Alfa Matrix offers 5 free downloads – grab them now ! (ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, KOMOR KOMMANDO, MALAKWA, PSY’AVIAH feat AYRIA, STUDIO-X)
Here’s a short news round-up on what’s going on at Alfa Matrix. 
With the end of the year approaching, Benoit, Seba and I already want to wish you the best for 2011, may it be full of good things!
Enjoy this newsletter! 
we are currently offering 5 free tracks for download at Alfa Matrix taken from our most recent releases. You can get these by following this link:   Feel free sharing this link to your friends at Facebook!
These are the tracks:
  1. KOMOR KOMMANDO – Rhythm machine
  2. MALAKWA – Monster
  3. ARMAGEDDON DILDOS – Untergrund
  4. PSY’AVIAH feat. AYRIA . into the game (SIGNAL AOUT 42 mix) *
  5. STUDIO-X – You’ll never get this
After Tamtrum and Krystal System, we went fishing in the French electro punk rock pond again to discover a real hidden jewel: MALAKWA, hailing from Marseille – South of France. This combo (featuring a gorgeous female guitar player)  fuses electro machine sounds with crossover assaults and distorted vocals which was quite well translated on their debut “Feed The Machine”. The band is not exactly a new-bee having played well over 150, including gigs in China, Germany, Switzerland, etc. 
The band has now joined the Alfa Matrix label where it will be the perfect fit for earlier signings such as Alien Vampires, and the before mentioned compatriots Tamtrum and Krystal System. The band’s new full album “Streetpreacher”, to be released next year, will hold a mix of elektro, industrial synths, noisy breakcore and provocative punk rock. 
As you can see above, Alfa Matrix offers a free download from the track “Monster”, taken from the band’s upcoming album “Street preacher” for which we are already accepting orders at . The album comes also as a carton box limited edition of “Street Preacher” and holds a bonus disc with 2 exclusive songs plus 9 remakes of “Monster” by KANT KINO, IMPLANT, AMGOD, PSY’AVIAH, AMBASSADOR 21, ESSENCE OF MIND, etc.
Get a free download of MALAKWA’s “Monster” by following this link:

he cult Greek formation SIVA SIX recently joined the Matrix and is announcing a very strong, powerful, bombastic and orchestral new studio album “The Twin Moons” for 2011, full of force, darkness and eye-catching design… More soon as we can spill some more details and sounds!
Not also that We are shipping the following free compilation with EVERY pre-order you place at . As you can see there are some surprises on there which are a X-mas gift on its own! If we may say so! 🙂
Enjoy this tracklist. This disc is yours when ordering the new material from KOMOR KOMMANDO, MALAKWA, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, STUDIO-X, ALIEN VAMPIRES or PSY’AVIAH feat. AYRIA. And of course it’s included with your order of the V/A – “Electronic Body Matrix 1” – 4CD boxset and/or the EBM T-shirt !
01. STRAY . miles from here *
02. AIBOFORCEN . poem of life (v.2) *
03. ACYLUM . your pain (v.2.0) *
04. SIVA SIX . valley of the shadows *
05. AMGOD . fight (breakdown mix) *
06. ALIEN VAMPIRES . evil bloody music
07. MALAKWA . monster *
08. ARMAGEDDON DILDOS . house of pain *
09. RAZORFADE . chemical distraction
10. KRYSTAL SYSTEM . automatic ideology (edit) *
11. HALO IN REVERSE . sweetest honey
12. I:SCINTILLA . worth the wait
13. FREAKANGEL . my darling bullet
14. PSY’AVIAH feat. AYRIA . into the game (SIGNAL AOUT 42 mix) *
15. KANT KINO . owner of this house lives here (club mix) *
16. KOMOR KOMMANDO . rhythm machine *
Good to know, this is a promotional CD – not for sale. All the tracks featuring an ‘*’ indicate that they are previously unreleased.
The LA-based company Vampire Guitars will build a 7 strings guitar called ‘Harshlizer’ in 2011 based on the work of hard electro act Alien Vampires. The guitar will be built in the ‘Anti Social’ guitar series in two versions: the ‘Fuck Off and Die’ guitar and the ‘Anti Christ’ guitar (see pictures after the jump). Alien Vampires is the first electro act getting this treatment. Usually geared toward the hard rock/metal genre; Vampire Guitars make special custom guitars for live metal, hard playing, rock bands. Their guitars are all special models whether made for rhythm or lead. 
In the past Vampire Guitars did guitars for Rose Tattoo and Ugly Kid Joe but it’s the first time the company decided to check on dark electro acts.
In April 2011 Alien Vampires will go on a USA-Mexico tour stopping in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tijuana, Mexico D.F., Guadalajara, Leon and Puebla. The band has just released the Japanese version of their “Harshlizer” album which is getting quite some attention from in and outside the industrial scene. The 6-pannel digipak edition includes some 15 exclusive and previously unreleased remixes by acts like SAM, Cedigest, C-Lekktor, Xperiment, Preemptive Strike 0.1, Detroit Diesel, Reaxion Guerilla, ESC, Menschdefekt, etc. As could be expected from the band, also this version holds x-rated artwork featuring fetish models resulting in the European cover being banned by several magazines. You can order this album at the Alfa Matrix webstore.
Alfa Matrix reveals a string of new digital releases. Included in the list are the latest albums by Halo In Reverse, I:Scintilla, amGod, Razorfade, Alien Vampires, Haushetaere and Leaether Strip. Here are the links to the releases in iTunes:
That’s it for now !
Kind regards,
Bernard Van Isacker
Promo manager @ Alfa Matrix


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