Hi Everyone
Please have a look to the new digital release by Hot Elephant Music:
“Love Supreme” by Alexander Robotnick feat. Stefano “Cocco” Cantini
Audio, Press & Radio reports are included in that page.

Here is also my Nudisco chart:

Love Supreme.
In 1987 Robotnick produced an album and a single for the multimedia oriented
group Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici (“GMM” by Materiali Sonori)
The B side of the single “Love Supreme” rapidly became a real “cult” for
many DJs and was included in a  number of compilations, among which “Desert
Island” by Alex Patterson & Norman J.
Hot Elephant Music – Robotnick’s label – has decided to make this track
available on the digital market, releasing it in 4 versions:
1) Love Supreme (edit) – a simple re-edit by Robotnick for  easy use by
present-day DJs.
2) Love Supreme (groove) including only the rhythmic part, a useful tool for
3) Love Supreme (orignal 12″)
4) Love Supreme (original) – the original track from the above-mentioned
The highlight of this track  is Stefano “Cocco” Cantini, a well known
Italian Jazz musician, improvising on sax , giving  the track its unique
flavour and introducing  dance music fans to authentic jazz sound.
This Robotnick’s work is obviously inspired by the famous track “A Love
Supreme” by John Coltrane.


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