New output of the Harsh-EBM camp, the Swedish duo of Project Rotten provides a new pummelling onslaught with their new album “Cinema Bizarre”. Released physically by the Hungarian Advoxya-label, the members behind Project Rotten can already look back on various contributions and guest appearances in their career. This interview with front-man Fredrik Croona reveals some insight behind this up and coming project out of this specific music genre…

Chain D.L.K.: Hi guys, starting as usual and offering you the slot to fill in some introduction content about Project Rotten. How, when and where did you guys meet and decided to unite for this project?

Project Rotten: We met around August 09 on the (back then great page) MySpace, I (Fredrik) was looking around for another band mate to help make better music and move the project forward (I suck at making music myself and the first two tracks I did were terrible). Anyway, I found Kettil’s band Syndrome X/209 and loved it, so I asked if he was interested in starting something and here we are in 2011 with a second full-length album.

Chain D.L.K.: You both have made yourself a name through different projects asides Project Rotten. Kettil, you are Syndrome X/209 and you could release a full-length album via Hellektro Holocaust Records, while you, Fredrik, have been active under the highly anticipated project Menschdefekt. How is the current status of both projects and your involvements?

Project Rotten: As we speak Kettil is working hard on finishing up his second album under Syndrome X/209, so you should most likely expect a new release not that far away. As for Menschdefekt, I am not really sure what will happen and when, since I am no longer part of the band. But I am guessing a second album will see the light of day , but that is not for me to decide and to know.

Chain D.L.K.: Please fill in some internal content about the production/composing process of Project Rotten. I guess you both are working separately on your tracks, since you seem to be both based in different towns, Gothenburg and Stockholm, right? So how do you come together for the mutual being of a band-/music-project?

Project Rotten: It’s pretty simple actually. Kettil creates the music and drops me a wav to check out and then he sends me separate tracks for the music and I put it all together and mix it and of course, I add vocals and create lyrics for it.

Chain D.L.K.: Fredrik, you gave up all activities with your very own label Twisted Flesh Recordings just a few weeks before the release of “Cinema Bizarre”. Please give us some insight about your feelings regarding the end of TFR. Why didn’t it work out at all?

Project Rotten: From the start you always have a plan and a goal and of course an idea that starts it all. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but in the long run it never worked out.
The lack of money and time are two very important factors that have been a problem. It just took me a little longer than I thought and maybe I started out with signing too many bands from the start too. In the end it was the best to close the doors and to focus on what I like to do, creating music.

Chain D.L.K.: Your new album “Cinema Bizarre” is out since a few weeks released by the Hungarian label Advoxya Records. What has forced your decision to continue via Advoxya? Have there been actually plans to release “Cinema Bizarre” completely under your own flag via TFR?

Project Rotten: We were never forced to go with Advoxya, we just talked to them and made a deal and that was for them to release the physical version of the CD. TFR was about going to do the digital version, but now, since TFR is dead, we have some other plans for a digital version, but I won’t reveal anything yet.

Chain D.L.K.: “Cinema Bizarre” as well as all of your earlier, self-released demo recordings feature the stunning artwork of Alexander Fröbel, alias Pixelbreed. That has seemingly become a trademark for Project Rotten. Please describe a bit your dedication to Alexander’s works. How did you get in contact with him?

Project Rotten: I actually talked to Alex when I joined Menschdefekt in early 2009 and after that we have been in contact and became good friends. He is a very talented guy and his
expertise is horror-related stuff as you can see on our covers etc. We are both horror freaks, so it’s a perfect match.

Chain D.L.K.: According to some information sheets of your latest releases, there have been plans to integrate a guitar player to the music of Project Rotten. Any updates on this? Will that be your appearance “back to the roots” to your Black Metal past? What are the reasons, that you’ve become a Harsh-EBM junkie, who has given up the guitar-driven headbanging-attitude?

Project Rotten: Haha, no, no there won’t be a guitar player, we just had a try-out for it once on stage and it worked pretty well. But the guy dropped off, so we decided to skip the whole EBM-/ Metal-thing. We included his guitar play on “Fuel My Hatered”, which is a pretty special track but I can’t really see PR as a Metal band. I was never a Black Metal fan, I’m more of an old- school Death Metal guy. I got more or less bored of Metal for a few years and found Electro/EBM could be as equally aggressive and raw, but more funny too.

Chain D.L.K.: Young and inexperienced music-projects out of the Harsh-EBM genre would like to get a “how-to-contact-a-prominent-contributor” guide-line from you. How did you get in contact with Johan van Roy to persuade him for a guest appearance on your track “Club Death”?

Project Rotten: It wasn’t that much work, I sent Johan a mail and told him about the bands I was in and that it would be cool, to have his voice on one of our tracks. I sent him the track and he loved it. I think if you approach a person the right way nothing is impossible. And I mean you can always ask, worst case scenario is that you get a “no”.

Chain D.L.K.: Your bio regarding live actions reports of a festival in Portugal, where you guys have taken part. I guess that such a trip from Sweden to Portugal to take part on a festival has a lot of adventurous content to talk about. How has it been? How does a live performance of Project Rotten generally look like? Any plans for more live actions in the pipeline?

Project Rotten: In about a month we’ll visit Portugal for the first time and like with all new places we play at it’s always fun with new adventures and countries. Generally we just go up on stage and have fun and if the crowd likes us and we get along then you get a real energy kick. Let’s face it, a boring crowd that doesn’t respond, doesn’t give any energy to the band. So far we’ve got only two gigs left this year and one confirmed for next year in Russia.

Chain D.L.K.: Talking about another project episode from you, Fredrik. Under the pseudonym “Talyrik” you have teamed up with Maik Grohs (“Zypex”) of Electric Breathing to form the project Necroleptic. “A Deep Sleep” is the title of your 8-track-long, self-released debut, which offers a darker and more ominous sound outfit compared to your main projects. Please fill in the current status for this project. Any hopes for a continuation? Why “hiding” behind such pseudonyms?

Project Rotten: Sure we continue to make music, but we don’t rush anything and create whenever we have the inspiration and time for it. From the start we wanted it to be a bit more mysterious and see how far we could go without people knowing who we were.

Chain D.L.K.: Any projects else you guys are involved, which we haven’t discussed here so far? Any plans for a new release already able to confirm here? Any news in the pipeline of remix works, collaborations etc.?

Project Rotten: Not at the moment, but I have been doing guest vocals for a few bands, but more info about that will come later .

Chain D.L.K.: Finally some words about the private persons Fredrik Croona and Kettil Sundberg. Please give us some insight about hobbies, relations, scandals, and other things of interest…

Project Rotten: Fredrik is kinda laid back and boring in person and prefers the comforts of his home along with playing video games and watching horror movies. Tends to become a little too drunken sometimes and throws up like a fountain.
Kettil is kinda like the opposite of Fredrik, even thought he also likes to watch movies and play games. He likes to party a bit more and goes out to have fun. He also falls asleep everywhere specially when he’s drunken.

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words you feel important to say to the world outside…?

Project Rotten: Have fun, buy our album and love us!


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[Interviewed by: Marc Tater    Proofread by: Jean Mason]


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