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Chain D.L.K.: Hi folks! How are you?
Filewile: Daniel: Fine, thanks. We’re preparing our South African tour!

Mago: A bit nervous before leaving Europe to play in Africa.

Andreas: And of course promoting our New Album, and already working onnew tracks and remixes…

Chain D.L.K.: ccording to your biography and rumors, you’re maybe among themost interesting examples of musicians devoted to the DIY philosophy.Is it true that you began by playing shows with battery-poweredlaptops at the gates of Sonar in Barcelona?!?!? What was people’sreaction when the battery would die?!?
Filewile: Daniel: Yes true! First time we did this at the gates of Sonar, peoplereally didn’t get it when the sound stopped because there was so muchnoise around this place that no one could hear anything of the music.But it was a great promo for our project.. Even the festival promoterof sonar saw it and liked it!

Andreas: hahaha… Most of the people came to look at our screens to seewhat we were doing…

Chain D.L.K.: I personally discovered you through the astonishing “NassauMassage”, which might potentially cause some envy amongst personaltrainers and physiotherapists alike, as there’s no one else I canthink of that is able to massage ears and brains like that album can…how would you explain your massage technique to these people?
Filewile: Daniel: First of all our music has to sound like what we actually lovethe most and want to hear for ourselves. We’re really into differentstyles of music and sounds, so this is maybe one reason why our tracksmassage other people’s ears: the fact is that there are always sometwisted angles or surprising moments in our tracks. And at the sametime there’s this specific “alpine” swing in our beats that makes ourloops rolling and shaking like an old car and makes you feel like youare riding on a horse in the Swiss mountains!

Andreas: Riding on a horse with 3 legs… or 3 and a half…

Chain D.L.K.: How do you reach out to Nicolette?!?!?
Filewile: Andreas: We asked her over Myspace, so simple.

Daniel: She liked our tunes, so we asked her to perform on a track forour album. She told us she really would like to do that, but first wehad to do a remix for her 12″. Then she came over from London to Bernto record vocals for a track. It was a crazy 8-hour recordingsession!! And she’s a very warm-hearted and happy person. Greatexperience!

Chain D.L.K.: My personal compliments on your brand new album “Blueskywell”…It’s one of the most interesting blends of hip-hop, dubstep, grime andelectronics and one of the most innovative in the dub-scene (as wellas in the whole black music scene) I’ve ever heard… What’s the generalmood surrounding this album? What’s changed from the “Nassau Massage”era?
Filewile: Daniel: For the tracks on “Nassau Massage” we invited a lot ofinternational and Swiss vocalists like Rider Shafique, Baby Chann,Nicolette, RQM, Joy Frempong … To build up an interesting live setthat we could perform in a cool way we asked Joy and RQM to go on tourwith us. And we asked famous Swiss bass player Mago to perform withus. He’s an incredible musician and sound creator… During the tourin Switzerland and Mexico we created new songs and when we went backto the studio it was somehow clear that we would work on the album inthis constellation.. So the focus in the new album is very much onJoy’s voice. This is the main difference between the two albums. Theother thing was that we had the opportunity to check out the trackslive before finishing them in the studio… a really cool experience.

Chain D.L.K.: You’re touring South Africa… When are you going to tour Europe (andJamaica as well)?
Filewile: Daniel: We really want to play in Italy! Mago knows that country verywell, he played there several times… actually we wanna playeverywhere!

Andreas: Yeah sure we wanna play around Europe, but it’s not easy tofind a booking agent willing to work with a band like us, with 5people on tour, not selling thousands of albums yet… So we arelooking for an international booking agency in fact. Switzerland isgoing great, we can play a lot of shows now… and Africa.

Chain D.L.K.: You’re Swiss, but is your skin color and genetic DNA turning black?
Filewile: Andreas: Do you think so?

Mago: Although I’m blond and very white my skin was always kind ofblack: when I was a boy Chuck Berry and Little Richard were my firstheroes (r’n’r still really kicks my ass). Later on came the great jazzmusicians like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, especiallywith The Headhunters: that’s is still one of the greatest thingsaround. Next to that my biggest influence is still The Meters. Listento their LP “Rejuvenation” and you’ll know everything about groove andin between! Anyway, at the end the sound makes the color.

Chain D.L.K.: I really enjoyed “Kick The Spacedrum”… have you sampled any roottrack for that?
Filewile: Daniel: No samples, everything was recorded in our studio. We usethese old tape echoes and really cheap microphones…

Mago: Daniel sampled a bass line I played during a recording session.OK, here you go with the black colour, haha…

Chain D.L.K.: What about the lyrics of the title-track? Who’s the ripper?
Filewile: Joy: Let’s say there’s many of them – but the very first inspirationcame after watching a certain movie based on a comic book, because asit is often the case, these maniacs actually tell you what they’re upto, and yet even intelligent people listen just to the part they wantto hear in order to justify their hope for the better… and suddenlyit’s too late – you’re ruled by someone who oppresses you and you findyourself in a situation which is worse than before.

Chain D.L.K.: Let’s gossip… do you know if there’s any possibility of marriagebetween “Iron Lady” and “Number One Kid”? Is it true that Iron Lady’srunner is “Robibot” (another great track…!)?

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Filewile: Joy: Perhaps “Iron Lady” is married to “King of The World”, who againis closely related to “Number One Kid”. And yes, Robibot from outerspace is definitely on her side… there’s loads of room for gossip…The figures may grown in the listener’s mind and develop into loversand bastards, way beyond the story told in the song.

Chain D.L.K.: Any Plato’s quotes in “The Cave”?
Filewile: Joy: not on purpose.

Chain D.L.K.: Where could we find Filewile-labelled suit for Extra VehicularActivity?!?!?
Filewile: Andreas: We have some shirts in our online store, great stuff! Youneed to check them out. And we are now doing a kids line.

Mago: Italy is such a weird country that you might find some down there, ha ha..

Chain D.L.K.: “Swahee Swahoo Cuccuruccucucu”… Is it that song freely inspired bya true story?
Filewile: Joy: I guess it’s free and somewhat inspired, the future will tellabout the percentage of truth… just a game of how’s, if’s andwhen’s.

Chain D.L.K.: How do you imagine the future of music and mankind?
Filewile: Joy: Umpf! roo! iau! What to say… For mankind – time for a newspecies to come? (–>’robibot’) the same for music.. Could use someradical newness – who knows what…

Daniel: Peace, love and happiness all over the planet and an iPhonefor everybody!

Andreas: If you wanna survive as a label you need to get intopublishing. The sales are gonna go down even more, flat rates comingfor internet access and all the content, so as a label or musician youneed to get your piece of the pie. Music and culture are veryimportant for mankind, maybe even more important than money… So peopleout there, take care of all of them…

Mago: I guess that “the song” is becoming more important again. Notonly making tracks and singing blabla to “make the people have a goodtime…”. This is bullshit, because people already have a fucking goodtime, since they are told so! So the goal is to make them wonder.Surprise them. Like kids. This is the strongest thing you can do. Doyou know the power a secret holds?? Of course the way to tell a storycan be closely connected to the kind of sound you use, as you can hearon “Blueskywell”, but a good song is very strong. And as far asmankind goes: those bastards will kill themselves, for sure! So getyourself another glass of good wine.

Chain D.L.K.: What about cover artwork?
Filewile: Daniel: If you look at the covers from our releases on MouthwateringRecords and Wankdorf Recordings , we always put a lot of love andimportance into graphic design, we work with brilliant graphicdesigners like Lopetz from Buro Destruct and Stefan Wolf from Sofie’sKommunikationsdesign… very famous Swiss graphic design!

Mago: For me the artwork is very nicely corresponding with the soundof the album. There is the same smoothness which is also in ourtracks. People write about “Blueskywell” that it is not a dance albumand that’s kind of true. There are no beats that kill your ears drums.But it’s totally ok like that.

Chain D.L.K.: How do you think a world without computers would be today?
Filewile: Mago: People would have real friends again, haha…

Chain D.L.K.: Thanks for answering… anything to add before clicking the “send” button?
Filewile: Mago: Very nice having an interview with an Italian mag! With myKick-Ass-Country-Bluegrass band Zeno Tornado & The Boney GoogleBrothers (Voodoorhythm Records) I played quite a few shows in Italy:Cesena, Verona, Torino, Piacenza, Bergantino… We always eat a lot!

Alla prossima!

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