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We’ve had a chat with German DJ and producer Alex Bau after listening to “Musick“, his recent release on his own imprint Credo; definitely, one of the most awesome releases from the darkest side of techno. Check it out!


Chain D.L.K.: Hi Alex. How are you?

Alex Bau:   Fine, thank you. Just returned from a 4-day tour in Colombia. I’m a bit tired, but ok. Great shows over there.


Chain D.L.K.: Could you introduce yourself using your own words?

Alex Bau:  Hmm, hard for me to speak about myself. I’m a German techno-DJ and producer on a constant search for the holy bass drum.


interview picture 1Chain D.L.K.: There should be some memorable moments in the life of a DJ. Do you remember the moment when you first put a needle on a vinyl in public? If so, which record did you play?

Alex Bau: Of course I remember. However, I don`t remember which record it was exactly – too long ago, I’m afraid. I can just tell you that it was not a techno record. I played lots of different stuff before turning to techno completely.


Chain D.L.K.: Do you prefer to be considered as a DJ or a producer? How do these positions interact with each other?

Alex Bau: First and foremost, I’m a DJ. That’s how it all began and where I see my talent and main thing going. Of course, these two activities have a big influence on each other. When DJ-ing, I pay much more attention on how I can create a nice flow throughout my set and on the sound in the club, in general. When working on tracks, there is an omnipresent awareness of how the track might sound on the dance floor. The best way to describe it, probably, is that you can see the work in the studio being focused on just one track, while you do the exact same thing when DJ-ing, but using loads of tracks.


Chain D.L.K.: You said you are just the playwright for the soundtrack where actors are the people dancing. What’s the genre of this “play”?

Alex Bau: Haha, yes. It’s related to the fact that, these days, we are expected to be a kind of “stars”. All the people stare at the DJ to see what they should do. I mean it’s nice; I like to have a connection with the crowd, but, in the end, it’s about dancing and freaking out; and this is the part of the night related to the crowd and not the DJ. The genre can differ, but my favorite one is probably “Total and Unpredictable Excess”.


Chain D.L.K.: What’s the best soundtrack you ever made, in your opinion?

Alex Bau: Hard to say. I think you cannot compare one night to another. There are so many memorable nights. Last weekend just, for example, in Manizales, in Colombia, there was a hell of a party. But that’s the nice thing: you can always be sure that there will be another one coming up that leaves you smiling and looking on a wasted dance floor once the people have left.


Chain D.L.K.: Some actors that have stuck to your head? What were the most convincing and unconvincing dramas? 🙂

Alex Bau: Hm; that`s really hard to say. It would take too long to think about it, honestly.


Chain D.L.K.: How’s Wayne?

Alex Bau:  Well, good question. I haven´t heard of him for a while. He sent me once a demo for a new track, which he wanted me to finish for him, but nothing happened on this one, finally. Anyway, that’s normal with him, due to his “busy” lifestyle. It takes a lot of energy to balance between getting wasted on a daily basis and sleeping 25 hours a day. Maybe once he finds some time, there will be new stuff coming out.


Chain D.L.K.: Compliments for your track, “Musick”. Why did you choose this title?

Alex Bau: Thank you! Well, it perfectly shows the ambivalence of things inside the music business. While all the politics, all the superficial behavior is a pain in the ass sometimes and can really make you sick, it seems like I’m addicted to nicely shaped bass drums and lines; and techno, in general. This addiction can also make you feel sick, somehow. Thank God this part never succeeds!


interview picture 2Chain D.L.K.: Is there any track that left you particularly satisfied after it got completed? Why?

Alex Bau: Actually, I’m happy with all the tracks on MUSICK. I wouldn’t change a thing. Even so, my favorites are “Voise Pt. 1”, as it develops such a nice and constant flow of energy, with just a few elements, “Alarma”, as it’s a real rave slammer that is understood by every dance floor probably, and “Pulse”, for the fact that it breaks the rules slightly and creates an atmosphere that has a big impact in my eyes.


Chain D.L.K.: Have you tested it on dancehalls (or should I rather call them theaters)?

Alex Bau: Yes, I did; for quite a while actually and in different versions.


Chain D.L.K.: Would you prefer to have a voice or a voise? 🙂

Alex Bau: As voices are not that important in techno, with machines speaking most of the time, it’s all about the voise!


Chain D.L.K.: “Down From Space” revolutionizes previous beliefs. Does space lie under our feet? 🙂

Alex Bau: Puh, what a philosophical question! Thinking about dimensions, apart from the three we know and can imagine, most probably yes.


Chain D.L.K.: Are you going to let people remix some of the tracks on “Musick”? If so, do you have any candidates yet?

Alex Bau:  I’m thinking about yes; on the other hand I also like the idea of keeping “MUSICK” just as it is, without further re-interpretations. But I have to admit that I’m curious what other fellow producers would come up with, based on my initial ideas.


Chain D.L.K.: Any personal or Credo releases soon to come that you can tell us about?

Alex Bau:  Yes, there will be an exclusive track on Dr. Motte’s “30 years of Motte” compilation, coming up soon, among many other great tracks from colleagues around the globe; and, of course, new stuff from Credo to come along. The next one will be an EP by Thope, from Hamburg, with a really slamming remix by Nikola Gala. I received some really nice demos from Mikael Jonasson. Dirty Basscore also delivered some heavy slammers. Besides this, I’m working on a potential follow up for Cocoon. I’m also working on the next “Recycled Trax” (Pt. 5) that will come out in fall. Busy times, eh?


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