Hello friends of A Different Drum and fans of cool, electronic pop from around the world!  It’s time for an update to let you know what came into the store during the last couple of weeks.   There’s some fun stuff to talk about this time, for sure!


Lowe “Evolver” $14 — The third album by this top-notch synthpop act from Sweden does not disappoint with their usual solid production and knack for writing memorable songs.  I’ve always looked at these guys as a sort of crossbreed of Depeche Mode and New Order, with plenty of modern synthpop tossed into that classic approach.  You can listen to a couple of songs and order the new CD here :

Babylonia “Motel la Solitude” $18 — This latest album from the Depeche Mode influenced synthpop act from Italy has been out for a while, but I’ve had a hard time getting it, until now!   If you haven’t picked it up yet, then here is your chance.  I should be able to keep it in stock for a while now.   You can listen to one of the songs and order the CD here :

Tenek “EP2” (CDEP) $8 — These fellows are picking up steam as they crank out great synthpop music on a regular basis.  If you remember the band The Nine from the 90’s, then this is basically a modern incarnation featuring the front man, Geoff Pinckney and his band mate Peter Steer.   You can check out their latest music video and order this nice 6-track mini-album on CD here :

Zynic “Dreams in Black and White” (MCD) $12 — The debut album by Zynic really caught the attention of the synthpop community.   I sold out of A Different Drum’s supply very quickly and have been struggling to get more copies back in stock.  Now there are two singles featuring remixes and bonus tracks.   Listen to the title track and order the CD single here :

Zynic “My Personal Kryptonite” (MCD) $12 — This is the 2nd CD single from the top-notch German synthpop act, Zynic, loaded again with remixes and extras.  You can listen to the title track and order the CD single here :

Anosphere “One and All” $20 — For fans of space synth (melodic, old-school instrumental synthpop) you’ll be happy to know that another sci-fi influenced album is now out from Anosphere.   You can listen to a track and order the CD here :

Autodafeh “Act of Faith” $14 — This is the EBM, hard-edged side-product of the band Endless Shame.  They pump up the hard-hitting beats and dark vocals for an electronic stomp-fest.   You can watch a video and order the new CD here :

Neuropa “Plastique People – European Edition” $20 — For those who missed the limited edition VIP release of the latest album by Neuropa, or for collectors who like to pick up every edition, there is now a European release of Plastique People.   If features all the delicious pop tunes you’d expect from Neuropa, along with three extra remixes.   You can order the European CD edition here :

Also, for the VIP subscribers, you’ll be receiving your special re-release edition of the “Fifty Three Degrees North” album by Northern Kind in the next few days as they work through the mail.  If you’re interested in catching up entirely with the band’s fine works, you can once again order their 2nd studio album, “Wired” right here :

Well, I hope you find some great new music in this update to explore.  Thanks for your much appreciated support!  Have a great weekend!

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