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After a year or two of silence, the ball of love and tenderness that is :Wumpscut: is back to chaos reign! For those who’ve been living under a rock for the longest time, his sound is akin to old school Leatherstrip (circa “Fit For Flogging”) gone through a filter of pure and utter evil and nihilism. And it has easily one of the largest cult followings. Anyhow, discussing his new re-release,”Preferential Legacy/Music for A German Tribe” and the upcoming “Bone Peeler” is the one and only Rudy Ratzinger, who will tell us about the methods behind the madness…

Chain D.L.K.: I remember we interviewed you some time ago, that was the issue that got me into ChainD.L.K. in the first place. Without: W: on the cover I may not even be at this magazine! So how have you been in the meantime?
:Wumpscut:: Fine!

Chain D.L.K.: So, about the new CD and the collection set, “Preferecial Legacy” and “Music For A German Tribe”… Are these ones on the latter CD b-sides, or ones that were made along the way to what would be on disc? Or even alternate versions of songs already released?
:Wumpscut:: No, both old releases were put on as original versions. I don’t see the necessity for the fans to pay 100s of EUR for a piece of vinyl and a piece of silver while you only get self-burnt copies at lower prices at very bad quality and completely out of reach (well, on Ebay it is). When I did BlutKind, I got 3 (THREE) complaints because if features some of the limited tracks from very old days, for PLGT I got not even 1 (ONE) – The: W: tribe is hungry out there. Moreover, I’m adding 2 new tracks (“All Cried Out”, the first: W: cover version ever and “Overkill”, a typical: W: killer) and many other pearls I found in my blood-crusted studio.

Chain D.L.K.: You also have a CD of all new material underway, reportedly called “Bone Scraper” or something like that.
:Wumpscut:: Bone Peeler.

Chain D.L.K.: What is the direction of this new CD?
:Wumpscut:: No idea – It is not done yet, and I don’t think about what I am creating…

Chain D.L.K.: Recently there was a story about a German student who murdered people, all the while being into: W: heavily (of course idiots don’t look at the Satanist aspect, they go through their CD collection! LOL). Did this bring more notoriety to the band over there, or did it just come and go?
:Wumpscut:: Well, I am sure: W: got some attention in July 2001 when it happened, but meanwhile, this part is history…New goals, new aims…

Chain D.L.K.: Do people give you dirty looks over it in public or do they realize you had no part in it?
:Wumpscut:: No, not at all

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us how you found out about newcomers Dismantled. Anymore newcomers you’re pulling into the spotlight?
:Wumpscut:: I like the WOB remix Dismantled did very much, but I haven’t heard any new material at all – What a shame…No newcomers at the moment…

Chain D.L.K.: What are the plans for the next single?
:Wumpscut:: No idea – too early to ask. A WILD one, maybe?

Chain D.L.K.: I’ve always read you have a no touring policy… I’m curious as to why, and if you are warming up to the idea as time goes along. We’d gladly welcome you over here in America!
:Wumpscut:: I’m sure about that, but rest assured not even Germany sees: W: live. No fun for me, so it simply will not happen. My self-set level is much too high to reach…

Chain D.L.K.: Is there a particular theme to the new CD of new work?
:Wumpscut:: Bones will get peeled – very thoroughly!

Chain D.L.K.: Could the current situation in Iraq play any part?
:Wumpscut:: No.

Chain D.L.K.: I’ve heard people bitch before about: W: ’s use of merchandising, yet I’ve always backed up that you use the money to keep the label up and going. Am I correct?
:Wumpscut:: No, : W: merchandising is just a small thing aside and has nothing to do when it comes about running the label Beton Kopf Media.

Chain D.L.K.: Ok, imagine you are planning a wedding for two loyal over the top: :Wumpscut:: troopers. What would it look like?
:Wumpscut:: Kiss the bride – she earned it

Chain D.L.K.: Any videos or such planned in the future?
:Wumpscut:: No.

Chain D.L.K.: Any words of advice or cryptic foretellings for us before we go?
:Wumpscut:: In Fear Of Everything We See In Fear Of Death And MiseryWe Call The Court We Cast The Runes And Pray To God For Our Fortunes: OVERKILL:

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[interviewed by Shaun Hamilton]


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