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Chain D.L.K.: How’s it going man? First of all, I’m honored to have the opportunity to interview the man I believe to be arguably the hardest working guy in the American industrial scene. You do an amazing amount of work promoting the bands here in the States. I’m sure many others would join me in saying a huge ‘Thanks bro’!
in-FUSED: Thank you for the very kind words, and it’s my pleasure to help out the great electronic bands for sure! It’s interesting to hear about “being the hardest working guy in the scene” when I feel like this is just the way life is for me, and I accept it, and enjoy it. this is not a bad job to have, and it does take a lot of consistency and hours, but its all worth it. It’s great to be thought of as a hard worker too, I love this music and will always give my all for the label and the radio show and the bands I enjoy.

Chain D.L.K.: With so much going on with the Cyberage Radio Show (now in its eighth year without missing a single show), DSBP and Diverje, how the hell do you find time to work on a solo project?
in-FUSED: It wasn’t easy, and still never is. “time is my enemy” it seems. I do like to work on music as often as possible, and I usually do when notworking, or listening to a lot of electronic stuff. in-FUSED is something I’ve been working on for a while, and it has gone through a few style changes, and that’s why I decided to just make this a very diverse album with a larger scope of my music interests than ever before.

Chain D.L.K.: ‘Misplaced’, although not the first release for in-FUSED is the first for quite some time after 1996’s ‘Coding Emotion’ release. Is there a reason you waited so long to get the new release out?
in-FUSED: Well I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna be able to continue doing any in-FUSED stuff, and it totally took a back seat to the other projects and the label. But when I started working on my keyboards again, I really started to click with it, and started writing a couple songs a week, and then revising them, and getting the mixes just right. So this album definitely did “just happen” without a real plan to do anything seriously. I am happy to have a “freeform electronic” project like this.

Chain D.L.K.: After listening to the album, it’s quite apparent that your influences are wide ranging. Can you elaborate on which bands have influenced you the most and why?
in-FUSED: I do listen to SO MUCH music from being a radio/internet DJ for 9 years. I have always been a FAN of music first, and then a musician. I love lots of bands doing the electronic music, and I am not really a fan of anything cheezy, pop, rap, or boring alt. rock stuff. I do like the classic bands like Pink Floyd, and the Doors. but I don’t dwell in the past. I rarely listen to old stuff these days. Mainly, my influences are in early new wave, bands like Devo, Depeche Mode, Killing Joke, Gary Numan, Ministry. and then stuff like Leather Strip, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and 242. and over the last 5 years I have really been into d’n’b and power noise stuff on the Ant-Zen/Hymen, Component, Ad Noiseam and Hands labels mainly. I really like stuff like: ARCHITECT, CONVERTER, BEEFCAKE, DETRITUS, BLACK LUNG, LARVAE, SCORN, MLADA FRONTA, LARVAE, ISZOLOSCOPE, NEUTRONIC, CODEC, HYPNOSKULL and lots more. there’s so much good music coming out.

Chain D.L.K.: The album is a bold attempt at combining several styles of electronic music, which works really well. How important is diversity in an album to you?
in-FUSED: I think diversity is pretty important overall. Not that every album needs to be like in-FUSED, no, that’s a bit too diverse for most. I like when I buy an album though and the band tries several styles, or mixes it up a bit to keep things interesting. A body of work should have some twists and turns and not be an album of 10 songs that sound like 1 song over and over. I notice a lot of purist bands do that. They don’t interest me as much usually. I did the in-FUSED like this ’cause I felt it needed to be that way, and when looking back now, I can’t find many other releases that do mix electro, industrial, d’n’b, power noise, glitch, ambient, and 21st century new wave on one disc.

Chain D.L.K.: Your latest Diverje release came with an accompanying remix disk, which incidentally was an amazing double cd set. Is there a ‘Misplaced remix album’ on the horizon for you possibly? If so, who can we expect to see on the remix album?
in-FUSED: I doubt it. Not a full cd of remixes anyway. maybe a couple remixes here and there. I love remixes, and its fun to do them for others as well. Diverje is more of the band to do remixes of and EBM styled dancefloor stuff, as well as more experimental remixes. in-FUSED is already doing a lot of styles. so I may get some remixes here and there if anyone wants to do one, and then put a few on the next full length from in-FUSED. that may be cool. I haven’t asked for any yet, but if anyone is interested?

Chain D.L.K.: Some of the lyrics on ‘Misplaced’ are pretty hardcore, most notably on ‘Blinded Fools’. Your take on the mainstream is definitely a negative one. How do you think the mainstream would be if it consisted of mostly industrial-esque bands, instead of rap or pop? Would the sheeple still be sheeple or do the lyrics of industrial music help to legitimize a mass marketing strategy?
in-FUSED: The mainstream will never be full of industrial or electronic bands. and Idon’t care. the music and lyrics are too real and too “anti govt. , trend, establishment, and conformity” to ever win over a mainstream audience whichconsists mostly of these people. I think this music serves a great purposethough for the people like myself who are aware and don’t listen to all that propaganda bullshit and trendy boring mainstream people.
It doesn’t mean that the fools that buy all that shitty rap andpop shouldn’t be more aware of the greedy/corporate schmucks they aresupporting. I just do not care for all that teen idol crap either. it’s all stupid and it seems like it gets more popular each month. The TV just preaches vanity and conformity, and of course everything is about money! !
That’s why I hate the mainstream and everything it stands for. Plasticity glorified, which gives people a very skewed vision on how “lifeis supposed to be for us all, we should all be the same”. and the music that sells the most is not even close to being the BEST music. The media in this country is really bad and I just like to speak my mind loud and actually have a real passionate message against them in my songs. freedom of speech is a nice thing, and even if no one is listening its time for some truths to be told.
At least its better than writing these fake little love songs that have been done over and over. most of the stuff I write about I don’t see others tackling. I like to take on real subjects and controversial ones also. I know many people who just submit to the corporate trends and media for one reason or another, and then they try to start shit with guys like me cause we are hardcore against it all, and we speak loud with a big stick to back it up. I am not afraid to go toe to toe with any fool. A lot of people will try to argue, but it’s funny how that works out.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you see in-FUSED ever doing some live shows in the future?
in-FUSED: I don’t think so. My schedule and time is very important to me right now, and the label and life take first priority to “extra things” like playing live. I also do not like doing solo shows, as I feel it doesn’t offer much to watch for an audience even if I do jump around like a “cyber-electro-crackhead”! I am trying to promote and sell a bunch of bands here and I need that time each day and night to focus on them all, and myself included but for me to be doing more live stuff or even tours would really be neglecting to the label and other bands. There’s only so much time in the day and night, and I know I use it all each day for the music and business end of things. Instead I promote and do a lot of communicating on the internet each day with lots of different cool people, dj’s, and musicians mostly. It’s still really fun. I love the studio, and recording the most. so intense, and serene yet chaotic, with no one to ruin my high: -)

Chain D.L.K.: How do you see the scene here in the states these days? Have things changed much since you got involved back in the nineties?
in-FUSED: Yes, things have changed a lot for sure. they always do. There’s a lot more bands, a lot more labels, and not too many more fans overall, but it seems that a lot of the old fans got burnt on certain types of electronic music, or just got married w/kids and didn’t really stay involved in the music scene and the new stuff coming out. There’s also a lot of good new stuff I will say, and its constantly coming out, and hard to keep up with. This music remains strong to those who care enough about it!
A lot of the bands and record labels that I grew up on are either gone or not doing much good stuff anymore. So it is all about the NEW, but also hard to weed through so much mediocre stuff with the overpopulation of bands as well.
There also wasn’t so much copying and file sharing back then in the mid 90’s either. it has definitely changed things up, and made it a lot harder for bands and labels to break even or receive profits from releases.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you see things getting better or worse in the future? Is there anything the fans could do to help keep the scene viable?
in-FUSED: I don’t know what will happen. sales seem to be dropping for most of the independent labels and bands I know, and without any sales or a devoted audience, it’s hard to keep the stuff going like we do. We will always try to find a way to survive. I hope things get better and sales and interest in this music picks up. Just to have a few thousand die hard fans for this music would be great! If the fans keep buying the good music, supporting the bands, labels, shows, and the overall style of music it will keep growing. File sharing and downloads are not the way to replace a CD collection.

Chain D.L.K.: Since you are always plugging other bands on the Cyberage, is there anything you’d like to plug before we go?
in-FUSED: I am not really too angry of a person! : -) just kidding. The Cyberage radio plays a new show each week. 5 hours of all new and hotmusic with requests, and definitely a wacky bunch of characters to keep thefun and rants going.
http://www. cyberage. cx
going for 9 years strong!
and the DSBP website carries all of our links and bands info’s
http://www. dsbp. cx
I plug all those bands on the websites. so enjoy! Thanks man!

Chain D.L.K.: Anything else you’d like to add?
in-FUSED: I been talking for too long now…Thanks for the support and good luck with the zine, you guys do it right! All the best.

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[interviewed by Steve] [proofreading by Marc Urselli]


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