The Electrified collaboration of Angelspit and The Gothsicles team up to form HARDCORE PONG – an album of pounding 4bit beats with ten new tracks and remixes from top artists.

Aided by a KICKSTARTER video which features a shot-for-shot remake of two iconic scenes from The Matrix and War Games, The distorted duo have already funded their campaign in three days. HARDCORE PONG  now train their aimbots at more ambitious goals.

After hitting their initial goal of $2000 in 2 days and with its eye on the Cyclopean stretch goal of $8000, HARDCORE PONG announces a US tour of cosmic dimensions! Synthetic blips & scorched out chips mutate the nation! Shows will be “live” in name only, as the concepts of time and space will be sonically compressed inward. 

“We are working on some very cool live interactive ideas to massively involve the audience – so the crowd become a part of the band”, says Angelspit’s Zoog Von Rock. 

“Our KICKSTARTER takes audience participation to an insane level”, adds Brian Graupner from The Gothsicles, “from personalised ring tones (AVATARI), to inviting fans to send an abusive video messages to be spliced into a song (15 Seconds Of Flame), to writing a track based on your theme and contributing vocals and appearing in the video (U R HARDCORE).”

HARDCORE PONG follows the release of Angelspit’s The Product and The Gothsicles’ Squid Icarus.


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