Chain D.L.K.: Hello, Wire Vein! Welcome to ChainDLK. Please introduce yourself! How did you meet? Tell us about your band.


Wire Vein:  Hi, my name is Rick Sandoval of Wire Vein and I’m the music composer of this terror/ebm/industrial project. I started this music project back in the middle of August, 2006,  as a studio music project. I went through different musical phases before Wire Vein which was Industrial/Metal and EBM/Industrial electronic music with other partners. It took me a long time to find Gregory (of Fatal Rupture) whom I am pleased to have as vocalist for Wire Vein. We’ll be releasing a track called ‘We Burn’ on the Synthetic Rage CD compilation by Engrave Ritual Records which will be released in October.   We have a couple of shows lined up for Tijuana in October and November. It will be great.


Chain D.L.K.: You live close to the border between USA and Mexico. Tell us about the area, does it affect how your music comes about? Are you influenced by both cultures? Which culture do you feel closer to?


Wire Vein: Yes, I live about 45 minutes away from Tijuana in Logan Heights, California.  Logan Heights is a peaceful area where a lot of Mexican-Americans reside. It’s different from where I used to live in San Francisco. My neighborhood there was more multicultural with Central Americans, Italians, etc. My early musical influences date back from the metal genre to the 90’s Industrial/Gothic music. Skinny Puppy and FLA are my main influences but also I’m influenced by Mexican Industrial bands like Hocico, Amduscian, and Cenobita.  I identify myself more of the Mexican Industrial-scene since I am half Mexican and Salvadorean. There’s a lot of Spanish vocals that are sung harshly by my favorite Industrial artists from Mexico. But I also like the North American Industrial-scene as well.


Chain D.L.K.: What pushed you to start making music in the first place (as individuals and as a band)?


Wire Vein: I started out as a guitarist at age 11.  KISS got me into rock guitar.  I would listen to their albums at my school on a record player.  Later on, as I started progressing in metal-guitar music, I got into metal bands like The Scorpions, Dokken, Metallica, and Exodus.  I started playing in various bands that got me into composing more of the music.


Chain D.L.K.: What do your songs talk about? How do you compose, do you have a particular method?


Wire Vein: Some of our songs talk about transformation from human to cyborg based on my interests in Cyber-Punk literature. I compose on keyboards and use sequences from the computer. I do a lot of sound design on the synths so I can create electronic music on my DAW system.


Chain D.L.K.: What are your favorite instruments and/or computer programs you use to compose music?


Wire Vein: My favorite instruments are Novation, Access, Waldorf and various vst-instruments. I use Steinberg Cubase 5.0, Reason 5.0, Sound Forge 10 and other various audio plug-ins and vst-instruments.


Chain D.L.K.: Where can we get your music? Do you have a new release and/or video coming out?


Wire Vein: We’re only going to release a two-track demo but we’ll be coming out with the Synthetic Rage compilation. For those who are interested in checking out our songs, our music can be heard on Wire Vein’s Facebook page. I posted a few videos clips on like ‘We Burn’, which is a home-made video using the Arkaos VJ visual-program. Also, we have some live footage clips from Tijuana at Club Respekt.


Chain D.L.K.: Is Wire Vein your only music project? Are you working on other projects and/or remixes?


Wire Vein: For now Wire Vein, with Gregory as vocalist and lyricist, is the only music project that I am focusing on.  Darks of Heaven (from Chula Vista) may do a remix of a Wire Vein song.  But it’s just Wire Vein that I am focusing on presently.


Chain D.L.K.: Where do you perform? Do you have a venue that you prefer?


Wire Vein: So far, Wire Vein has performed in Tijuana but we have done one show for Collapse in San Diego. I really liked that venue, The Office (in San Diego) and I would like perform there again in the near future.


Chain D.L.K.: What do you love doing when you are not doing music? How do you spend your free time?


Wire Vein: Well sometimes I like to go the clubs in Tijuana where my friends Djay. I have been to some clubs in San Diego like Sabbat which I found cool. I’m also enrolled in school studying to get my A+ certificate in computer repair. And I spend some time chatting with friends on Facebook as well.


Chain D.L.K.:  Who inspires you most? Any bands or composers?


Wire Vein: Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai are my rock-guitar inspirations. And for Industrial music it’s Cevin Key of Skinny Puppy and Michel Jean Jarre.


Chain D.L.K.: What would you like to tell our readers? Suggestions? Do you have suggestions for children and people who would like to start playing music?

Wire Vein: I would say to try out different instruments when making music. There’s no limit to learning an instrument whether it’s guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals, etc. Also, it’s always good to learn music theory and harmony because it helps a lot when it comes to composing music. I studied a lot of music theory in high school and community college. It helped me a lot.


Chain D.L.K.: Ask yourself a question and answer it!


Wire Vein: Where do I want to travel next for a show with Wire Vein?
Los Angeles!


Chain D.L.K.: Do you have a website? Facebook?


Wire Vein: Yes, we have a Facebook page. You can check our music and photos there.  We’ll be posting more mp3s of our songs soon.
Thank you very much for the interview and see ya at the next Wire Vein show.



Visit Wire Vein at:


[Interview: Ant Dakini   Proofreading: Sergio Ordonez]



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