Hello friends!  This is Todd at A Different Drum.  I have three new releases to talk about, plus an email-only clearance sale on a few compilation CD’s.   First of all, here are the new releases…


Peter Heppner & Nena “Haus der drei Sonnen” (MCD) $11 — Actually, Nena gets top billing on the official single because she has been around for longer that Peter Heppner (remember that 80’s hit, “99 Luftballons” or “99 Red Balloons”).  But we modern synthpop fans know Peter well as the voice of Wolfsheim.   So, here is a duet with the two of them.   You can watch the music video and order the CD single here :

OMD “Sister Marie Says” (MCD) $11 — For the fans and collectors of OMD, this is the 2nd single from the new album.  This is one of the songs that sounds obviously like an 80’s throw-back from the band.  It is very synthpop, and very OMD.   The single features the radio version, plus the bonus track, “The Grand Deception”.   You can watch the rather dramatic video and order the single here :

Various Artists “Modern Synthpop Compilation Volume 2” $14

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