Hello friends of A Different Drum!  Once again, too much time has gone by without any word from me about what has arrived in A Different Drum’s store. Sorry about the wait.  Life can get busy.  Well, here is what has most recently arrived for the fans of fun, synthpop music…


The Frozen Autumn “Chirality” $15 — This is the latest offering from a band that has graced the synthpop underground for several years and several albums, playing a lush, atmospheric synthpop sound that blends in elements of darkwave or new wave along the lines of early, synthy Clan of Xymox.  You can order the new CD here :

Mind.in.a.Box “Revelations” $15 — These guys are quickly becoming the premier “futurepop” band, taking their danceable, electronic sounds to new, creative heights with each passing album, combing melodic elements with hard-hitting, edgy sounds with ease.  You can listen to a preview and order the new CD here :

Waiting for Words “Follow the Signs” $14 — We’ve had some previous releases from this underground synthpop act before, and now the latest has arrived.  It blends synthpop and some old new wave influences for a creative, unique sound.   You can listen to samples on the band’s website here: http://www.waitingforwords.com/en/disco.html  But I’d of course be happy to ship you the CD if you’d like to order it here :

And One “Back Home” (CDEP) $12 — It’s time again!  And One is back with new tunes on this EP, featuring three versions of the title track, plus three bonus tracks.  It’s the usual, punchy, fun And One sound and should get you dancing, even against your will.   You can listen to a track and order the CD here :

Apoptygma Berzerk “Ashes to Ashes” (Limited Edition Vinyl) $24 — Back in 1991 Apoptygma Berzerk released an EP called “Ashes to Ashes” which sold out and was a rarity for lucky collectors.  Now it is re-released in a limited edition vinyl with only 500 copies worldwide.  It is a white vinyl 12-inch with a scratch-n-sniff label.   Once again, collectors can go crazy picking up a piece of Apoptygma Berzerk history.  Order the limited edition vinyl here  (I only have a few):

Well, that’s all for now.  Hopefully some more new music will arrive soon, and hopefully I’ll be quicker to write my update.  Keep in mind that I do tweet when I receive new releases if you want to know about it faster.  You can follow my on Twitter here :

For example, I tweeted when the new Mind.in.a.Box and The Frozen Autumn CD’s arrived a week ago, but just didn’t have time to write my update until now.

Thanks for your support and friendship!


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