Chain D.L.K.: Hi Patric… how are you?

Patric Catani: Hello, well… I’m still a bit confused but arrived back very relaxed and positive from my tour in Australia and New Zealand where I played several festivals and club gigs. Just as I am getting used to Berlin again, I start working on some Film music for a director from Rome and I just checked up on the details for a stage I curated at Crack Festival in Rome on june 22nd.  Let’s just say, I’m great!

Chain D.L.K.: I enjoyed your Lowfistication a lot, in particular the exhilarating effect produced by the insertion of those vocal samples and the poisoned description of a wide range of imaginary from club music… I’ve still not read any reviews but I would imagine some reviewers might recommend it to nerd and geeks alike… what do you think?

Patric Catani: Absolutely possible! I guess all people who live in caves know what the deal is 🙂 – but seriously this music is meant to build bridges and shape an umbrella of love. Everybody who thinks the opposite doesn’t know about the history of electronic dance music at all… I read something about it in the German “Tonspion” and they really understood it and liked it as well… Of course it’s a fun record, especially on a label like Cock Rock Disco. I tried to underline their style. Jason Forrest (who runs the label) and myself, DJed a lot together and just enjoyed playing a lot of funny tasteless styles. The record I made is in that spirit.


Chain D.L.K.: If someone were to look for an interpretation (or as they would more appropriately say in German, Sinngebung, i.e. research of sense), could you offer some advice?

Patric Catani: It’s a combination of exaggerated dance and club styles thrown in a big pot, stir fried and battered with extra gravy and honey. I have to admit that I can get “lowfisticated” myself at times. It’s a record to freak out to and to bang your head to. I got dizzy several times producing it and nearly threw up too, but I enjoy the effects of an unleashed wave of power. The ballads like “Erotic Conflict” and “Moscow Love” are in the spirit of the dutch kids’ music called Jump-style, which kind of fascinated me. They mainly meet on the streets and do wild synced dancing without drugs or anything. I tried to go deep into the soul and mind of a Jump-style dancer and describe that in the songs. Normal life and feelings such as the love and the desire of a Jump-style heart. “My baby wants a hug, but I wanna jump”.  Other tracks are more in the spirit of Chicago Booty Bounce like DJ Funk, DJ Deeon or the whole new Juke Generation, a music style that gets ignored by a lot of club people that are focusing on their minis.

The funny things is that most of the songs are not even so fast! They are made in the same tempo as “normal” club music but I had a ton of fun creating this hyperactive energy that kind of drives you crazy. Also it’s definitely not something I do all the time, but to drop it here and there at parties is an outrageous pleasure for the dance floor.  Don’t we all like to get “lowfistication” at times?

Chain D.L.K.: When we spoke on the occasion of Driver&Driver’s first release, you described that sound as Apocalypso Slapbackbilly… what is “Lowfistication”?

Patric Catani: I call it Dance Music! Take it or leave it!

Chain D.L.K.: There’re many nuances which evoke past memories of techno music… in your experience, what are the main changes in techno music from its early days?

Patric Catani: When I got into Techno music it was always mixed with different elements and even the lineup on parties would be a variation of hard Acid, Breakbeat, House and all sorts of stuff. Of course it changed throughout the years to many Sub and Sub Sub Genres of Sub Genres. I’m not really in the Techno world anymore, since there’s too many other things to discover, but reading those loaded up “intellectual” reviews about House music and Minimal Techno makes me laugh a lot. As far as I can see from the outside it’s still supposed to be party music, face it and stand up for it!


Chain D.L.K.: Let’s speak about your family. I mean not the relatives, but the one portrayed on the poster included in the release… any conflict over bathroom usage in the morning?

Patric Catani: Well… As you might imagine Candie Hank needs the longest in the bathroom for his styling… Since he’s providing for the family and pays the bills we all agree to let him go first.

Chain D.L.K.: I wonder why there’s no family pet!

Patric Catani: The Very Impossible Person takes that role kind of… He’s locked up in a cage most of the time.

Chain D.L.K.: Since we can’t always talk just about music, let’s go for a serious question: when do you think the world is going to end?I need exact day and time of day…

Patric Catani: Wasn’t it last week??? I must have missed it!


Chain D.L.K.: Ok then, let’s come back to “Lowfistication”… do you think someone will study it in some academy, say, in 2150AC?

Patric Catani: I should say no but I say YES!


Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any tips for the listeners embarking into the journey?

Patric Catani: Don’t get on it and feel too adult about it. Let the sunshine in. Let there be House!


Chain D.L.K.: Who would be the perfect man of old school – the really fatal one – in your opinion? Derrick May? Joey Beltram?

Patric Catani: Joey Beltram made the Mentazm track… He’s the man!

Chain D.L.K.: One thing I find interesting about the whole Ayahuasca experience… The people from the Amazon or the Andes, who have their local shaman to promote local production of Ayahuasca, are normally written about in odd books on spirituality, mysticism, soul searching and so on by unprepared writers… how come European or American publishers don’t concentrate on their cookbook?

Patric Catani: Because Sauerkraut is not psychedelic enough.


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