Hello once again from A Different Drum!   I’ll begin this little update with a note to the VIP subscribers– the CD for October is shipping this week to all subscribers, so you’ll have your limited edition T-4-2 CD’s in hand very soon!

Now for the CD’s that have arrived in A Different Drum’s store during the last few days…


VNV Nation “Automatic” $15 — The latest album from the futurepop icon is perhaps the most “pop” friendly of the last few with a feeling more like their classic “Empires” CD.  There are a couple potential anthems on this album, for sure.   You can listen to a collection of samples from the album and order the CD here :

Erasure “Tomorrow’s World” (Limited 2CD) $18 — I have a couple copies of the limited 2CD edition of Erasure’s latest album in stock for those who have not picked it up yet.  The bonus disc is loaded with remixes and extras for the fans and collectors.   Watch a video for the first single and order the 2CD here :

Absolute Body Control “Wind (re) Wind” $15 — This is a band that has been around for quite some time in the European underground and is recently coming back into the synthpop picture.   They play a minimal synthpop approach with a sometimes brooding undertone and a retro vibe.   You can listen to one of the songs from the album and order the CD here :

Farmacia “Desorden Obsesivo Compulsivo” $16 — This is the 2nd album from the ultra-bouncy, bubbly, light-hearted synthpop act from Argentina.  The lyrics are once again in Spanish, and the mood is all about bleepy, groovy fun.   You can watch a video for one of  the songs from the album and order the CD here :

Further notes…

If you are a collector of Rename, I have only 4 copies of the latest limited edition promo CDR.  It’s a double-single featuring the remixes of “Never Stop!” and “In the Future” from the “Evolution” album.  There are 13 total tracks on the disc, including old fashioned extended versions, as well as “bonus beats”, “acapella” mixes, etc.

I also have a couple of the re-released edition of the excellent album “Sunrise” by Lakeside X.  The band was originally called Lakeside Church when the album was released years ago.  It is one of the memorable downtempo synthpop / new wave albums of the last ten years, in my opinion.   You can pick up a copy now, if you’d like.

Also, I have been shipping De/Vision 2CD remix albums and the import single, but quickly ran out of the German edition.  I’ll have more of that one soon for you collectors who want every possible configuration and track 🙂


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