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: To start off, did you have other musical experiences before starting The Exaltics project? If so, can you talk about that?

The Exaltics: Mainly I was a Dj before I started The Exaltics project. I also had a studio with some friends of my where I was producing music. Nothing was released from those times and unfortunately all the tapes are lost. After we decided to do our own thing we sold the whole studio and I began to focus on The Exaltics. This was 6 years ago. Time flies!


Chain D.L.K.: What persuaded you to start recording as The Exaltics?

The Exaltics: I had many ideas in my head and a lot of music ready at the time and I wanted to finally release something. After all those years only producing music I was eager to hold my own first record in my hands. I had the feeling it was the right time to come out with my own stuff.


Chain D.L.K.: The main theme of all your tracks seems to be aliens invading planet earth. How did you pick up this theme?

The Exaltics: It is nothing new. It’s the old Sci-Fi story but I loved this theme in my tracks. I’m a big fan of the old B movies so I thought I could combine this with my music. But I think I will get away a little bit from this because I don’t want to stand still.


Chain D.L.K.: Since your tracks are all instrumentals, can you tell something about the writing process?

The Exaltics: I can’t say much about it because it happens on its own without much thinking and rules. Sometimes I start with beats sometimes with a melody. There is no mechanism.


Chain D.L.K.: How do you choose the theme and the title of the tracks?

The Exaltics: I always give titles after completing a track and having listened to it many times. Sometimes this is easy but when you have more and more tracks out you can wait a while and still find an interesting title. The most difficult part for me is to find a name for a complete release. I need weeks to come up with something.


Chain D.L.K.: On your music you mix techno, electro and a bit of acid, so it’s natural to ask something about your influences. Can you talk about your musical heroes?

The Exaltics: I have many influences from East German punk rock to Aphex Twin, UR or Drexciya. All of them are big influences on my music. I love the old Acid records on Bunker or Universal Indicator on Rephlex. I’m also addicted to melodies from Aphex or the early releases on Skam for example. I want to combine all these different feelings and influences in my music.


Chain D.L.K.: Have you ever had problems with genre purists because of the way you mix them?

The Exaltics: Not really, but I’m sure there are people out there who don’t like what I do. You can’t please everyone.


Chain D.L.K.: In these years you did several remixes. What’s your approach when you have to work on someone else’s music?

The Exaltics: I listen to the track, then I prepare all samples and then I let it flow. My ideas come while working on the mix. It’s a whole other process than producing your own tracks. It’s very interesting to make something of your own with sounds from another artists. I really like remixing!



Chain D.L.K.: You just released the second 12″ of the “The Exaltics meets…” series on Solar One. Who had the idea of this series and how has the feedback been?

The Exaltics: Nico and I had our regular meetings to talk about future projects. We had been thinking for a while about hitting up Gosub for a split release but we thought a split EP sounds too easy so we named it “The Exaltics meets…” and made a series from that. And because of the great feedback we want to continue this series. So there are no rules on how many installments there will be in the end. Part 3 will be with Elec Pt1. A complete Acid record. I really like  that it sounds completely different from the first 2 parts.


Chain D.L.K.: What does it feel like to have Gosub on Solar One?

The Exaltics: That was a great moment for us!!!


Chain D.L.K.: Do you think your music has evolved since the early days? How?

The Exaltics: I have found my own personality more I guess.


Chain D.L.K.: Did you ever think about using lyrics on some tracks?

The Exaltics: I have used some lyrics in the beginning but I’m not so good at writing lyrics. Do only what you are good at! So I don’t force myself to add lyrics to my tracks. That would sound like crap.


Chain D.L.K.: What’s the best collaboration you had so far?

The Exaltics: I can’t figure out what my best experience with labels or artists was. People are different and I try to get along with everybody I work with.  Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s stressful. I’m also a very fussy and sometimes impatient and I guess it’s also not easy with me sometimes, haha. But in the end it comes down to doing different projects. The whole process of creating something special is a project and in the end you laugh about some things that in the beginning were totally nerve-racking. So I don’t have a favorite collaboration. I’m happy with and proud of every collaboration I did these last few years.


Chain D.L.K.: “1000 Lights In The Sky Pt.2” and part of “Pt.3” are mainly focused on acid techno. Is that something you wanted to achieve from the start?

The Exaltics: I love Acid!!!


Chain D.L.K.: What’s your preferred gear?

The Exaltics: I dig the Minimoog.


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