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news ant-zen:

CONTROL. the resistance. cd. ant-zen act270
control is thomas garrison from santa cruz who works as a branding /
body modification artist and as a mastering engineer at his own
misanthrope studio and has also initiated the industrial / ambient
project exsanguinate. he made a name as one of the finest american power
electronics acts since the end of the nineties with a multitude of
releases and highly regarded live performances in europe and the u.s..
what emerges control in the power noise category is his obviously strong
ability to construct tracks that are extremely aggressive, but with
shifts that create contrast and texture rather than just constant
attack: the produced tracks are memorable and deeply loaded. he
transcends the pure rage associated with power electronics and reveals
the darker, more infectious and sinister emotions that build that fury.
control's work is so conscious of creating mood and atmosphere that it
almost defies the genre that it caters to. 'the resistance' offers a
good balance of densely layered forceful electronics with dark ambient
undercurrents, occasionally rhythmic pulses and offensive vocals
filtered through diverging effects. the voice is never used as an
overbearance or focal point, but as one of the many aural textures.
control never sacrifices the music or the emotional weight on the altar
of rhetoric - it is his intention to arouse the listener with almost
cinematic moods, creating a sonic environment where nothing good seems
possible for people who might inhabit it. control has moved to the top
of the power electronics pantheon for good reason. he is talented enough
to accumulate power noise with death / ambient industrial and to create
fascinating arcs of suspense, making you pay attention until the last
second. his passion for detail means full focus is required - a must for
maximum appreciation.
price: euro 12,80. available: 18april2k12

EMPUSAE. symbiosis. cd. ant-zen act272
empusae is a project created by nicolas van meirhaeghe, aka sal-ocin
who, amongst other things is a member of this morn' omina, tzolk'in,
project arctic and also works as a live member of ah cama-sotz and in
slaughter natives. when listening to empusae's music, you're lost in
dark, melancholy, tribal electronic atmospheres and frightening,
ritualistic ambient - a soundtrack for the listeners personal dark
fantasies. sal-ocin is always open-minded about working together with
other artists, as can be heard on his previous works with oil 10, nick
grey and shinkiro. 'symbiosis' is a perfect allegory of his intentions
for this album where he merges his creations with the additives of other
artists' music and artwork. 'one and the same' features tomas pettersson
and rose-marie larsen from stockholm's well-acquainted neofolk and
martial industrial group ordo rosarius equilibrio. mighty drum patterns,
a hypnotic piano line and mind ensnaring vocals result in a perfect
album opener. 'deceivious water' combines melancholy, dark ambience and
menacing atmospheres, including vocals by the swedish medieval-ambient
project arcana. in slaughter natives, a pioneer of symphonic industrial
contributed vocals and lyrics on 'dissection of purity', a fiery
rhythmic track with gloomy death industrial influences. christel morvan
aka nesisart who made the artwork for this album contributed vocals and
lyrics to the haunting and ritualistic, 'la rivière noire' where dark
shallows hide beneath the apparent ease - beware... . the calm and
relieving 'seven types of ambiguity' is a recent collaboration between
empusae and nicolai riccardo (nick) grey after the 'simple black lines
in a diagram' release five years ago - beautiful moody ambient for
relaxational purpose. the purely instrumental 'kralizec' releases the
mindful listener with sable sentiments on pulsating beat structures
showing sal-ocin's impressive musical skills once again. dedicated to
the graphic novel artist daniel hulet whose three-volume edition 'extra
muros' became inspirational to an earlier empusae release, 'symbiosis'
represents sal-ocins distinguished unique class as a musician and
intermediator between different artistic worlds. listen carefully and
let your mind go while the mantis joins the ants! packaging: cd gatefold
price: euro 12,80. available: 24april2k12

EMPUSAE. symbiosis. girlie-shirt. ant-zen ikon109g
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in sand & charcoal metallic. one-sized
price: euro 14,80. available: 24april2k12

EMPUSAE. symbiosis. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon109s
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in sand & charcoal metallic. size small
price: euro 14,80. available: 24april2k12

EMPUSAE. symbiosis. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon109m
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in sand & charcoal metallic. size medium
price: euro 14,80. available: 24april2k12

EMPUSAE. symbiosis. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon109l
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in sand & charcoal metallic. size large
price: euro 14,80. available: 24april2k12

EMPUSAE. symbiosis. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon109xl
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in sand & charcoal metallic. size extra
price: euro 14,80. available: 24april2k12

AXIOME. ten hymns for sorbetière or how i learned to
stop worrying and love the freezer. cd. ant-zen act279
seven years have passed since we saw the last signs of life from this
headstrong project - with 'ten hymns for sorbetière...' axiome return
triumphantly and unmistakably. c-drík fermont and olivier moreau
(imminent) present an aural landslide of amazingly dense sounds, heavy
beats and menacing, freezing atmospheres, choosing coldness and ice as a
central theme for the album. splicing genres like idm, acid,
rhythm&noise, dark, brooding electro infusions and techstep to an insane
hybrid, these 'hymns' mark a perfect syncrisis of simplicity and
complexity. accelerated technoid rhythms are perfectly interfused with
powerful percussion laced with hard, deftly sequenced melodic structures
and combined with a retreat to insistent, repetitive analogue
bubblebath-esque electronic textures. a mélange of force and beauty that
is rarely matched by anyone else. axiome have always been
uncompromising, surprising and incalculable throughout their existence -
this album is no exception. ten unique, intelligent and atmospheric
soundtracks to the sentiments of a biting winter, but suitable for all
seasons. so stop worrying and love the freezer!
price: euro 12,80. available: 13april2k12

news hymen records:

CDATAKILL. battleworn. cd. hymen ¥799
cdatakill is zak roberts, a musician based in denver, colorado who has
been recording and producing extreme electronic music since the
mid-1990s. under monikers such as ak-47 and dj rabies, roberts produced
a driving and abrasive hi-fi speedcore sound, pushing the envelope for
diy hardcore producers. after growing tired of his previous sound,
roberts felt the need to push his work into new directions and changed
the name under which he records to cdatakill. the first output on cd,
'paradise', moved from the very hard beats and broken structures and
displayed more warmth and complexity. 'the cursed species', cdatakill’s
second cd, took the whole 'rave is back' anthic and twisted it in
roberts' own and unique way. two years were necessary to give birth to
the calmer, warmer 'valentine', seeing cdatakill moving away from the
avalanche of hard breakbeats which had been associated with his name,
and bring a very original mixture of dub sounds, heavy bass and hi-fi
production. with 'battleworn', hymen records is proud to present
cdatakill's fourth full length album. the nine tracks plus two remixes
by nest and sense display a slowly-paced blast of atmospheres and kick
drums, fusing drum'n'bass, intricate broken beats and components of
dubstep accumulated with startling speed changes and sound
manipulations. cinematic synth spheres merge with well positioned vocal
samples, deliberate usage of delay / reverb and even heavy electric bass
and guitar feedbacks. the goal of the project is to pin opposites
together, to bring sounds that normally oppose and conflict with each
other into a seamless aural nightmare and daydream, to expose and
glorify the beautiful alongside the violent. cdatakill's intention for
this album's aural impression is to carry the every day frustrations
weighing down on someone who is near the end of their rope, but on the
other side of the coin to paint a picture of some kind of soul-less
warrior wandering the world, impervious to all the damage that could
possibly be caused, some kind of battleworn machine that just doesn't
care anymore. while listening you will endorse that 'battleworn' is the
perfect realization of cdatakill's thoughts.
price: euro 12,80. available: 19april2k12

news various labels:

RAUBBAU. lanyard. lanyard. raubbau raub-013
grey lanyard with black 'raubbau' print.
price: euro 5,00. available: 13april2k12

V.A.. elektroanschlag no.13. boxset. r-reger ea8
6-cd-boxset with mostly exclusive and unreleased tracks by 88 artists
who performed during the last ten years at tlektroanschlag festival -
feat. 100blumen, 13th monkey, 16pad noise terrorist, ab ovo, absolute
body control, ah cama-sotz, alarmen, asche, atrox, beinhaus, cent ans de
solitude, cervello elettronico, chrysalide, contaminant, control,
detritus, digital factor, displacer, empusae, esplendor geometrico,
ex_tension, feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim, flint glass, fragment
king, frl.linientreu, geistform, genevieve pasquier, gjöll, greyhound,
heimstatt yipotash, hioctan, human lar vae, ic 434, ig fuer ik, igorrr,
irm, job karma, klangstabil, la nomenklatur, larvae, le moderniste,
loss, m.a.o., mandelbrot, mc1r, mezire, militia, mlada fronta, mono no
aware, näo, nin kuji, norm, nullgrad, nullvektor, objekt urian, oil 10,
p.a.l, polarlicht 4.1, punch inc, raoul sinier, revoice, roger rotor,
s:cage, s.k.e.t., sandblasting, saturmzlide, simon schall, sonar, sonic
area, soulcripple, spherical disrupted, stendeck, stin scatzor, subheim,
synapscape, syntech, takhtahk, talvekoidik, the incredible three, the
law-rah collective, the_empath, transistor, warbaby, wieloryb,
winterkälte, xabec, xsoz, zero degree.
price: euro 30,00. available: 13april2k12

AUTOCLAV1.1. embark on departure. cd. tympanik audio ta066
the prolific autoclav1.1 returns with his 6th studio album and 4th for
tympanik audio. working from his proven formula of tight-knit beatwork
accented by emotional piano movements, autoclav1.1 continues to push his
sound further as he once again challenges the boundaries of genre and
style. 'embark on departure' is a polished, cohesive, and absorbing
hybrid of sounds that engages the mind and pulls at the heart. features
artwork by salt, mastering by mobthrow, and collaborations with
displacer, leaether strip, and alter der ruine. packaging: 6-panel
price: euro 11,00. available: 13april2k12

ESA. themes of carnal empowerment pt.1: lust. cd. tympanik audio ta067
over 3 years after 'the sea & the silence', esa returns with part 1 of a
dual-part conceptual release for 2012 titled 'themes of carnal
empowerment'. taking inspiration from the very meaning of lust and
concentrating on the energy and instability that often results, this new
collection of 11 rhythmic industrial stompers promises to be all that
esa fans have been waiting for and more. with jaw dropping artwork
centered around the concept of lust...’themes of carnal empowerment’ is
a no-brainer for heavy industrial fans who like their rhythmic noise
with a little more substance and depth. artwork by invalis/. mastered by
iszoloscope. packaging. 6-panel digipak
price: euro 11,00. available: 13april2k12

SUPERSIMMETRIA. chimaera. cd. le petit machiniste lpm034
past, present, future and the vast of space are melting together in
whirling atmospheric pulsations. supersimmetria, translated from italian
as supersymmetry, is a music project crossover of different electronic
styles. stunning and elaborate ritual frequencies will absorb your soul
in a blast of a supernova. the powerful gravitational force of tracks
like 'asymmetry' or 'relativistic jets' pull you into a multidimensional
space where everything you take for granted, disappears. the deep
atmospheres, claustrophobic and obsessive yet sometimes open and breezy,
will hold your hand through a cold solitary path between the energy of
strings. 100blumen and le moderniste complete this awesome album with
their vigorous remixes of 'burst of fe c 0,6%' and 'time dilation'.
price: euro 12,80. available: 03april2k12

TARDIVE DYSKINESIA. the letter. cd. audiophob auphcd017
seeing the russian cinematic classic 'dead man's letters' for the first
time as a 13 year old in the then still socialistic eastern part of
germany was a significant influence for ronny herling (tardive
dyskinesia). while creating an oppressive and dark world, this
masterpiece manages to create a glimpse of hope nonetheless. with those
impressions in mind, 'the letter' approaches to transform everyday
scenes and experiences into a musical score. the result of this
transformation are nine pieces of nightmarish soundscapes, including a
remix by heimstatt yipotash. 'the letter' also marks a new starting
point of tardive dyskinesia: it is the first album release since 2007
after a time of experimenting with new ideas and directions for the
project as well as the first release on audiophob. the beginning of
tardive dyskinesia reaches back into 2002, when first recordings were
made for what would later become the sadistic ep. the first official
works are dated in 2003, followed by two releases on steinklang records
in 2004 and 2005. the musical work of tardive dyskinesia is influenced
by a wide spectrum of musical masterminds: industrial pioneers as
laibach, scorn, godflesh, einstürzende neubauten, godflesh, jesu, brutal
thruth and vromb were as formative to the sound of tardive dyskinesia as
peter gabriel or david bowie. the fundamental concept of the project
consists in experimenting with all kinds of sounds without any limits
regarding the process and result. everything can and will be possible,
only constricted by the limits of fantasy, possibilities and
price: euro 12,80. available: 13april2k12

EX CONFUSION. embrance. cd. n5md md196
embrace is the second album from atsuhito omori's ex confusion project.
his first since taking part in keith kenniff's (helios, goldmund) 'for
nihon' compilation, this new album consist of ten tracks of emotionally
themed soloist ambient composed for guitar and piano. much like his
debut album 'something to remember' (u-cover) embrace, at it's core,
conjures a very strong thread of nostalgia. wonderfully warm, hazy,
sun-lit memories that actually somehow seem tangible. we all have
something to remember, but ex confusion would now like the listener to
use his compositions to embrace personal memories that are so very
price: euro 13,40. available: 13april2k12

ASONAT. love in times of repetition. cd. n5md md198
love in times of repetition' is the debut album from icelandic duo
asonat. while a new project, its members are already veterans in post
millennial electronic music. fannar ásgrímsson (one half of plastik joy)
and jónas thór guðmundsson (ruxpin) with a little help from co-patriot
kjartan ólafsson (ampop & kjarr), japanese singer chihiro and the french
singer olèna simon have made an album that sounds less like a
paint-by-numbers plastik joy / ruxpin team up but a fresh take on
vocal-centric experimental downtempo. as one might expect ruxpin's
soothing idm electronics are present as is ásgrímsson's metered,
programming and guitar but both artists elements are now shrouded in a
new warmer blanket of timbre, style and emotion.
price: euro 13,40. available: 13april2k12

EXOSPHERE. where nobody goes. cd. raumklang music raum-cd-09
exosphere are two electronic music composers who was born in sweden and
switzerland. they studied science at the university of gothenburg and
this is where they met. astronomy enthusiasts, avid followers of
observatories, they started the project exosphere 2009 when they were
exiled to antarctica. located on an experimental student including
continental drift. interested in all the strange sounds and gauzy,
experimental or recalling their melodious atmosphere that reigns in
these cold hostile country. 'where nobody goes' is a fabulous idm album.
sound carpets and deep atmospheres, combined with clicks and cuts,
beautiful effects, sounds and clever arranged beats takes the listener
on a journey into their world.
price: euro 12,80. available: now !!!

UNDERHILL. silent siren. cd. ad noiseam adn156cd
somebody will need to come up with a genre name for underhill's 'silent
siren'. with music written by dean rodell, balkansky / cooh and current
value and vocals by martina astner and mc coppa, this album is as
coherent as its line-up is improbable. trip-hop, drum'n'bass, gothic
atmospheres and hip hop: all these elements are molten into each other
with great care, creating an impressive work which is far more than the
sum of its parts. try it at home, then try it on a huge p.a.:
underhill's 'silent siren' is a multi-faceted creation which just
invites its listener to dive deeper.
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

UNDERHILL. silent siren. lp+cd. ad noiseam adn156lp
somebody will need to come up with a genre name for underhill's 'silent
siren'. with music written by dean rodell, balkansky / cooh and current
value and vocals by martina astner and mc coppa, this album is as
coherent as its line-up is improbable. trip-hop, drum'n'bass, gothic
atmospheres and hip hop: all these elements are molten into each other
with great care, creating an impressive work which is far more than the
sum of its parts. try it at home, then try it on a huge p.a.:
underhill's 'silent siren' is a multi-faceted creation which just
invites its listener to dive deeper. vinyl lp version + full-length cd.
price: euro 14,50. available: 13april2k12

OYAARSS. bads. cd. ad noiseam adn159
leak, fiercely heavy, distorted and yet so close to the soul: oyaarss's
debut album is an impressive work of pulsions, subtlety and coldness.
tapping from electronic experimentations as much as from metal
atmospheres, 'bads' builds massive tracks of noisy percussions towering
on the most desolate icy soundscapes. something to close you eyes to or
to head-bang along, a highly gifted album of gritty strings,
antagonistic beats and detailed builds-up; a colossal, self-imposing
work of extremely rare power and depth.
price: euro 13,40. available: now !!!

LARVAE. exit strategy. cd. ad noiseam adn160
fourth full-length album by larvae. 'exit strategy' is this act's most
soulful and introvert album. devoid of guests, voices or heavy beats, it
takes further the post-rock, evocative and mesmerizing road introduced
in larvae's music with 'loss leader'.
price: euro 13,40. available: 13april2k12

special priced releases - new entries:

V.A.. elektroanschlag no7. cd. r-reger ea2
feat. exclusive and yet unreleased tracks by all artists performing at
elektroanschlag festival 2006 in altenburg/germany. incl. klangstabil,
p.a.l, monokrom, empusae, monolith, ambassador 21, tarmvred, mlada
fronta, insekt and more. limited to 500 copies, jewelcase edition.
price: euro 6,00. 

V.A.. elektroanschlag no8. cd. r-reger ea3
feat. 15 exclusive and 3 yet unreleased tracks by all artists performing
at elektroanschlag festival 2007 in altenburg/germany. incl. imminent /
synapscape, ah cama-sotz, esplendor geometrico, catholic boys in heavy
leather, sanctum, detritus, cervello elettronico, fragment king,
heimstatt yipotash, nullvektor vs. mc1r, sonic area, twinkle, zero
degree and more. limited to 500 copies, jewelcase edition.
price: euro 6,00. 

V.A.. elektroanschlag no9. 2cd. r-reger ea4
feat. 17 exclusive and 7 yet unreleased tracks by almost all artists
performing at elektroanschlag festival 2008 in altenburg/germany  incl.
seven bonus tracks by new upcoming artists plus video 'the boxmaker' by
stephen swartz. feat. genevieve pasquier, tzolk'in, punch inc., mimetic,
winterkälte, the [law-rah] collective, loss, aaron spectre, stendeck,
contaminant, chrysalide and more!
price: euro 6,00. 

V.A.. elektroanschlag no10. cd. r-reger ea5
feat. 14 exclusive and 3 yet unreleased tracks by almost all artists
performing at elektroanschlag festival 2009 in altenburg/germany. feat.
ab ovo, this morn' omina, tonikom, in slaughter natives, geistform,
xabec, atrox, larvae, s.k.e.t., mandelbrot and more.
price: euro 6,00. 

V.A.. elektroanschlag no11. cd. r-reger ea6
feat. 14 exclusive and 3 yet unreleased tracks by almost all artists
performing at elektroanschlag festival 2010 in altenburg/germany. feat.
13th monkey, 16 pad noise terrorist, absolute body control, baxter
lilly, control, displacer, frl. linientreu, m.a.o., militia, ms gentur,
nogo!, oil 10, raoul sinier, roger rotor, s:cage, spherical disrupted,
subheim. limited 500 copies, jewelcase packaging.
price: euro 6,00. 

V.A.. elektroanschlag no12. cd. r-reger ea7
18 tracks (15 exclusive and 1 yet unreleased) by all artists performing
at elektroanschlag festival 2011 in altenburg/germany. feat. ahnst
anders, bad sector, cent ans de solitude, dive, ex_tension, feine
trinkers bei pinkels daheim, gjöll, ic 434, igorrr, le moderniste,
mezire, näo, nullgrad, republik of screens, saturmzlide, syntech,
transistor feat. flint glass, tzolk'in. hand-numbered, limited 500
copies, jewelcase packaging.
price: euro 6,00. 

(back) in stock - only a few copies left!:

MOTHBOY. exonian. 12''. ad noiseam adn52
almost a year has passed since the release of mothboy’s critically
acclaimed album 'the fears'. since then, mothboy has been busy fillung
up dancfloors and cooking bass heavy mixes for akira the don,
65daysofstatic, enduser, mad e.p. and other artists. to fill the gap
between this debut and his follow up 'deviance' (due in 2006), mothboy
comes back with a 6 track ep, 'exonian'. but 'exonian' is more than a
small bridge between two albums. mothboy has enlisted the talented mc
equivalant (last heard on mad e.p.’s album 'eating movies') on the
opening radio hit 'too close'. the track itself is an acid bass electro
stomper , with more than enough hooks to pull you off your chair and
onto the dancefloor. another new track, 'c.s.r.' sees mothboy taking a
lo-fi trip-hop route with an odd to the old mo wax beats, the whole
thing enriched with the participation of dj a la fu (ninja tune, vava
records), known for his cuts for roots manuva and mike ladd. finally,
'slowraider', on the b side, is a jam in the vein of mothboy’s popular
live sets; a track that will turn heads, a relentless electro, hard
micro-house number with a sure place in dj bags and sets for a long
time. the 'exonian' also features some heavy remixed and reworked
versions of standards from 'the fears'. mad e.p. (also working here with
equivalent on the mic) takes the beats and the shape of 'stuck in a
moment' and mutates it into a threatening mix of hectic breaks and sub
harmonic mayhem. jeff mills' favourite monrella (a.k.a. mick harris)
turns 'becoming solar' into a chest thumping piece of 4/4 detroit noir.
finally, 'exonian' closes with mothboy’s own remake of 'a303', faster,
more neurotic and richer in bass than ever. 'exonian' is yet another
showcase in mothboy’s ever evolving, ever changing sound and is yet more
evidence in his skill and ability as one of the leading lights in the
current crop of new uk producers. a record suitable for home playing and
for p.a shaking.
price: euro 8,20. 

V.A.. tonwelle 2. cd-r. atacama ar28
11 powerful noise tracks, released for the "tonwellen konferenz 2"
festival in burscheid (germany) on 26. & 27.6.2009. feat. mezire,
flutwacht, satori, atrox, phelios & stritzel, n.strahl.n, code 243,
irikarah, minamata, hijokaidan, antracot. limited hand-numbered edition
of 250 copies. packaging: cardboard sleeve.
price: euro 11,00. 

PROMETHEUS BURNING. displacement disorder. 2cd.
augmented records aug002
nearly two years after their well received crunch pod release 'plague
called humanity', the female fronted electro- industrial duo prometheus
burning returns to the spotlight with their latest double disk opus
'displacement disorder'. displacement disorder is a powerfully diverse
and versatile album, blurring the line between electronic genres and
pumping fresh blood into the industrial scene. while sonically unique,
displacement disorder will be easily accessible to any fan of dark
electronic and industrial music. from distorted dancefloor killing beats
to complex chaotic noise, blasting female vocals to grinding synth
leads, this album is prometheus burnings most ambitious work yet and
sure to please the ears of intimate listeners and club stompers alike.
limited (500 copies worldwide) 2cd box version which includes 2
stickers, a postcard and a button all packaged in a deluxe dvd style
price: euro 15,90. 

BITCRUSH. of embers. cd. n5md md174
those that keep a close eye on mike cadoo's bitcrush project may have
been somewhat concerned with the title of his previous full-length,
epilogue in waves. that album, by cadoo's admission, was to be the last
of his cathartic bitcrush entity. thankfully, writing music is an
integral part of cadoo and has become an important means to understand
life. now, two years later we see the release of cadoo's sixth album
from his bitcrush project 'of embers.' of embers is his most intimate
album and continues with the very personal cathartic nature we have come
to expect. cadoo has always transitioned between and fused together
diverse styles seamlessly and with each album has moved the bitcrush
meme towards his personal needs of expression. of embers begins where
the epilogue in waves' song pearl left us. presented are longer
movements each that progress and tell their story patiently using the
sound that has grown to become the bitcrush norm. of embers is an hour
in length, yet boasts only six tracks; three tracks over 10 minutes and
two that approach 15 minutes. of embers finds cadoo looking even further
back into his experiences and inner struggles than ever before to create
what may be the most hopeful album of his musical career.
price: euro 13,40. 

V.A.. krrrbrrrtztzkrrrbrrrtztz!  vol.4 -
schlagstrom festival 2009 compilation. cd.
sleepless records berlin srb awake001
feat. asche, synapscape, in slaughter natives, bad sector, mono no
aware, insekt, spherical disrupted, wertham and more.
price: euro 12,80.

V.A.. blowout bag 05: broklyn beats - toolbox. blowbag05
6 items for 5,00 euro - only 1 bag available: drop the lime. 1 for the
team. 12". broklyn beats bb016, 202 project. urban shaman. 12". lp.
monkey tool 01, donna summer. this needs to be your style. lp. monkey
tool 03, jealous jester / shift / a:pod. 12". toolbox ltd02, le son du
mois. best of 2001-2004. 12". toolbox ltd06, framix / boulez republic.
12". toolbox ltd07
only one bag available.
price: euro 5,00.

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