens up a widescreen vista of
sound, albeit sullied and decaying. eschewing the polish and sterility
that digital production can entail, the album embodies the crackle and
spark of embers of a once-consuming fire, giving us an album that feels
organic and alive. drawing comparisons with max richter, deaf centre,
johann johannsson and the protagonist, a wake a week will evoke
cathartic exorcisms of woe in even the most glacial of hearts.
price: euro 6,00. 

POORDREAM. immaterial monarch. cd. spectraliquid slq007
john valasis is a professional sound designer and a very talented young
musician from greece. although he has been working as a producer and a
mixing engineer for other artists for quite a few years while also
composing his own music, this is the first time that john officially
releases a part of his recent work under the moniker 'poordream'. his
aim is to decode the secret messages of a dreamy world by composing
melancholic melodies and intricate, uncanny sounds, all put together
within a masterly combination of elaborate programming and field
recordings. immaterial monarch is his own adaptation of a truly
exceptional experimental music conception, the absolute experience of an
internal trip, in which no ‘strict’ sound forms belong. drawing
influences mainly from the 'zeitgeist' movie series, 'immaterial
monarch' features 3 tracks by poordream, which carefully blend genres
such as idm, ambient, electronica and experimental world music, as well
as the same-titled track remixed by no less than 7 different artists!
since all participating musicians come from a different musical
background, although they share common thoughts on how to deliver
passionate and exciting music, this album proves to be an absolutely
unique journey towards human’s deepest feelings. anger, despair, social
and personal breakdown, man’s self-exploration, brain as the slave of
the strong and socially constructed loneliness portrayed as the mental
cage for every single human are only a few of those nighttime thoughts
that, carefully but still chaotic, build up poordream’s futuristic
world. this album is offered as a co-release between 33 recordings and
price: euro 6,00. 

MAD EP + AREA FILTHY ONE. brimstone bangerz vol.1. 12".
spectraliquid slq009
mad ep has teamed up with atlanta-based mcs area filthy one (akxsmittz
aka dream of the shadowhuntaz & o'slick) and the spectraliquid label to
present : brimstone bangerz. 3 heavy, dirtybass hiphop tracks that have
been igniting clubs and festivals for the past year and are now ready to
be unleashed on rowdy dancefloors everywhere.  to close the ep, we
commissioned a special remix by the one & only akira kiteshi.
price: euro 5,00. 

IMPULSANTWORT / TELEPHERIQUE. bewegung der klangmasse. cd. thesonicabyss
' is proud to present 'bewegung der klangmasse' split
cd release. the deafening lethargic sonic project created by the german
artists of telepherique and impulsantwort. it involves producing,
haunting dark drones, hypnotic ambients and pulses from liquids of
different tensile strengths. to joint the equalized spawn of
impulsantwort, dreadfully pertinacious, and the radio-active glaze of
telepherique on this unitary sound-trimmer, we need to perturb the
transparent cranioscopy of the alkalized dysphonia. 'bewegung der
klangmasse' is flirting with some concentrated sonic epithelium while
the immolated magnetometry is murmuring against our everlasting
prediction. it's not premature to relegate this sterilized work on the
thermostatic reverence which awakes again portentous impressions. a
terrific soundscape in the chimney of gravitational brains!' (maurizio
bianchi 2006)
price: euro 7,20. 

TELEPHERIQUE. stahl und stein. cd. waystyx wr32
devoted to himalaya expedition in 1937. made with usage of big amount of
old analog sound and field recordings, it reflects the atmosphere of
those times. special packaging, limited to 425 numbered copies.
price: euro 7,20. 

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V.A.. daruma. 2cd. ant-zen act150
for centuries zen masters have said that daruma is zen. perhaps it would
now be appropriate to say that daruma is japan. in neither case is the
definition fully explicable or applicable. each is essentially a koan
whose solution is acessible only to experience, not to rational
analysis. this is to assert finally that daruma is one key to an
authentic and rewarding experience of japan and the japanese people.'
(h. neill mcfarland: daruma-the founder of zen in japanese art and
popular culture). the expressions of human feelings that you can find in
daruma's faces can be found in ant-zen's tenth anniversary compilation.
from anger to relaxation, from happiness to sadness - all the variety of
ant-zen can be found in here. but the most important thing is the main
expression - if you fall down, you will rise up again - this is what
this label did for ten years. so you are invited to celebrate with us.
enjoy the essence of ten years of work and hopefully escort ant-zen for
the next ten years. a double cd compilation featuring mostly unreleased
tracks by orphx, roger rotor, iszoloscope, synapscape, asche, axiome,
cell auto mata, contagious orgasm, this morn' omina, p.a.l, morgenstern,
individual, mental destruction, converter, monokrom, hypnoskull, ars
moriendi, noosa hedz, squaremeter, veruschka, l'ombre, ah cama-sotz,
ambre, ultra milkmaids, rob(u)nent, black lung, telerotor, vromb,
imminent, silk saw, templegarden's, klangstabil. packaging: digifile
[silver metallic cardboard].
price: euro 13,90. 

PASSARANI. unspeakable future outbreaks. cd. hymen ¥706
a timeless soundtrack made of pure electronica, characterised by complex
rhythmstructures and deep atmospheres. 'unspeakable future outbreaks'
was exclusively composed and performed for expovni 1996, brussels - an
ufo exhibition. 'a genious blend of the soundtrack '2001' and the early
aphex twin' (radio atomic).
price: euro 5,00. 

MOTHBOY. exonian. 12". ad noiseam adn52
almost a year has passed since the release of mothboy’s critically
acclaimed album 'the fears'. since then, mothboy has been busy fillung
up dancfloors and cooking bass heavy mixes for akira the don,
65daysofstatic, enduser, mad e.p. and other artists. to fill the gap
between this debut and his follow up 'deviance' (due in 2006), mothboy
comes back with a 6 track ep, 'exonian'. but 'exonian' is more than a
small bridge between two albums. mothboy has enlisted the talented mc
equivalant (last heard on mad e.p.’s album 'eating movies') on the
opening radio hit 'too close'. the track itself is an acid bass electro
stomper , with more than enough hooks to pull you off your chair and
onto the dancefloor. another new track, 'c.s.r.' sees mothboy taking a
lo-fi trip-hop route with an odd to the old mo wax beats, the whole
thing enriched with the participation of dj a la fu (ninja tune, vava
records), known for his cuts for roots manuva and mike ladd. finally,
'slowraider', on the b side, is a jam in the vein of mothboy’s popular
live sets; a track that will turn heads, a relentless electro, hard
micro-house number with a sure place in dj bags and sets for a long
time. the 'exonian' also features some heavy remixed and reworked
versions of standards from 'the fears'. mad e.p. (also working here with
equivalent on the mic) takes the beats and the shape of 'stuck in a
moment' and mutates it into a threatening mix of hectic breaks and sub
harmonic mayhem. jeff mills' favourite monrella (a.k.a. mick harris)
turns 'becoming solar' into a chest thumping piece of 4/4 detroit noir.
finally, 'exonian' closes with mothboy’s own remake of 'a303', faster,
more neurotic and richer in bass than ever. 'exonian' is yet another
showcase in mothboy’s ever evolving, ever changing sound and is yet more
evidence in his skill and ability as one of the leading lights in the
current crop of new uk producers. a record suitable for home playing and
for p.a shaking.
price: euro 8,20. 

V.A.. tonwelle 2. cd-r. atacama ar28
11 powerful noise tracks, released for the "tonwellen konferenz 2"
festival in burscheid (germany) on 26. & 27.6.2009. feat. mezire,
flutwacht, satori, atrox, phelios & stritzel, n.strahl.n, code 243,
irikarah, minamata, hijokaidan, antracot. limited hand-numbered edition
of 250 copies. packaging: cardboard sleeve.
price: euro 11,00. 

PROMETHEUS BURNING. displacement disorder. 2cd.
augmented records aug002
nearly two years after their well received crunch pod release 'plague
called humanity', the female fronted electro- industrial duo prometheus
burning returns to the spotlight with their latest double disk opus
'displacement disorder'. displacement disorder is a powerfully diverse
and versatile album, blurring the line between electronic genres and
pumping fresh blood into the industrial scene. while sonically unique,
displacement disorder will be easily accessible to any fan of dark
electronic and industrial music. from distorted dancefloor killing beats
to complex chaotic noise, blasting female vocals to grinding synth
leads, this album is prometheus burnings most ambitious work yet and
sure to please the ears of intimate listeners and club stompers alike.
limited (500 copies worldwide) 2cd box version which includes 2
stickers, a postcard and a button all packaged in a deluxe dvd style
price: euro 15,90. 

DROP THE LIME. 1 for the team. 12". broklyn beeats bb016
while dtl has had releases on a lot of great labels, broklyn beats are
happy to be the first new york label to be releasing his nyc breakcore.
contained within are 5 tracks of splattercore breaks with ravey anthemic
touches of keys, twisted vocal snippets, drunken slowdowns and a wicked
dub version for playing on the subway real loud.
price: euro 2,00. 

S.CORE. crime. cd. daft records d1026cd
ambient noise from this japanese cult project.
price: euro 10,30. 

H_M_B. great industrial love affairs. cd. flatline null13
h_m_b is far more than simply another side project of daniel myer, this
long awaited album is the outcome of two years of intensive production
and the collaboration with such respected artists like victoria lloyd
(claire voyant), vanessa brigs (haujobb) and dennis ostermann (in strict
confidence) which resulted in one of the brightest and matured debuts in
quite some time. great industrial love affairs is a wicked mix of
irresistible electro-beats with highly-skilled rhythm patterns,
infectious synth lines, majestic atmospheres and passionate vocal
performance. a sinful experience created by one of the finest electronic
artist of our days! tracks like wanted, siren andeverything' clearly
prove that emotions and dancefloor appeal can be combined! digi-pack
packaging w/ artwork by chad michael ward.
price: euro 2,90. 

KLINIK. projects. 2cd. hands hands-b032
this 2cd album is a best of klinik's projects from 1989-1992 - feat. 30
tracks including noise unit, para, x-10, d-sign and x10 feat. tec
trance. after many, many years.
price: euro 21,50. 

BITCRUSH. of embers. cd. n5md md174
those that keep a close eye on mike cadoo's bitcrush project may have
been somewhat concerned with the title of his previous full-length,
epilogue in waves. that album, by cadoo's admission, was to be the last
of his cathartic bitcrush entity. thankfully, writing music is an
integral part of cadoo and has become an important means to understand
life. now, two years later we see the release of cadoo's sixth album
from his bitcrush project 'of embers.' of embers is his most intimate
album and continues with the very personal cathartic nature we have come
to expect. cadoo has always transitioned between and fused together
diverse styles seamlessly and with each album has moved the bitcrush
meme towards his personal needs of expression. of embers begins where
the epilogue in waves' song pearl left us. presented are longer
movements each that progress and tell their story patiently using the
sound that has grown to become the bitcrush norm. of embers is an hour
in length, yet boasts only six tracks; three tracks over 10 minutes and
two that approach 15 minutes. of embers finds cadoo looking even further
back into his experiences and inner struggles than ever before to create
what may be the most hopeful album of his musical career.
price: euro 13,40. 

NOIZE CREATOR. shut up and dance. 12". nasdia nasdia003
leipzigs nasdia recordings much better known for their electronica
influenced drum'n'bass releases is ready to unleash a fresh new beast
...  this time the monster comes from the very depths of an unspeakable
breakcore hell! the idea for this blood rockin' mess was born in late
2004. a few months later noize creator delivered his broken material
which resulted in this lunatic ep and the only words he said were: 'i
won't describe here anything, just shut up and dance!'  mission
accomplished? 4 smashing pieces of terrific kicks, lethal noises, heavy
metal and a big portion of darkness. 'rok da house' reanimates a lost
classic in a way no one who heard it lives to describe it. its sort of
awkward mangled drum'n'bass injected by a secret acidforce who likes to
control every bit, every cut, every move. now you wish that would be
over? now you wish he'd go way?  on the flip you will find 'berzerk'. a
mad driving 2step bastard touched by the hand of satan. evil drums,
shaking kicks, a pool of insane noises - yet precisely arranged rhythm
patterns. 'ocean of darkness' is smashing and tearing up the wellknown
amen break again and again covered in shadows. weird shadows of
distorted synths and growing darkness. 'and you will face the sea of
darkness, and all therein that may be explored' thank god you didnt go
any further ... think we're joking?
price: euro 2,00.

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