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Chain D.L.K.: Hi folks. First of all, how are you?
Pandique: Thorsten: We’re all doing fine. In September we played a gig inThuringia and now we’re searching for other options to play live. Doyou know of any places? 😉

Torsten: Yeah, we feel good and we are very curious about the salesfigures we’re getting for our second LP. It’s always an exciting timeduring the first months after the official release. But it’s good toknow that the stress of the production phase was worth it.

Chain D.L.K.: You titled your second album with a formula, “Sturm und Leben”,partially reprising the romantic Sturm und Drang movement…Would youconsider yourselves romantic in one way or another? What are the maindifferences between the old German romantics and the so called newromantic?
Pandique: Thorsten: I’m surprised about your thoughts cause we titled our album”In Sturm und Leben” without thinking of the romantic Sturm und Drangmovement. The name stands for our lives: new jobs, new cities, newinfluences for our songs. Hence the name “In Sturm und Leben”.

Torsten: We were looking for a title that symbolizes the bigger partof our songs which now are more associated with our lives. Now we alsohave some romantic and quiet songs on the record and others that arestronger and more aggressive – in that way one can obviously think ofa connection to the Sturm und Drang – but we didn’t intend for this.

Chain D.L.K.: Words such as Mowen kreisen, blauer Himmel/weiter Blick inNiemandlands reminded me of the idea of freedom in Livingstone’sSeagull…What’s your definition of freedom (not only from the musicalviewpoint)?
Pandique: Thorsten: What’s my definition of freedom? Hmm, you can do what youwant – that’s my definition.

Torsten: Freedom to me means harmony and unity between all people nomatter where they come from, what they look like or what they think!

Chain D.L.K.: Tracks like “I Don’t Care” seem to be fit for people who don’tthink about anything but their own pain… a sort of reinterpretationof individualistic values? Is it a self-portrait or a snapshot ofcontemporary believing?
Pandique: Torsten: The track is deeply connected to people that only think ofthemselves. The social development in the last centuries has producedmore and more egoistic and headless people. I think that’s not the waya society should evolve – especially when you think about the currentcrisis – and that’s reflected in the lyrics.

Chain D.L.K.: The same for “Lovesong”…there are not so many features thatconnect the romantic love with the one expressed in those lyrics aslove seems too close to possession…would you say that the socialcriticisms you offer in your lyrics should be extended to feelings andemotions? Somewhat like criticism from the inner viewpoint?
Pandique: Torsten: Yes of course they should! If a theme concerns and excites methen my words of social critique are colored by emotions and notwritten from a non-involved point of view. The first album”Weltenklang” had the most socially conscious songs, but those weremore cool and distant. In the last years our changing lives had alarger influence in the music, and emotions and feelings became astronger part of our words. That’s still part of the process ofgrowing and becoming more independent – as musicians and asindividuals.

Chain D.L.K.: Would you say synth or electro-pop could be considered the realcontemporary German folk music?

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Pandique: Thorsten: It’s a good question. I don’t think so. On the one hand inGerman folk music you can find comparable structures but on the otherhand electropop is an autonomous style with other and mostlyaggressive beats.

Torsten: Why not – some bands aren’t far away from the so called”Schlager-Musik” without naming names 😀 . Seriously, it’s a pity thatsynthpop/electropop is still just niche music. There are so many goodbands that deserve more attention from the mainstream. I don’t knowthe Italian music culture but the German charts have too much musicthat isn’t worth being heard and I can’t believe how so many peoplecan listen to that shit (sorry about the word but I’m very angry aboutthat)!

Chain D.L.K.: What about your previous musical experiences? Do you have any othercollaborations?
Pandique: Torsten: I had a classical music school education in my childhood thatstill influences my way of writing songs. Before Pandique I had amusic project that was called “Morgentau” which was focused on darkelectro with distorted lyrics. But with Thorsten’s joining I no longerhad to alienate the vocals 😉 Thorsten is a self-taught singer. It’sa pity that we don’t have more time for collaborations besides ourremix-projects, but everyday life doesn’t leave much time. If we hadthe time we could work on more ideas we have – maybe we still have towait until the time is ripe.

Chain D.L.K.: Von Mensch zu Menschen…what do you think about the future? Do youfear it? Can we create the future we want and reach world peace withObama 😉
Pandique: Torsten: I’m really excited and curious about the future and what itwill bring us and mankind. I hope that things will be better – morelike the world is described in the “Star Trek” Universe and not thatway movies like “Terminator” or “Children of Men”. I wish that Obamawill reach his goals and perhaps he is the one who can make the worlda better place.

Chain D.L.K.: And what about the future of music?
Pandique: Thorsten: In every time music will be a part of our life.

Torsten: The music will always be connected to former genres or stylesand I’m excited to see what we’ll get to listen to in the next years.My influences in making music still change with the time. I don’t knowif you can hear this in the new album.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you believe in the so-called politically functional music?Could dance music transmit constructive values to younger generations?
Pandique: Thorsten: I don’t think so. I believe music alone can’t generateenough power to transmit constructive values to younger generations.

Chain D.L.K.: What can you tell us about the equipment you use for your sound?
Pandique: Thorsten: We use mainly software synths to build our songs. On”Lovesong” a friend of us played the guitar and I think that was avery interesting experience.

Torsten: The simulated instruments in the computer provide a biggerrange of options to create sounds by saving room and costs, which isnot an unimportant thing. I also like to play with samples fromdifferent sources: bands, nature sounds, noises and movies orspeeches.

Chain D.L.K.: What about the future of your live shows? What has the audiencereaction to some of your latest songs been like?
Pandique: Thorsten: We found our Song “Toter Stein” in the German electronic webcharts and now we’re searching for a platform to playing live.CALLING: Are you the owner of a club or do you know people in clubculture? Then write us!

Torsten: The new songs were accepted with a kind reaction and we hopethis will continue the same way!

Chain D.L.K.: Why have you decided to insert some English lyrics in your new album?
Pandique: Torsten: The English language is good to convey special feelings in abetter way than our mother tongue. English is a more internationallanguage and can also help reach more people in the world. But that’snot the way we chose the language for our songs. We decide based onthe character of the song.

Chain D.L.K.: Anything to add before moving on?
Pandique: Visit us on our myspace site and have alisten to our songs. We would be happy if you liked our new album “InSturm und Leben” and support us by buying a legal copy! Come out toour upcoming shows. Thanks in advance and thanks for your interestingquestions. Kindest regards.

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