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CHAIN D.L.K.: Hi Nadine. Sorry for this interference on your dreamy frequencies, do I disturb you? How are you?

Nadine: Oh Hey, welcome in my dream! 🙂


CHAIN D.L.K.: Well…first of all compliments for your debut! I particularly enjoyed your way of “giving a soul” to your lyrics, which could have drawn some delighted and faraway expressions and placid smiling of my ears…let’s introduce yourself…let’s introduce your music…I’ve read you use to dream your song before writing…it’s astonishing how you remember dreams..i’ve still so many problems to do it!

Nadine: The more I grow the more I can’t remember my dreams, so sad! Thank you for all the compliments, I’m glad you liked Magic Box! Actually, yes, not all but a good part of the songs in the album are coming from my dreams (not only during the night) and it’s like magic, you’re just doing something in your dream and maybe just whistling something never heard before, here, this is my song! But I won’t tell you more, because I’m afraid it won’t happen anymore..!


CHAIN D.L.K.: I’m so curious about this aspect that I’ll ask details about any song you wrote, but I let you pick three of your choice!

Nadine: Well okay, so… “Running People” was actually a song I was singing in a dream where I was working on my parents’ restaurant, just clearing tables and stuff, fun thing to do…!

“You and Me” was written and arranged in a fun and weird night, as I was half insomniac and half sleepwalking.

And another magic song like that, was as I heard my lovely friend playing guitar and humming in my dream, she sang so beautifully I couldn’t forget, and it became “Not my turn yet”. It’s an old recording and you can only listen to it in my first EP from 2008.


CHAIN D.L.K.: One of my most frequent dream: I quietly walk over sunny streets of some big city full of glassy skyscraper when a running elephant abruptly crosses over my walking path and as I try to reach it in order to make a shot, he runs faster than a crazy hare under the effect of cocaine…could such a dream deserve artistic interest?!?!?

Nadine: Man! This is the best song I’ve ever heard!


CHAIN D.L.K.: Well, it’s very nice to notice influences of the places you lived to study music in your songs…when I listened to Some Chocolate & Cigarettes and its roly-poly stepping, I thought your secret plan could be turning Swiss cows into fans of Liverpool shoegazing bands!

Nadine: Ha Ha! You got the message then! 😉


CHAIN D.L.K.: What about your experience at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts?

Nadine: I can just say one word: inspiring. Really inspiring people, surroundings and places. It was a great experience to be at LIPA! As I got my diploma at the end of the year I had the opportunity to shake hands with Sir Paul Mc Cartney… it’s a moment I’ll never forget!


CHAIN D.L.K.: In Running People you sing about our money-addicted society and its influence on personal growth…well, after crisis, have you noticed if they run so fast yet?

Nadine: Nice point! But I still can see them running faster and faster, even more now that I’m living in a big city.

CHAIN D.L.K.: In that song, you mention your family and speaking generally familiar fireplace seems to be constantly lively in your music even when you explore that bitterness related to the distance from your home in songs such as Long Way Home or the ungluing from your dreams (Going My Way)…your first videoclip, Like Her, broadcasted on the Swiss Italian TV channel, had your father’s kitchen as a set…what’s the role of family amidst your sources for inspiration?

Nadine: I’m lucky to have a really united family and they’re the subject of many of my songs. For example if someone between us doesn’t feel good, we can feel it, as we’re really sensible and near to each other. Also, I’ll never stop to say thanks to my parents, for believing in me and in my music!


CHAIN D.L.K.: Why have you decided to entitle your debut Magic Box?

Nadine: Because I saw it as a collection of songs, all written in special and magic moments. So I like to imagine the album as a box that you can open and discover.


CHAIN D.L.K.: Do you identify yourself in that girl lulled by the moon on Magic Box’s cover artwork?

Nadine: Yes, I like when I can free my mind and just be in peace with myself… She’s a little part hidden in me.


CHAIN D.L.K.: What about forthcoming gigs?

Nadine: For the end of this year I’ll be playing some live shows in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. In the future I would like to play in London too! I will do a video on in Brighton on Sunday 23rd, and in January 2012, when I’ll be back home in Switzerland, I’ll play at Graubashalle in St. Gallen and Portier in Winterthur. I’m looking forward to play in Germany again, hopefully that will be soon 🙂


CHAIN D.L.K.: If you could pick up a male singer for a duet….?

Nadine: Someone that I would love to collaborate with is Johnny Flynn! Or Davey Graham too, if only I could bring him back…


CHAIN D.L.K.: Thanks for answering…anything to add before clicking on “Send” button?

Nadine: Thank you, that was fun! You can add me on and write to me, leave many cheerful comments, and virtual hugs! J xx


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