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Chain D.L.K.: Hi folks? First of all, a very difficult question… how are you?
Whispers In TheShadow: Thanks we are fine. Actually we are in the studio in this very momentrecording the forthcoming album “The Eternal Arcane”, which will beout in April next year. The recording process is going very well andI’m very happy with what we came up with so far.But I have to say that, don’t I? 😉

Chain D.L.K.: Congrats on the last act of your Into The Arms of Chaos repertoire.Very evocative… I found the narrative cuts of it it really impressiveand so are your musical skills in assembling such powerful imaginative”theatres”… A lot of bands depicted the so-called Nightside of Eden(Him, Therion and so on)… how do you imagine it?
Whispers In TheShadow: Thanks again. Yeah the whole album is a story and should be listenedto from the beginning to the end. Actually it is only the first albumof a 4 piece epic, each album will stand as one phase of thealchemistic process, into the arms of chaos can be seen as the”Nigredo” (“blackening”) .The term “the Nightside of Eden” comes froma English occultist called Kenneth Grant, he’s the last livingdisciple of Aleister Crowley and wrote a book with the same title.”The Nightside of Eden” is the other side of the cabbalistic tree oflife, if you are familiar with that stuff, it is the anti-thesis, thedark side without which there will be no bright side. As above sobelow – the cosmic code.

Chain D.L.K.: Your sound has been described as Goth Floyd… I’d call it Blake-ianGothic Rock…What would you say if you had to describe it yourself? Howwould you label it?
Whispers In TheShadow: “Blak-ian Goth”? Hey I kind of like that. I don’t have a problem ifpeople label our music, why should I? I think it is ridiculous of allthose band to say “we are making our own genre, we creating our ownscene”. I mean come one, since the 90’s there’s nothing really new inrock’n’roll, I don’t really see that as a problem and I am aware thatwe are not creating something completely new. I only want to createsomething I like, something I would love to listen to. So if peoplecall us a Goth Rock band, an Epic Rock Band or who the hell knowswhat, it’s fine with me as long as it fits. And “Blake-ian Gothic”…that’s actually sort of flattering though 😉 William Blake was agenius!

Chain D.L.K.: I know that most bands which insert esoteric references into theirlyrics don’t care whether they are understood… is it the same foryou? Are you afraid of being misunderstood?
Whispers In TheShadow: Well, I’m not afraid that I’m misunderstood with my lyrics andconcept, and I think that the music can stand alone, but if you reallywant to get into the whole thing, you should understand them a little.The concept is the tip of the iceberg and makes it complete.That’s why we did this special DVD edition of the album with a liveconcert and an interview were I try to explain what the heck this isall about, but I’m not telling the whole meaning of the songs, just afew hints so that people can think for themselves and maybe even havethe nerve to dwell into the subjects a little bit more. I was veryhappy about some letters telling me that since they heard the albumthey bought certain kind of books, and got into the whole occultstuff. What else can I ask for? I mean having such a great impact onpeople’s life is amazing!

Chain D.L.K.: For example, you mention Enki, a Sumerian god, the deity (amongother things) of intelligence… did you know that the word forintelligence in Sumerian (gestù) means also ear…? UTUQ XUL EDIN NA ZU!For a musician it is such a beautiful double choice of word… what doyou think about that?
Whispers In TheShadow: Yeah, good old Enki. I choose the Sumerian god simply because it isthe earliest cult we know of, all the archetypes can be hunted back tothose days. According to a writer called Zachariah Sitchin, theSumerian gods (the Annunaki) really existed and were some sort ofaliens and created the human kind. This theory is something I reallylike, even though I’m not sure if I really believe it. But if you lookat the human kind: we don’t fit here, we destroy everything we touch,simply because we are not from here, we are not part of this planet;we are not supposed to be here… that makes sense in a way, doesn’t it?But before I go more far out I rather stop here. ZI DINGIR TAMATUKANPA!By the way, the song “Damned Nation” is not the only one which dealswith the Sumerian pantheon. In Babylon Rising part 2 they returnagain.

Chain D.L.K.: So what would your biggest lie about the rising of Babylon be? Inthe bible Babylon is called the mother of lies, so that’s why I’masking…
Whispers In TheShadow: Well let’s talk about lies then: I hate those “I only the tell thetruth and never lie” fascist people, they are the biggest liars ofall, cause it is not true, everybody lies all the time, and there’snothing wrong with it as long as you don’t hurt someone with your lie.There’s another sample on the album which says: “What do you want, thetruth or something beautiful?” And believe me, most people are notready for the truth, at least the ones who think they’ve eaten thetruth with a big spoon.

Chain D.L.K.: A lot of sociologists argue that the spreading of esoteric beliefsshould worry mankind… what is your opinion on that?
Whispers In TheShadow: Christian sociologist I suppose? 😉 It depends, I mean you can’t putall esoteric believes in one bowl, there’s a lot of bullshit outthere, that is true, but there are also a lot of very wise men who’vewritten some amazing stuff. I believe that what we call magic will becompletely normal in, let’s say, 500 years, but it will be calledsomething different. As soon as man will have real power over his truewill, and that will happen some day, it’s evolution. But well maybewe’ll all bomb ourselves to death before that happens, that could be aproblem though.

Chain D.L.K.: You come from Austria… what about the Austrian gothic scene?
Whispers In TheShadow: There are a few clubs here in Vienna, it’s not as big as in Germanyfor example but that’s simply because Austria is a small country. Thebig difference between these days and a few years ago is that thegothic scene completely connected with the metal and electro scene,that’s why it is much bigger now. I’ve been doing some DJ stuff fromtime to time, but besides that I don’t go out very often, I’d rathertake a walk or read a book or write new songs, so I’m not really theright person to ask that question.

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Chain D.L.K.: What about the sometimes frightening track “Confessions”? What doesit refer to?
Whispers In TheShadow: “Confessions” is some sort of interlude before the final tracks of thealbum. I was always a big fan of dark ambient stuff such as “Raison DeEtre” or “Desideri Marginis”. This was the main influence to createthat “soundscape”, we never did something like that before so it wasabout time to try. It consists of all sort of samples from differentmovies I’ve seen meanwhile we wrote the album and is one of myfavourite tracks of that album, maybe some day we will do an ambientalbum, who knows?

Chain D.L.K.: Among your lyrics, my personal favorite ones are those you sung in”Down by the Sea”… What’s yours and why?
Whispers In TheShadow: The same! It is also my favourite song of the album because it is themost epic track we’ve came up with so far. The lyrics are veryinspired by my all time favourite writer H.P.Lovecraft (our band namewas inspired by one of his stories as well). It’s about dwelling intothe abyss, becoming part of the sea, following the call of Chtulhu.

Chain D.L.K.: What have you been reading and listening to as of lately?
Whispers In TheShadow: Their name is legion 😉 Some writers that inspired me areH.P.Lovecraft, as metioned, Algernon Blackwood (especially on the nextrecord), Arthur Machen, well the whole “weird fiction punch”, PhilipK. Dick, I really adore as well. On the occult side there are PeterCarroll’s books about Chaos Magic, Thomas Karlsson, Asenath Mason,Aleister Crowley and of course Austin Osman Spare which had a hugeinfluence on the song “Neither” and an even bigger influence in mylife.Music wise there are so many different kinds of things, besides theusual suspects like Fields of the Nephilim, The Cure, Sisters ofMercy, Siousxie, well the whole “old goth rock brigade”, I love postambient rock/metal stuff such as A Storm of Light, Battle of Mice, RedSparrowes, Isis, Cult of Luna, Sun O)))… but the best “new” band Idiscovered in a while is Bat for Lashes, which I really adore! It ispop music but in a Kate Bush kind of way, I love good pop music withan “arty” edge. And let’s not forget about Dead can Dance, I’minfluenced by them more than some might think.

Chain D.L.K.: After 5 releases and 2 live albums and a collection of remixes, whatdo you think about remixes collection? Have you enjoyed it? What areyour favorite ones?
Whispers In TheShadow: Yes I enjoyed it a lot; it was such an interesting experience to hearwhat other people made of our songs. The more far away they’ve camefrom the original versions the more I liked it. The whole RMXcollection became a far better album that I could have ever hoped for.We will certainly ask some people to remix a few of the new tracks aswell, and I’m already looking forward to that.

Chain D.L.K.: What about your forthcoming live performances? Have you noticed anyrelevant differences between audience reactions in the various placesyou played?
Whispers In TheShadow: Of course they are different in each country, even from town to town!You can feel that, and it is my obligation to move them; and by movingthem I mean to touch their hearts & souls rather than getting themdancing. Our music isn’t too “dancy” anyway, but that will change alittle with a few tracks from the next album.

Chain D.L.K.: I’ve never seen any of your live concerts but I can picture youperforming without any visibility from the audiences, while you playfrom inside a cave causing earthquakes in some nation of the globe…does that sound right? 😉
Whispers In TheShadow: Yeah back into the caves 😉 The Dark Cavemen return!It’s a good idea though. I would love to play in a cave and causeearthquakes in the mind of the listeners… that’s what we intend to do…shatter the minds.

Chain D.L.K.: If you could choose a band or a musician to perform with, who would it be?
Whispers In TheShadow: There are many, but I don’t really know which one I would choose.Of course it would be amazing to share a stage with Mr. David Bowie,but that will stay a dream I suppose, but hey, you asked 😉

Chain D.L.K.: Anything to add before this interview’s over?
Whispers In TheShadow: Create! Enjoy! Destroy!Explore your mind!Thanks for the support and interest!SHINE ON!

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