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xARKANEx is a one man project by IkonX the brother of Spyros Giasafakis of Daemonia Nymphe and Fiendish Nymph in which they both played part in. Arkane differs from these previous projects in that Pandelis explores more ambient-based expressions, which culminate, into a soundtrack of one man’s mysterious and fantastic imaginative world. Arkane’s debut album, with the Fossil Dungeon, titled “Arcane Elitism” is a tapestry of various influences ranging from the bombastic and ritualistic to the melancholic and majestic, all woven together by threads of ambient atmospheres that reminisce of old Hellenic traditions. Inspired by the forgotten mystery cults and mythologies of ancient Greece, Arkane sets out to ignite the spirit of the past through its meditative compositions.

Chain D.L.K.: How did Arkane come to be on The Fossil Dungeon and how do you enjoy your stay so far?
xARKANEx: xARKANEx were corresponding with The Riddick brothers Of The Fossil Dungeon for quite a long time since I sent them a CD-R copy Of ARCANE ELITISM which they obviously liked, hence they proposed me a deal to work with them. I’m very much interested in their work with the label and I am very proud and joyful to have the opportunity to work with them. We are more like a team than a strict Label-band connection and that co-operation between The Fossil Dungeon and xARKANEx is working out very well.

Chain D.L.K.: Arcane Elitism, to me, has strong sound similarities to the Front Line Assembly side-project Will. Are you familiar with this project and was it an influence in any way or is this sheer coincidence?
xARKANEx: That connection you find between xARKANEx and Will in terms of musical similarities finds me utterly ignorant in that case, as I have never heard that band you mention. It makes me curious though, to get hold of Will’s music as to discover if there is actually some musical connection between the two projects but I must admit I’m quite skeptical about it, until off course I assure this comparison myself.

Chain D.L.K.: How did Arkane come into existence after Daemonia Nymphe?
xARKANEx: When I parted ways with Daemonia Nymphe, I felt the need for accomplishing my own project, visualising my musical visions and aesthetics – That was the ignition of the creation of xARKANEx – a project that was my own personal case –

Chain D.L.K.: Why Greek? Is this an influence of heritage or something else?
xARKANEx: Simply because I come from Greece and it is off course my Heritage as you mentioned…Although my music has little to do with the Hellenic Past (in terms of Playing strict Ancient Hellenic Music, using Ancient scales, instruments) an ancient Hellenic vibe is all obvious and its perfectly matched by the lyrical pedestal which refers to The Hellenic Mythology, Mythos, Cults with an emphasis given to the Female Goddesses and Deities which I find them much more attractive and seductive, at least for the kind of atmosphere I want to create.

Chain D.L.K.: How does Arkane fit in with pagan-Goth artists like Butterfly Messiah and The Shroud?
xARKANEx: Although the aforementioned bands have nothing to do with xARKANEx in terms of musical style, they have things in common such as the certain dark atmosphere we all create plus the Paganistic pedestal and therefore they can all fit under the big family we are in The Fossil Dungeon.

Chain D.L.K.: What about the “forgotten” mystery cults you mention – what can you tell us about that and what is your interest in them?
xARKANEx: The forgotten mystery cults have more to do with the neglected and abandoned values of our forefathers -The Ancient Ethos and Pride – The Ancient European Past in general which tends to be lost and substituted by this New World Order which is imposed to the masses.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you think Americans will ever catch on to the whole neo-folk musical genres or do you think the mentality is not ripe for it yet?
xARKANEx: I have no idea if you fellow Americans will ever catch up with this mostly European style of Music, Neo-classical / Neo-Folk and so on, and as far as I am informed from my label, it will probably take some more time if it comes over there at all, that is, which is quite disappointing as I am certain that there are groups of people in the USA who are into that dark style of music…all in all, Time shall tell…

Chain D.L.K.: What are some of your favorite neo-folk artists and why?
xARKANEx: Daemonia Nymphe is one of the most promising Neo Folk Artists of all times and album by album they become even better and better…To be honest I mostly prefer bands with more neoclassical approach such as ARCANA, THE PROTAGONIST, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, 15 DELIGHTS OF DIONYSUS, HEKATE (which is a mixture of Neoclassical and Neo Folk), CHAOSTAR and off course xARKANEx without off course forgetting the old masters DEAD CAN DANCE, IN THE NURSERY, COCTEAU TWINS, VANGELIS, and LOREENA MCKENNIT

Chain D.L.K.: What other influences have greatly affected your works?
xARKANEx: Apart from the bands I mentioned, my deepest influence came from Dark/atmospheric Soundtracks such as CONAN, DRACULA, BASIC INSTICT, HELLRAISER, GLADIATOR and all other pieces of art that have touched my heart. .

Chain D.L.K.: Where would you like to see your project go and what are your goals with it?
xARKANEx: I want to create the music that comes from inside my inner depth and as long as I do that successfully, I’m quite happy…now, if my music touches the souls of the audience and seduces their senses, that off course is my ultimate goal –

Chain D.L.K.: Are you currently involved with any old or new projects aside form Arkane and if so what should we look for?
xARKANEx: Not at all. At the moment my major concern is xARKANEx exclusively as I’m quite busy with promoting my project, doing interviews by email and even going to radio stations in my country as well as sending emails to interested people, plus preparing some tracks for some compilations that will feature xARKANEx and last but not least, composing new tracks for upcoming opus…

Chain D.L.K.: Okay I have to ask, why all the x’s in the names and would you properly file it under A’s or X’s?
xARKANEx: The Xs in between the word ARKANE, was to distinguish it among the various bands that might have a similar name as off course to avoid any possible confusion. . Personally I could categorize it under the file of A…

Chain D.L.K.: Being a fan of researchers like Joseph Campbell myself do you think modern generations are seriously lacking in ritual and what do you see the purpose of ritual to be to you personally?
xARKANEx: xARKANEx is not a religious, Political and idealistic project by any means. . Therefore I wish not to discuss further details about my personal views whatever, however my music can be characterized as a Ritual itself, at least My own personal ritual…

Chain D.L.K.: Is your study of ritualistic and occult matters a serious endeavor and what do you think of artists who use such imagery as just “smoke and lights”to boost their image?
xARKANEx: Most of all, I care about music. If a band can produce music that touches my senses, I don’t even care about what image they use, if its a fake one or not as long as their music is godly, xARKANEx though both give much emphasis on nice music and interesting image- that is mostly used to match together in unison as to achieve the Perfect “Dark” combination.

Chain D.L.K.: I guess we better cut this short or we could continue forever. Do you have anything you’d like to add or any special words for your fans?
xARKANEx: Because talk is cheap, You can visit the official xARKANEx website at http//xarkanex. realnoise. net find further info there as well as downloading samples from the debut album ARCANE ELITISM out on The Fossil Dungeon. My email for any kind of communication you may wish to do is xarkanex@hotmail. com You can order My album thru me- email me for details…I hope to hear from Thee…

Chain D.L.K.: Thanks a lot for this opportunity! It was fun and I wish you and your label all the best.
xARKANEx: Thanx very Much for this indeed very interesting interview and thanx especially for giving voice to xARKANEx. Dark Regards!

[interviewed by TG Mondalf] [proofreading by TG Mondalf]


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