Chain D.L.K.:  Welcome back, Hanin. How are you?

Hanin Elias: Hi Vito! I’m fine thanx and yourself?


Chain D.L.K.: Quite fine, thanks. Well, you’ve been a sort of icon as a riot girl… do you still feel the same? What remains of that Hanin after five years of silence?  I imagine you might expect a question like this…

Hanin Elias: I don’t know in what box people wanna put me but for me that is not important, I just live the way I am and I just smile about categorisations like “Riot Girl” or other titles people wanna brand on me. I guess they need it to put order in this chaotic world but that’s not what a human being who’s challenge should be constantly adapting to new situations and always changing with a flexible mind should fulfill 😉
I think i still have a lot of “Riot Potencial” going on and that might not change as there is still so much inbalance in the world. My 5 years of public silence have been a Riot on it’s own. I lived in French Polynesia in the South Pacific and planted Potatoes that become 2 meters long and still continued doing music. I just wanted something new in my life to stay open and flexible for other views and situations.


Chain D.L.K.: It’s nice that you involved Tying Tiffany in your new release for the remix of Future Noir – one of the most amazing tracks. How did you meet her? And how do you see the future? Blacker or bleaker?

Hanin Elias: I signed to Rustblade and Stefano gave some songs to different artists to do remixes, when I heard the Tying Tiffany Remix I was blasted!
It was supposed to be on a Bonus CD for the Boxset of the Fatal Box but I wanted it to be on the new album!
I met Tying Tiffany when I was in Italy and liked her and Lorenzo directly!
Lorenzo Montanà also mastered “Get it Back” and the Bonus CD, while we were sitting in the studio for the mastering we also did a spontanous new track together “Dead Eyes” Lorenzo Montanà Version. They are very creative and great people!
I see the Future as it always is and will be… I just have a different view now, before I wanted to see it in black or white, now I see it in grey where all the colors are hidden behind a cloud. But it’s on us to transform it and turn it into a colorful place by wiping off the cloud we created.


Chain D.L.K.: According to some rumors “Get It Back” would be your last solo album. Is that true?

Hanin Elias: No, I already have a new album in the making!
I also work on new collaborations. I feel so creative and do new songs nearly every day!


Chain D.L.K.: Some people deserve a shouted “fuck you” like the one on “Axis Shifting”, one of the moments in the album when old flames which you sparked with Alec Empire still burn! Do tell if there are any other people that deserve such shouts…

Hanin Elias: “Axis Shifting” is about exploiting our planet, we fuck ourselves and the earth fucks us back when we continue to fuck the planet 🙂
I support the planet in this matter and earthquakes and nuclear meltdowns, tsunamis, new advanced viruses and other things are the consequences we have to live in.
I’m for alternative energies and a wise way of living in harmony with nature.
I shout “fuck you” at everyone who doesn’t care for that matter and uses our planet as a toilet.

Chain D.L.K.: I like your idea of updating your sound by embracing new electro and dubstep influences. I’ve read that “Get It Back” has been recorded in many studios all over the world (Polynesia, Italy, Chile, France, Germany, USA, Belgium… have I missed any countries?). Was this a step by step process or did you have it all in your mind already?

Hanin Elias: This Album wasn’t planned, it just happened naturally in the years I travelled around and met interesting musicians all over the world.


Chain D.L.K.: Any funny anecdotes about the recording of the album? I enjoyed the new Mutaf-propelled version of “You Suck”, even if I miss your distorted vocal of the original version… what about such a “mutilation”?

Hanin Elias: When I came back to Berlin I saw this band Mutfak performing at Picknick. I had spent 5 years on a small isolated island and it was a total blast for me! I jumped on stage with them, ripped their T shirts off and they gave me a mic to perform with them, I started a freestyle and sang my lyrics of  “You Suck” and it sounded so fresh and cool that we decided to re-record it as a new version.


Chain D.L.K.: Can you imagine Barrett Strong’s feedback while listening to your cover of “Money” and the notorious one by Flying Lizard?

Hanin Elias: I surely hope he wouldn’t mind me using his timeless lyrics but I guess he really meant it while I see it more in the Flying Lizards’ way of an ironic criticism on our society.


Chain D.L.K.: Even if it seems that stylistically you moulted (even the red coloring of your solo-release on Fatal turned into a glamouresque fuchsia), you have not abandoned a certain political hook in your lyrics… do you think the people you’re addressing are different from the ones attending ATR concerts?

Hanin Elias: Yes, I think our blood is more fuchsia these day after all the nuclear catastrophies and the plastic food we eat…
It turned more into an acid that we created and that is running out of our greedy but still so fashionable mouths…


Chain D.L.K.: Do you consider yourself a nostalgic person or not?

Hanin Elias: My name Hanin is arabic and means Nostalgia!
I feel nostalgic sometimes but that is not something I would brand my personage with.
I always wanna move on and change.


Chain D.L.K.: Any anticipation on forthcoming projects? Are we going to have wait another 5 years before listening to Hanin Elias’ furious voice again?

Hanin Elias: No, I think I will work on my next album this year and continue putting out interesting collaborations. I just recorded a song with Asia Argento and worked on some songs with Ian West from Florida… there is more to come…


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