Kaskad” (already welcomed and reviewed on Chain DLK) comes out with his second single “Pereval” on his own new label Konstruktiv and has opened “a total new era of sound aesthetics” by creating “an energy and an atmosphere, you can not find anywhere else”, according to an introduction of the above-mentioned “Kaskad” taken from a renown German zine De-bug. Let’s get to know the architect of these unusual sonorities, Russian producer Alexander Babaev aka Rekord 61:
interview picture 1Chain D.L.K.: Hi Alexander. First of all, how are you?

Rekord 61: Hi, I’m feeling well, very glad that you’re interested in what I’m doing.


Chain D.L.K.: Many remarkably talented musicians from Russia and Eastern Europe who used to produce very good electronic music in their bedroom studios are finally standing up and being noticed! Do you think the Russian electronic music scene is still a partially unexplored virgin territory?

Rekord 61: Yes, I suppose so. But there are a number of reasons why things are as they are. It is really difficult to be heard in Russia, but it’s much more difficult to be heard outside of Russia. Russian producers of intelligent types of music don’t have media support here, don’t have enough audience who is interested in this kind of stuff. I think we must build it, create it step by step, and as you said, it is very nice that Russian musicians are starting to be noticed. We are going in the right direction!
Chain D.L.K.: What would you recommend to them?

Rekord 61: Don’t give up, believe in what they’re doing and be ready to spend all your time and strength.


Chain D.L.K.: Let’s speak about your Rekord 61 id… could you tell us more about the birth and the development of this very good sounding brainchild of yours?

Rekord 61: Hmm… The story starts not in 2013, but much earlier, in 2008 I guess. I was having a DJ career at that time and one day I understood that it is not enough to be a DJ only, I needed to be a musician as well to evolve. After that I spent several years in production before I understood this: music creation is an interesting job and even more interesting than “just” DJing.

When choosing the “Rekord 61” as an alias, I wanted to tell what is important to me. As you probably know, it relates to the greatest achievement of humanity – a man who went into outer space.


Chain D.L.K.: It seems that there’s a strong connection between landscape and visualization of physical spaces in your latest releases, “Kaskad” and “Pereval”… how do you find sources for inspiration?

Rekord 61: Oh it’s easy. These things excite me and I am trying to describe them and the feelings inside of me using music. There are many more important things to me, so I don’t think one day I will be embarrassed when finding a theme for new work.


Chain D.L.K.: In your viewpoint, is there a real dichotomy between abstract and concrete in electronic music?

Rekord 61: I wouldn’t say so. At least there is no need to explore music this way. It doesn’t make sense. I would say that the only thing that makes sense is the quality of the final product.


Chain D.L.K.: How would you describe your sound processing?

Rekord 61: I don’t do several tracks simultaneously and if I start to do one thing I have to finish it necessarily, no matter how much time it requires. Before starting I used to keep in my head the idea of new work for some time, a week or two. Then I delve into it and when I feel that my mind is prepared, I launch my DAW.


Chain D.L.K.: Is there any electronic musician without whom your music could never have seen light?

Rekord 61: I guess not.


interview picture 2

Chain D.L.K.: You also manage Konstruktiv. What’s the concept and the aim behind your imprint?

Rekord 61: Yes, I founded it keeping in mind some reasons. First of all it is a base for my own music – the music which doesn’t have a need to be similar to anything else. It is a regular problem: when a musician wants to be released on a good label, he thinks of how to fit his material to the style guidelines of one or another label. I don’t want to be restricted.

At the same time I have my own vision of music, principles I think are right. Music must make sense, it must be substantial and impressive . It must contain intelligent ideas, and finally it must have a rich groove.


Chain D.L.K.: Any anticipation of forthcoming feeds from the Konstruktiv catalogue?

Rekord 61: Yes, something new will be released at the end of the year!


Chain D.L.K.: “Pereval” included one remix by Lars Stoewe aka Anstam… as it’s clear you’re very demanding with regard to quality, is it difficult to choose remixers?

Rekord 61: Yes, it is. I am not interested if a producer has only a “name”. But the efforts I spent are coming back in the form of great remixes: Phon.o and Anstam did really stunning work!


Chain D.L.K.: How do you imagine the future of music? How will music change human life or people’s mind?

Rekord 61: I don’t have a specific idea of that. Looking at the past I understand that music always evolves and has an influence on people’s mind. Nothing is changing in general. And I think it will not. It is nor bad or good, it is what it is.

The only things I wish for in the future are more honesty in music and more positive influence on people’s mind.


Chain D.L.K.: What about your sonic equipment?

Rekord 61: Well, I work in a DAW only, I use Ableton and virtual synthesizers by NI, Gforce and some other manufacturers. But in the future I want to work with physical machines, I feel there is some kind of magic when real switches and buttons change the sound.


Chain D.L.K.: Besides remixes, are you planning any other collaborations?

Rekord 61: Yes, sure, but I can’t tell you when exactly it will happen, probably the next year.


Chain D.L.K.: I’ve read what De-bug wrote about Kaskad. Do you think they overstated your work or not?

Rekord 61: The most important thing for me is the fact that my material is interesting to journalists and writers. Regarding to De-bug, yes, I think it’s overstated. It is an advantage I should be able to catch on to by working hard.


visit Rekord 61 on the web at: alexanderbabaev.com


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