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We got so positively impressed with the new album  “House Of Melancholy” by this French duo Acid Washed, consisting of Andrew Claristidge and Richard d’Alpert, that we decided to creep into their house in order to have a quick chat with one half of this project. Acid Washed’s “House Of Melancholy” came out on Record Makers. Don’t hesitate to knock on the entrance door and join to the party.


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Chain D.L.K.: Hi there! How are you?

Andrew Claristidge: Good, very good, pretty excited about the release of our new album “House Of Melancholy”…


Chain D.L.K.: Could you introduce Acid Washed in your own words?

Andrew Claristidge: We are a french band and we do electronic music.


Chain D.L.K.: You belong to the so-called second wave of French house. What’s wrong with the first wave in your viewpoint?

Andrew Claristidge: Nothing is wrong with the first wave. They were showing us the way. After all it is a question of time, the music they made was a testament to a certain state of mind from that past time… which does not fit with our present… It is normal music evolution… Nothing wrong, all good 🙂


Chain D.L.K.: Most of mainstream culture links club culture to meaningless triviality or other negative aspects and hides political, social and even subversive or utopian matters which you might want to bring back. How do you explain that?

Andrew Claristidge: I have no regrets. It is a great time to be a club music musician because with one click you reach an enormous amount of people… I might miss the feeling we had when everything was new to discover in the electronic music scene. I definitely miss the political aspect of it. Before we were part of a rebellion and now we do mass culture!


Chain D.L.K.: Mission and vision of Acid Washed?

Andrew Claristidge: Having fun, bringing pleasure and emotions to the people who are listening to our music and are coming to see us LIVE… No vision, just instinct and improvisation…


Chain D.L.K.: What’s the most memorable party or historical moment of dance music that you missed out on?

Andrew Claristidge: The Hacienda/ Manchester. I would have love to played there!


Chain D.L.K.: I’ve not praised your “House of Melancholy” yet! How would you describe the spiritual side of this amazing album?

Andrew Claristidge: The spiritual side is a communion with our friends who we wrote the album with. This is our spirit we share, we love, we are family, welcome to our house.


Chain D.L.K.: What can you tell us about the sonic equipment that you used to build?

Andrew Claristidge: Analog vintage or modern synths, mixers, fxxx…with cutting edge computer skills…


interview picture 2Chain D.L.K.: Let’s imagine for a moment that “House of Melancholy” is an actual building. Place some character of club culture of your choice in different rooms of this house!

Andrew Claristidge: It would be a mistake to put only people from the club culture. I would place anybody with good spirit, creativity, deviance etc… It could be like Warhol’s factory in modern-day. So in our building you might find: Daft Punk, Cyprien Gaillard, Steve Reich, houellebecq, Nicolas Winding, Derrick May etc… and so many more…


Chain D.L.K.: Is there any track you particularly like? If so, could you explain the reason of your choice?

Andrew Claristidge: Derrick May: Strings Of Life beautiful, epic, intense, deep, rhythmical…


Chain D.L.K.: If you had to, what would be the three dance tracks or artists whose existence have most strongly influenced your music?

Andrew Claristidge: Jeff Mills for his DJ skills, Aphex Twin for being so advanced & Dafp Punk for being so Universal.


Chain D.L.K.: The distinctive elements of a perfect party or location for Acid Washed’s sound?

Andrew Claristidge: Good drinks, great sound system, cool crowed etc… And pretty girls (the boys will follow)!


Chain D.L.K.: Is there any living or dead DJ or musician you’d like to perform with?

Andrew Claristidge: Erik Satie, Steve Reich, Aphex Twin… so many. You know that we like collaborations.


Chain D.L.K.: Would such an imaginary performance extinguish your “melancholy”?

Andrew Claristidge: Nope! Melancholy is essential in our music…


Chain D.L.K.: Any forthcoming tours?

Andrew Claristidge: Yes, around the world 🙂


Chain D.L.K.: …and any musical collaborations on the horizon line?

Andrew Claristidge: Well to mention the freshest of news: we worked with Salon Acapulco yesterday in our Berlin studio!


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