Hello once again from the cold land of synthpop.  Not that the music is cold (well…sometimes) but it’s cold outside!  Hopefully I can warm us all up with a new batch of new arrivals in A Different Drum’s store:


Celluloide “Hexagonal” (Limited Edition 2CD) $26 — This popular synthpop act from France is back with a new album, this time mostly sung in their native language.    Prepare for bounce, cool synths with a smooth, relaxed female vocal lead, and it fits the French lyrics perfectly.    The limited edition features a bonus 8-track CD with extra remixes.  Listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Celluloide “Hexagonal” $20 — The regular edition of the album is also available.  You can also watch a cute animated video for one of the songs on the order page.   Order the CD here :

Alice in Videoland “A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You” $15 — This is the latest offering from the new wave, electronic rockers.   If you like your pop with a little sass, then you’ll enjoy this one.   Check out the audio samples and order the CD here :

Absolute Body Control “”Shattered Illusion” $20 — This is a band that has been around since the early 80’s making synthesizer pop music.  Well, I hadn’t really heard of them until recently.   This new album comes 29 years after their first 7-inch vinyl and cassette tape release, yet it still sounds like an underground 80’s synthpop band to me, like something obscure from a lost era.   Listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Absolute Body Control “Tapes 81-89” (5CD) $56 — I mentioned above that the history of this band goes back to the very early 80’s.  Most of that history was released on cassette tapes.   This CD box set includes the music from those old tapes, so you can really hear the underground music these guys were cranking out in the early days.   You can see the complete track list and order the box set here :

Haushetaere “Syndicate” $20 — This is a new act imported from Europe with a female vocal lead and generally dark, moody music.  They tend to cover much of the spectrum from darkwave to futurepop and industrial dance.   With song titles like “Sunshine is My Destroyer” and “Cold Feel” you know that they play electronic music on the more gothic side of the spectrum.  Listen to audio samples and order the CD here :

Welle:Erdball “Die Singles 1993 – 2010” (10CD box set) $60 — This large, impressive box collects 10 CD’s of singles covering this unique German band’s history.  They’ve always been a bit on the crazy side, singing in German of retro technology, making me think of acts like Devo with a lot of flare and a unique identity.   There are 3,000 of these boxes worldwide, and you collectors can grab it here while I have a couple left.   You can see the complete track list and order here :

Covenant “United States of Mind” (limited edition colored vinyl) $24 — This piece is for ultra fans and collectors only!  It is a vinyl release of the classic Covenant album on picture-disc with the band photo on one side and the album artwork on the other.  There are 500 numbered copies worldwide.  You can order it here :

Various Artists “Advanced Electronics Vol. 8” (2CD+DVD) $30 — The next in the popular series is here, once again featuring 2 CD’s of the latest industrial dance and electro music, plus a DVD with bonus video clips and life performances.   You can see the complete track list  and order here :

I’ve also updated the Synthpop Radio Player to include some new tracks from these releases.   You can listen to new music here :

That’s all for this week!   Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful day!