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Chain D.L.K.: First of all, I’d like to know something about your musical past. The bands you were in, etc.
Pantheon Legio Musica: Around 1993 Andreas got a call from Marcus asking if he was interested in joining him and another guy to form a new band. He agreed and called this band Cataclysm Sculpture. The music of that band was pure chaos, industrial, electronica, movie samples, pure noise, guitar .. it took three years to complete one song and after that they gave it up. Five years later Andreas met an old school friend by accident and they remembered their first musical steps and that it was always easy for them to create songs together. Akasha Chronik was born and an early request from a record label led them to waste much money for a studio to produce a cd and then… nothing. Even the positive feedback on myspace didn’t stop them from putting it on hold for some time. Six years were gone and they didn’t get where they wanted to… it was time for new things. Once again Marcus called Andreas and asked him if he was interested in making music for fun and so he met him and Thomas on a Saturday in summer 2006 and this was the birth of PLM.

Chain D.L.K.: What made you decide to form Pantheon Legio Musica and why did you choose this name?
Pantheon Legio Musica: Marcus suggested to Andreas a name which did sound close to Pantheon and he told him that he’d prefer Pantheon. They asked all the others and so the name was officially Pantheon, but a few days later, Andreas found out that too many Bands had the same name and therefore he added the appendix Legio Musica, which he had used on banners as subtitle before and so Pantheon turned into a unique name: Pantheon Legio Musica.

Chain D.L.K.: What kind of concept behind is there Pantheon Legio Musica?
Pantheon Legio Musica: The concept is clear to see in the bandname and in the genre description that we give.Pantheon stands for freedom in all aspects of belief and the worshipping of gods, Legio for the might and power of united people with one goal in mind and Musica for the passion for music and arts. Ancient means the integration of ancient music as far as possible and known, industrial the sound which gives the martial flavour and folk as root. We have to weave all these elements to create a new old kind of music.

Chain D.L.K.: You are German, what kind of fascination do you feel toward the ancient Roman Empire?
Pantheon Legio Musica: It is pure admiration for the remains we can see today and all the marks it has left in our modern life and so I see the ancient Roman empire as a real forerunner of our times. It is the love for the art and culture, the freedom of belief and sexual freedom, such as we can’t imagine today. Everyone who reads today a book about Rome during republican times will recognize the similarities with today. The fall of Rome was the fall of the world into dark times; the middle ages were a time of mental enfeeblement and all those fairy tales about princes and princesses drew a wrong picture. We know today that Rome had a great positive influence for the German cities and their social, cultural development, even the name Germany is a Roman invention. So let us try to imagine a world without Emperor Constantine and a still existing global Roman empire – where would we be now?

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Chain D.L.K.: Did the paganism or the political system of early Roman times convinced you to pick up these kind of themes?
Pantheon Legio Musica: Hard question, I think both because it is not easy to separate them. If you love the architecture and the art of a time, it is often very closely connected to religion and so religion works as a cultural force. Take a look at Roman and Greek temples, gothic churches, pyramids and so on. The political system formed the mind and the hearts – it was a hard way to a political career, but in the end they formed leaders we can dream about today and maybe a Roman way could solve some problems in the education of politicians.

Chain D.L.K.: Musically you reproduce the sound of power and conquest but you have also some melodic parts which have middle-eastern influences. Is there any research you do before deciding a track’s structure?
Pantheon Legio Musica: Every song is a flow and a spontaneous creation but the song name must be in mind before imagining a master plan. A song about Damascus would get a middle eastern flavour for sure, because this is the way I’d imagine it .

Chain D.L.K.: “Per aspera ad astra” was intended to be released in autumn 2007 by Hydra. What happened then? Did you have trouble in finding a new label? Are you going to bring your music live? What do you think it could be the right way or the right place to propose your sound?
Pantheon Legio Musica: It started pretty well with Hydra and the communication with the label manager Laila and Ceo Nigel was fantastic, but then Laila was fired and the whole communication crumbled and so we were cut off: A month later I noticed that the label release schedule was delayed and I was worried about our own release and tried to get in contact with them, but no response and so I sent them our master cd because of our existing contract, Over and over again – no communication and so we called our myspace friends to send them a lot of messages and we declared our wish to get out of this contract. After that we finally got an answer. Hydra changed the business model and wanted to be a mp3 online label. This was a moment of relief, because we just disagreed and so were free. After that we had the luxury to choose among several record labels and finally we chose Thonar Records, because of its toughness. We are working on a live concept but had to reject some offers, because the locations were too small, even much smaller than our rehearsal rooms. We have to create the concept – make a video of it – and then we have to find the places to play live.I think this makes it much easier for booking agencies or event organizers. We have some dreams which include making a movie or game soundtrack or playing live one day in locations like the amphitheatres in Orange / France, Aspendos / Turkey or making a music video in Jordan because of Petra, Gerasa and other great locations there. As far as I know there was only Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii? We could also imagine to share the stage with Roman re-enactors and Roman dancers ;).

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Marco Pustianaz]


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