Hello from A Different Drum!   This is Todd, and I have a few new arrivals in the store to tell you about.   Also, for those of you planning to order CD’s as gifts for yourself or others this holiday season, please keep in mind that shipping takes a bit longer this time of year.   Please plan ahead and place any gift orders sooner, rather than waiting until the last minute.   I’m already slower on shipping due to my work schedule these days, but the post office itself can get backed-up as the holidays approach.


Felix Marc “Parallel Worlds” $20 — Felix Marc presents his 2nd solo album, and it’s even more upbeat this time, with a futurepop tinge, taking on a sound quite like his band, Frozen Plasma.   I’m sure that fans won’t be disappointed.   Check out a video for one of the songs and order the CD here :

Mental Discipline “Fallen Stars” (CDEP) $12 — This is a Russian import CD with an uptempo electronic edge, also featuring the vocals of Felix Marc, as well as contributions from People Theatre.   There are seven versions of the title track, plus three bonus tracks on this CD.   You can listen to the title track, see the complete track list, and order the CD here :

Hurts “Blood Tears and Gold” (MCD) $11 — Yes, it seems that Hurts will end up releasing every track from their incredible “Happiness” album as a single.  This is the latest, featuring a bonus remix, “Lotus Eaters On My Mind Remix by Pantha Du Prince”.   So, it is a 2-tracker, like the others, and mostly a piece for the ultra-fans and collectors.   Order the CD single here :

Various Artists “Blank and Jones Presents So80’s Volume 6” (3CD) $30 — The incredible 80’s compilation series continues with volume 6.  It is once again loaded with classic extended versions from the 80’s, some of which are very hard to find elsewhere.   The first disc features the non-stop mix from Blank & Jones, while the next two discs feature the full-length originals.   80’s fans can’t go wrong with this collection.  Order the latest volume here :

Remember, if you’re ever looking for a good deal to toss in with your new release orders, feel free to check the “discount bin” where items go to clearance prices before vanishing from A Different Drum’s store catalog.   You can always check the discount bin here :

Also of interest, you might enjoy checking out the top sellers from A Different Drum’s online catalog on any given week by looking here :

Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful weekend!


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