Hello friends of A Different Drum!  This is Todd with a little update.  Well…it’s a little update, but the news might seem a little bit big.  Sorry I’ve been silence for several weeks.

As you know, A Different Drum stopped being my full-time job a few years ago and has only been a hobby that I have kept alive on the side for a while, though it has not been a profitable business for a long time.  I’ve kept it alive out of a love of the music and the artists I’ve been privileged to work with for twenty years.

As my children have grown and my life’s focuses have had to change, I have had to think a lot about what I want to do with A Different Drum.  It has been such a big part of my life for so long that it feels like a child in itself. As you’ve noticed, I’ve trimmed my online store selections down to a trickle, while focusing my attention on the unique, limited edition releases through A Different Drum’s VIP program. I’ve decided that this transition will become complete before 2014 is over.


http://www.adifferentdrum.com will cease to exist as an online store by the end of the year. I’ve had a great time running the mail-order for many years, but time no longer permits me to do so as I turn my attention to other endeavors which I hope can ultimately provide me with a living (that is, after all, very important).

I have quite a bit of inventory still on hand, and from this point, that inventory will be liquidated at a huge discount, by degrees. I will begin by placing a 20% discount on the website for two or three weeks.  Then I will take what remains and increase the discount for a while, etc.  If you want to wait for a deeper discount, that is fine, but realize that any item which sells out will not be restocked and you will have missed your chance.  So, maybe order what you want most at an earlier date, and then wait for other items to see if they go lower.  It’s up to you.

The 20% discount will show up in the shopping cart once you proceed to checkout!  You will see the regular prices listed while shopping.

Because the website is programmed to exclude the newest releases, there may be a couple items which do not discount, which includes this one:

De/Vision “25 Years – Best Of Tour 2013” DVD $18
Click here to see the tracks and pre-order if you want one:

Since A Different Drum’s early days include De/Vision as a key part of the label and store, I still think it is cool to offer their latest DVD for anybody who wants to pick it up.  I will only order as many as I need to fill orders placed during the next two weeks, so pre-order one ASAP if you want it.  Again, these will ship once I have them, and I will not order extras.

MY EBAY AUCTIONS of bulk CD’s will continue in the ongoing weeks.  Watch here for those EBay auctions:

Once again I give a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all of you who have been a huge part of A Different Drum and of my life for so long! It has been a wonderful journey!


The VIP Subscriptions are continuing as planned. The above announcement is concerning A Different Drum’s online store.  As VIP subscribers, you have received the limited edition releases without needing to order them through the store, and you will continue to get them in the mail. 

The VIP Subscribers are very special to me because they are the die-hard fans and collectors who have allowed A Different Drum to release new music for the last three years.  They’ve purchased many releases in advance, without even knowing what was to come, just because they wanted to support new synthpop artists, and that is an amazing thing to realize! Many CD’s exist in physical format because of these few people true fans, so thanks!  I will probably make some more of those unique, EBay offers to the VIP’s even while the clearance is continuing. As deserved, you should have first shot at the good deals.

Todd Durrant

PS.  If there is anybody out there who feels like they want to take on the mantle of A Different Drum’s online store, then feel free to email me. I guess I should keep that possibility open, for what it is worth 🙂

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