Aftercloud “Looking back”: Aftercloud is a project of a guy named Fred, coming from Moscow, Russia and LOOKING BACK is his debut MCD. Pressed on only 25 copies, this MCD has five good melancholic atmospheric tunes driven by piano, drum machine and warm synth pads. In balance from ambient and electronic “Looking back”, “Like never before”, “Memory”, “One night” and “Water element” will lead you through dreamy lands with their cinematic feeling. Nice debut.


Escuadron de la Muerte & Argentum “Mörder”: Distortions, vocal samples, hypnotic noise, grinding death machines and industrial experimentation are the core of the sound you’ll find on these tracks born from the Escuadron De La Muerte and Argentum collaboration. In balance from power electronics (check the filtered vocals on “Confinamiento solitario”) and militaristic approach to sound, these high saturated sounds will make you question yourselves “why do I always listen to music with my headphones on?”.


Front Sonore “Les regrets du tempes passe”: Limited to 100 copies, this new Front Sonore CD contains nine new tracks where Julian mix martial atmospheres (historical samples / songs and orchestral loops), harsh noises and a bit of neo-folk on the main title thanks to the help of Sinweldi. Front Sonore on this album create a good atmosphere that sometimes “stumbles” on the forced styles of the genre.


Kaelteeinbruch & Catgirl “Extravagate”: Limited to 25 copies, EXTRAVAGATE brings to the attention of the SkullLine audience four new tracks. The opening one, the sixteen minutes long “The dark Tokjo angel lounge”, sounds like a disturbed industrial radio station playing its programs while an airbus is landing. The second one, “Bacl to my fire destroyed Berlin”, mix explosions to what seems to be Greta Garbo singing “Lili Marlene”. “I’ve lost you in a winter night 1942” sounds pretty the same, only the noises and song have been changed. The closing titled deals with war orchestral tunes, vocal samples and ton of noise. Let me say that I didn’t find nothing interesting in this one.


Karma Marata / Kristian Giorgini “And still remain”: Born from a SkullLine and UFA Muzak co-production, AND STILL REMAIN is a debut split album pressed in 120 copies where you’ll find four new tracks by Karma Marata and for by Kristian Giorgini, plus one collaborative song. Coming from east Germany, Karma Marata, compose good melancholic songs where German lyrics are declaimed while on the background violin, piano, accordion, orchestral sounds and militaristic percussion create a convincing and passionate atmosphere. Coming from Italy, Kristian Giorgini, composed four tracks with Italian lyrics where folk melodies meet electronic arrangements. It reminds me of an Italian band called C.S.I. “No days of glory” closes the album with Karma Marata playing a powerful track based on percussion, orchestra and choir samples with Kristian Giorgini on guest vocals.


RZ19.84 “Nisi Caste Saltem Caute”: Pressed on a 25 copies limited run, NISI CASTE SALTEM CAUTE is a new album by Riccardo Z. Dedicated to the memory of Peter Christopherson, RZ19.84, composed ten tracks improvising live, using a broken laptop and a tape deck. In balance from concrete music, experimental sounds and dark ambient. Try to imagine a nightmarish concerto recorded on the sea depth and you’ll have pretty much the idea on how NISI CASTE SALTEM CAUTE sounds.

Seuchensturm “Um jeden Preis!”: UM JEDEN PREIS! is the first and last full length album by Seuchensturm and it is available in a press run of 100 copies. The nine tracks of the album brings to the lovers of militaristic atmospheres, distorted percussive industrial orchestral tracks where samples coming from various sources (classical records, war speeches) enrich the minimal obsessive sound palette. Dark and bleak…


Striider “Voorwaarts!”: VOORWAARTS! is the debut album by Striider, musical project of Jornt, guy coming from Netherland. Jornt gathered thirteen tracks where he mixed dark ambient synth pads with sound of distand rumbling percussions, sparse orchestral sounds, samples of war conflicts and German chants. Powerful and intense but it doesn’t differ from many other releases of the genre.


Strywolf “Leaves of Grass”: LEAVES OF GRASS is a 50 copies CD released as bonus album available with “Dunkle Walder”, the newest Strywolf album released by SkullLine and Heitelan. On this one Wille delivers ten tracks of neo-folk where tambourine, acoustic guitar, piano, accordion create atmospheres with echoes of Forseti and Derniere Volonte. Really nice!


Thanatronic “Bellvm Omnivm Conta Omnes”: Coming from Argentina, Thanatronic delivers on SkullLine their 100 copies limited debut album. Mixing bombastic rhythms and neo-classical melodies/samples, Thanatronic on some tracks like “Alianza” or “El desequilibrio” use also sounds dear to dark ambient music. Alternating distorted drum beats and industrial noises Thanatronic aim to keep the tension level high.


Waffenruhe / Seuchensturm “Waffenbrueder”: This is the second edition of  WAFFENBRUEDER and it’s always limited to 100 copies and available with two different artworks. Compared to the first edition it has one bonus ghost track which, like the first, is a collaboration between the two projects. So, here you can find the original six tracks by Waffenruhe (they blend melancholic electronic sounds, neo-classical melodies and militaristic rhythms), six by Seuchensturm (their sound is darker and cinematic compared to Waffenruhe and more based on orchestral and vocal sample loops. On “Der schwarze Orden” is a nice melodic bomastic blend with vocals provided by Gassturm) plus the new ghost track which works well as “closing titles” track thanks to its epic / tragic atmosphere.


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