Hello once again from A Different Drum.  Well, I can’t believe the end of the year is coming!  2010 seems to have rushed by very quickly, which is probably a testament to my age (or my stress level) or something like that.  Anyway, with each year I’m getting older, but I’m not tired of this music!  It’s still a joy to let you know about new items that come into the store.   So, here ya go!


Pet Shop Boys “Together” (MCD) $11 — This is the new single from the recent compilation release “Ultimate”.  So, if you just want the new song without picking up another hits collection, this is the best way to get it, along with the extended version and two exclusive bonus tracks called “Glad All Over” and “I Cried for Us”.   You can watch the video for the title track and order the single here :

Parralox “Metropolis” (limited 1st edition) $20 — This is the third sensational album from one of the hottest acts in synthpop to came around in recent years, featuring ultra-catchy tunes and a female vocal lead that sings one song after another sounding like a could-have-been 80’s hit.  They have that Abba-esque knack for pop songs that makes them irresistible.  You can listen to audio samples and order the limited first edition of the CD here :

Various Artists “Electropop 5” $20 — This is the latest installment in the popular synthpop compilation series.   If you want to keep up on the latest tunes from the scene and enjoy having exclusive extended versions and remixes, this series is perfect!  This new edition features tracks by Christopher Anton, Neuropa, Daybehavior, Haberdashery, Hyperbubble, and more.  See the complete track list and order the CD here :

Alphaville “Catching Rays on Giant” $26 — After several years, one of the legends of synthpop and new wave is back with a new album!  I haven’t had a chance to listen to anything but the single since I’ve been madly shipping all the pre-orders as fast as possible and haven’t kept a copy for myself yet.   You can order the regular edition of the album here :

Limited edition of Alphaville’s album:

Yes, I took pre-orders for the limited edition of “Catching Rays on Giant” which features a bonus DVD and comes in gate-fold digipack.   I have been receiving those limited editions from Germany in spurts and I want to get all the pre-orders covered before I offer it again on A Different Drum’s website.   A couple of my sources have been shipping them only in small quantities, and so I want to be sure everybody who already paid for one gets it first.  Once I’ve finished with those pre-orders, I WILL list the limited edition again…once I know how many extras I have.   So, if you want the limited edition and didn’t pre-order, just wait a bit longer.  I should know by the end of next week how many I have left (when my final copies arrive).

Thanks for your support!  I look forward to what 2011 can bring! 

Note concerning phone service:   I have had a lot of fun over the years talking to many of you on the phone.  I remember spending hours and hours playing music over the phone back in the “old days” when I had a physical storefront and people around the country would call to hear samples of the new De/Vision or KieTheVez album, etc.  I’d prop the phone by a speaker and skip through a few tracks.   In fact, talking about music with people around the world has been one of the great pleasures of my job. 
With that said, I just wanted to let people know that I am not in my office as much these days due to limitations on my time from other employment (particularly in the late afternoon and evenings).  So, I often don’t get my calls and I’m surprised later to discover a pile of phone messages that I didn’t know I had because I’m so focused on getting through my emails and orders, etc.   So, please forgive me if I’m not answering your call.  Remember that I check my email regularly and can get back to you very quickly that way.   If you like to place orders by phone, feel free to try back, or leave your order information on voice mail for me.   You’re more likely to catch me here in the mornings, so you can call then.   It’s actually more likely you’ll reach me by calling back the next morning rather than leaving a voice mail that I may not hear for a while. 
Anyway, that’s not big news or anything, but I keep feeling bad about missing messages or not returning calls as quickly as I used to, etc.  Don’t give up on me!  Just shoot me an email or call me back again soon.  I wish I had more time to focus on the music business, but alas, a guy’s gotta make a living 🙂



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