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The German X-Cem collective has recently received a lot recognition thanks to some quality EBM/Electro/Industrial releases of among others Wynardtage, Acylum, May-Fly. Especially Wynardtage could enter some success thanks to their club hit “Sterbehilfe”. Both bands, Wynardtage and Acylum, haverecently cooperated to bring out a mutual EP called “Lords Of Darkness”. Take this release as pattern, also for this interview both acts have teamed up, so here comes the completely background info of the twoleading members of this promising German Dark Electro/EBM collective…

Chain D.L.K.: Greetings, Kai and Pedro. You guys have teamed up to bring out a special limited EP through your X-Cem collective. So you both are the “Lords of Darkness”? This needs an explanation and a furtherdetailed introduction of your both music projects…
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: (laughing) No, we are not these „Lords of Darkness“. In present time many bands of Dark Electro try to gain such title. Those bands with their “totally dark image” currently struck my nerves, sobecause of that this explains the CD-title… For all people, who don’t know Wynardtage so far, just click www.myspace.com/wynardtage and listen…

Pedro / Acylum: I can only agree with that! For all, who can’t stand the growing Techno/Trance influences in EBM / Industrial music, please check out my project Acylum @ www.myspace.com/acylum

Chain D.L.K.: Please give us a review of the current attention, which both acts surely have received after the release of your well done debuts “Waste Of Time” (Wynardtage) and “Your Pain” (Acylum). I hope you both can still cross unrecognized the streets of your home area…?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: It was a little bit surprising for me, what a fine response I received after releasing my first CD “Waste of Time”. And it seems to be well acclaimed by the DJ’s, press and the EBM scene in a time of uncounting releases. That wasn’t expected at all. But walking anonymous through the city still works…

Pedro / Acylum: Yes, I’m wondering and I am pleased about the positive feedback „Your Pain“ I received from DJ’s, press and the fans of course. One year ago nearly nobody knew about Acylum, today it got played invarious domestic clubs and especially from outwards, the USA, I receive many good reactions. By the way the CD is available now since few weeks via www.dsbp.cx. This development makes a bit proud and gives me a kick to start optimistic to produce new stuff.

Chain D.L.K.: The X-Cem collective has been very active in the past months, but you still don’t see it as a real label? Where is the difference of your collective to a label?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: The main difference seems to be the fact, that I do not make contracts with bands and therefore I’m not investing a bigger amount of money in it. No band/artist depends on X-Cem. It is more anetwork of promotion and a platform for musicians and seems to be well accepted. Lately I could win bands like Davantage and Stereomotion for X-Cem. In future I will continue to search for young and substantial bands to push them…

Chain D.L.K.: Your connection to Rupal Records (www.rupalheads.de) and the steady contact to the reformed Davantage needs some further details. What do you expect from this strategic connection?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: First I would say, that it isn’t a strategic connection but a friendship. Of course we try to push our releases together and to establish our new founded platform “Rupal Records”.

Chain D.L.K.: Kai, you are already cooperating with Pedro on Acylum by doing lyrics and vocals. Could you both shortly explain to us the differences to the kind of work on the new “Lords Of Darkness EP” for the mutual produced tracks “Lords of Darkness” and “Without Breathe“?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: The difference is that we were joined by Martin K. (La Magra), who gave his vocals to the title track “Lords Of Darkness”. Further we tried to combine our both styles on the title track and on “Without Breathe”.

Chain D.L.K.: Pedro, how satisfied are you with Kai’s contribution to Acylum? Will your cooperation go on or is it thinkable that you will pick up the microphone and doing some vocals on your own?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Pedro / Acylum: Sure, I’m really satisfied with Kai’s work on Acylum. It started and was intended as a pure Industrial project, until one day we got the idea, that Kai could give his vocals to one track. The result was satisfying, so that we didn’t stop after that one track. And we‘ll go on that way, I’ve already started the work on the new Acylum album. But who knows? Maybe I‘ll try to get the micro and scream some sequences… (laughs)

Chain D.L.K.: Please give us an updated list of your numerous side-projects with a short explanation about style and upcoming plans or releases. With respect to all that cool stuff and music projects you are currently doing – do you see the danger that all of it can end one fine day into a total overkill?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: Currently I don’t want to go into deeper detail with the various projects. Actually I concentrate my musically plans for 2007 on the projects Acylum, Wynardtage and Souls In Diary(Gothic-Rock/Alternative).

Pedro / Acylum: There are not so many side projects in my pocket. Besides Acylum I work with on my Industrial project Chrome Division. The first output can be heard on the samplers “Extreme Sündenfall Vol.4” and “EVP Vol.1”. This project is online @ www.myspace.com/chromedivision18.

Chain D.L.K.: Kai, you just have made an announcement about being signed with Wynardtage to the German label e-noxe, which will save a decent distribution through Alive. Please give us some background of this, howdid this happen?

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Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: It’s not a secret anymore, that I’m not really happy with the cooperation with SXDistribution in the last couple of months. In spring 2006 I got in contact with Thorsten Kübler from e-noxe. He made an interview for a bigger scene magazine in Germany. While I was already working on my second release “Evil Mind” I kept the connection with Thorsten. A few weeks ago I sent him my new material and shortly afterthat I signed a contract with e-noxe.

Chain D.L.K.: How does it look with live performances of your both music projects? Any ideas to build up a good show?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: We are often working as a DJ team but real live gigs with Acylum or Wynardtage unfortunately didn’t happen so far. But this will change in 2007!

Pedro / Acylum: We already had some good offers but because of lack of time or job reasons we couldn’t make it possible so far. But as Kai said, we do our best to make it “burn” in 2007…

Chain D.L.K.: Besides producing music, what else does the daily life hold for you? Any further interests, relationships, hobbies?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: We both have our daily jobs. Common interests are the Playstation, playing football (Soccer, ..not virtual!!)… what else…? The rest time is reserved for my family.

Pedro / Acylum: Mmmhh… hobbies? I think I don’t have it really. Next to my job, my passion is the music, so there ‘s only a few time for other things. Ok, I’m a fitness-freak, 3 – 4 times in a studio per week isneeded! And sometimes playing soccer as well…

Chain D.L.K.: Your hopes and plans for the future? Any upcoming releases you can already confirm here?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai / Wynardtage: Yes, the new Wynardtage CD „Evil Mind“ will be available in November in the stores. It will be released via X-Cem, Rupal Records & e-noxe Records. Worldwide distribution will be done via Alive!. Further there will be a Wynardtage “Best of…” release in 2007 with unreleased demo material.

Pedro / Acylum: The new Acylum album is planned for a release in fall of 2007…but there’s still a lot of work to do on it. I hope the future continues well, as it was so far…

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words you guys would like to fill in here…?
Wynardtage VS Acylum: Kai/Wynardtage & Pedro/Acylum: A great, great thank you to all out there for the fantastic support in the last months. Of course respect to you, Marc! We wish you the best for the future!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]



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